How to Be More Eco-Friendly: 4 Simple Tips

In a recent report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 200 leading climate scientists showed evidence regarding the acceleration of climate change. According to the report, we’re on a precipice of disaster. If humans don’t start curbing emissions now, the worst parts of climate change will occur within decades. 

With so much on the line, everyone must do their part. Billions of people now want to know how to be more eco-friendly, and we’re here to help. Here’s how you can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

1. Stop Using Single-Use Plastics 

Everyone loves their triple lattes and water bottles, but those things have a terrible impact on the environment. Take a mocha frappuccino from Starbucks as an example. The plastic cup that holds your drink takes 450 years to decompose, while the straw you use to drink your coffee takes 250 years. Plastic bottles also take 450 years to decompose. 

Not only do plastics take forever to decompose, but when they do, they pollute the ground around them and release toxins into the soil. 

Instead of buying single-use bottles, buy a reusable water bottle. Refill it with tap water throughout the day instead of buying 24 packs of water that will impact the environment for four centuries. You can also use metallic straws and use reusable cloth shopping bags.

2. Vote With Your Dollar

Voting with your dollar is the most powerful way to enact change. Businesses will only make positive changes if forced to do so through economic necessity. 

Only buy products from companies that make biodegradable products. Patronize companies that use environmentally friendly power sources, such as solar. Shop at stores that use sustainable sourcing for materials and that treat animals ethically. Make companies earn your business by showing that they care about the world your children will inherit. 

3. Walk When Possible 

If you need to make a short drive to the store or post office, consider walking instead of driving. 

If you’re going to the store for a week’s worth of groceries, you’ll need your car, but if you are only getting a bag’s worth of items, why not walk instead? You’ll not only help the environment, but you’ll improve your health as well.

If you can’t walk to the store for health reasons or if you live too far away, try to get everything done in one trip so that you limit your impact. Those quick trips add up and increase your carbon footprint. 

4. How To Be More Eco-Friendly and Save Money: Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Caring for the environment can save you money on utility bills! There are a few simple things you can do at home to reduce your carbon footprint and live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

By using LED light bulbs, you’ll save money replacing bulbs and reduce emissions from the production of lighting materials. You can unplug your devices when not using them to stop consuming phantom electricity. You can also add insulation to your home so that you won’t have to run your heat and air conditioning as much. 

If you have the money, you can add solar power to your home and live an off-the-grid lifestyle without having to sacrifice convenience. With products like this Titan solar generator, you can power your home without hurting the environment. 

Caring For The Planet Doesn’t Have to be Inconvenient 

With these four tips, you can help leave a better world for future generations and help limit the impact climate change will have on our planet. While it’s easier to take a nihilistic view of the world and do nothing, taking action against this grave threat is the responsibility of everyone. 

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