How to Choose Cozy Slippers This Winter

cozy slipper

There is nothing better than getting cozy on a cold winter’s day with your favorite pair of comfortable slippers. Discover how to find the perfect pair with these tips, from selecting the right lining to looking for safety features.

Get a Head Start

Don’t wait until it’s already chilly before buying your winter slippers. Slippers see a lot of wear and tear over the season, so the pair you wore last year might not be as plush or weatherproof as you need to deal with winter weather. 

Slippers also vary in size and fit depending on the brand and design. Buying your slippers early gives you a chance to try several types of slippers in a range of sizes to find your perfect fit. This is especially important if you are trying a new style like arch support slippers or ankle booties. 

Opt for a High-Quality Lining

Your slippers are only as cozy as their lining. The slipper’s lining provides insulation by trapping a thin layer of air between the fabric and your foot (or sock) which retains your body heat. The lining can also work to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry and hygienic. But certain materials are more insulating than others. 

Shearling, sherpa, and wool lining are excellent choices for ultra-warm luxuriously cozy slippers. However, sherpa is a synthetic polyester fabric that doesn’t offer the breathability and temperature regulation of natural fibers like wool. 

For a moderately insulating pair of slippers, fleece is an excellent option. The fabric is highly breathable and allows moisture to evaporate away from your skin, keeping your feet warm and dry all winter long.

Consider a Cushioned Footbed

Although winter is the perfect time to slow down and relax, you’ll still be spending plenty of time on your feet while wearing your slippers. The footbed (inner sole) is the insert inside the slipper that provides support and cushioning, ensuring your footwear is not only functional but comfortable. 

Look for a footbed made from memory foam or gel. These materials have shock-absorbing properties and improve grip. They also prevent leg fatigue and reduce discomfort in the balls of your feet.  

Look for Low Maintenance Styles

Winter means snowy, rainy weather for most parts of the country, and while you will mostly be wearing your slippers around the house to keep your toes toasty, many styles can be worn outdoors if you need to fetch the mail or take out the trash. 

However, if you plan to wear your slippers outside, you need to choose the right materials for the exterior. Cotton fleece or polyester exteriors are too absorbent to be worn outdoors, and suede slippers are easily stained. Slippers with genuine leather or PU leather exterior are the best choice for all-weather footwear, offering rugged durability and waterproofing. 

Another important consideration when choosing slippers is hygiene. To keep your slippers looking and feeling cozy, they need regular cleaning to prevent bacterial buildup that can cause bad odors. Slippers with a removable, machine-washable lining and insole are the best choice. You can also spritz the inside of your slippers with an antibacterial spray to keep bacteria at bay. 

Select Safety Features

Slippers are designed to be easy to put on and wear, but they need to have adequate safety features to prevent you from slipping and falling. When shopping for cozy winter slippers, make sure you look for models with features like high grip rubber soles with a textured tread. This can prevent accidents due to wet or snowy surfaces

For backed or ankle-style slippers, ensure they offer adequate ankle support to prevent rolling your ankle and damaging the joint. These slipper styles should also have high-quality Velcro or zipper fasteners to keep your slippers securely on your feet. 

Keep Cozy This Winter With the Right Slippers

The right pair of slippers should keep your feet warm and dry, so you can kick back and relax at home this winter. Though choosing a pair that suits your style is important, ensure you also consider the materials the slippers are made of and what features they offer to ensure they last more than just a single season.

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