How Much Pomade to Use and How to Use It: A Guide

Did you know that the average adult in the United States spends anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes getting ready in the morning? Much of that time is spent on taming unruly hair and preparing it for the day.

Have you ever thought about adding pomade to your grooming routine to make getting ready easier for you? Here is a guide for how much pomade to use and how it can benefit your life.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a hair product that is similar to a gel in texture and substance. However, it is not crunchy and it doesn’t leave your hair stiff. It simply holds your hair in place and defines it.

One of the huge benefits of pomade is that it is extremely versatile and portable. You can take your container of pomade with you on the go for styling corrections if you need to fix your hair outside of your home.

How to Use Pomade

The amount of product that you use ultimately depends on how much hair you have and how long you want the hold to last. You should also consult the application instructions on the brand that you use so that you do not overdo it.

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Put the pomade in your hand and rub it around so it is evenly distributed through your fingers. Then, you can use it to push around the hair on the top of your head or run it through your hair if you have longer strands to work with.

Pomade for Men

Pomade is a great alternative to hair gel for men that will leave the hair feeling soft and fresh, rather than flaky and sticky. For men who want to keep the same style all day, your best bet is an all day hold pomade.

If you find yourself suffering from a dry scalp, then you can try a pomade that is cream-based. This type of formula will help you maintain your moisture and nourish your scalp in the process.

Pomade for Women

Despite the fact that you may only hear about pomade for men, there are actually several benefits of pomade for women. Since pomade is not like a traditional hair gel, you can apply the product to your strands as part of your styling process.

If you have fine hair that tends to be flat on your head, you can use some pomade and run it through your strands to boost volume and definition. You can also apply pomade to define your natural curls or hold waves and curls that you work hard to achieve with a curling iron. Checking our Eap Heat Review.

Learn How Much Pomade to Use

You should not have to worry about styling your hair to meet your expectations. When you learn how much pomade to use, you can control your styling easily and have a look that you can be proud of.

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