How can smoking cigarettes affect your skin?

pores on the face


Smoking cigarettes is harmful to health, and it puts all your health at risk.  The smoke of tobacco contains many harmful oxidants, which damage the skin and other body organs. Our skin is exposed to environmental air, and there are nicotine smoke particles in the air, which causes damage to skin and hair. 

Here are some skin care problems caused by smoking:

Premature Aging and Wrinkles

The toxins in the cigarette can damage the collagen from our skin, which is the essential elastic component, which keeps our skin fit and firm.  Smoking damages the skin collagen, which leads to less flexible and rigid skin and gives you wrinkles, which is the most irritating thing on your face at a very early age, and this type of skin issue gives you mental stress—the smoke of tobacco limits the oxygen level from blood, which mainly causes premature aging.

Pigmented Skin

Melanin is the pigment that gives color to your skin, hair, and eyes. Smoking cigarettes regularly can increase the amount of melanin, which leads to dark spots on the skin, and it also leads to skin cancer and changes the skin color to pale yellowish color. 


According to the research, smoking leads to acne, mostly in adults. Smoking increases the rate of acne inversa, which is a form of acne or chronic inflammatory that can cause small bumps on the skin.

Skin cancer

Every time a person takes a puff of a cigarette, 7000 chemicals enter the lungs and spread to other parts of the body, including 69 known carcinogens. Chemicals in tobacco can cause many types of cancer. Skin cancer is one of them. If you smoke regularly, you are at a greater risk of having cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.

How quitting cigarettes and switching to vapes can improve your skin?

If you face all these above-mentioned disease symptoms, you will be amazed to see that if you quit smoking, you can quickly recover from all these symptoms. As we know, smoking is a habit, or leaving an addiction is a very tough job. 

Nowadays quitting the cigarette is not so tough because now we have a super alternative of cigarettes called vape. If you want to stop smoking or are thinking about quitting, there is the widest range of vapours for sale at VapeKing, which can help you to leave this habit. Switching to vape does not affect your skin anymore.

 Vape is safer than smoking. One of the significant advantages of vape is that it does not give a lousy smoke smell to your environment. Vapes help in reducing your blood pressure, improve your immunity, ease your breathing, and make your lungs function usually.

 Vape does not pollute the air and harms the people near you. Vaping gives you control over the amount of vapor you exhale, which is a significant part of the experience. Some vapors prefer smaller devices like pod vapes for convenience and low vapor volume. Overall if you quit smoking, your body automatically heals the issues you face during smoking. 

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