How does the environment affect our health?

Green leaf on the hand - social environment affecting healthenvironment affecting health

Facing problems of air pollution, poor quality water or food, human health is increasingly affected.

Air pollution is the main factor affecting the respiratory system of people with many diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma with rapid and severe progress. According to WHO, PM 2.5 dust in polluted air is one of the causes of these diseases.

In addition to the respiratory tract, the human digestive system is also affected by many bad effects of external factors, including water sources. The source of domestic water is not safe, and when used for drinking, it will directly affect the digestive system and make the food toxic.

In the long term, these factors can damage the nervous system, ranging from mild headaches, fatigue, and physical weakness to more severe neurological disorders, affecting the liver and kidneys.

In addition to polluted air, contaminated water, food safety also affects human health. The erratic weather is one of the causes leading to easily spoiled food, causing poisoning for users.

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Experts recommend that in order to prevent environmental hazards, people should limit their exposure to polluted air sources by using masks and air purifiers to reduce harmful molecules to the respiratory system. steam as well as lung. Regularly check air quality measurement systems in areas for appropriate protection.

For households in areas with polluted water sources, absolutely do not use polluted water for drinking, washing vegetables, washing rice, cooking or directly contacting with food. Activities such as bathing, body contact with this water should also be suspended.

Before the water source is re-cleaned and recognized by reliable metrics, each family should seek alternative sources of clean water such as potable water, filtered water …


The environment has certain effects on our health. By improving our mental and physical health every day, we have enough energy to help improve our own environment. Let’s start with the smallest actions from changing our eating habits, using organic foods to help protect our environment.

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