How a Spiritual Life Coach Can Help Catalyze Personal Growth

Many of us were raised in a religious tradition that may or may not serve us anymore. Even if you love the tradition and the family connection of this history, your spiritual seeking may be taking you in another direction.

What is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual life coaching professional offers one-on-one coaching sessions to help you understand your deeply rooted behaviors. You may have some behaviors that are working well and others that don’t serve you at all.

Figuring out why you do what you do and why you believe, or don’t believe, in yourself, is one of the tasks that your coach can help you through. Your coach can also help you tap into your personal power and see how your energy and actions align with the energetic forces of the universe.

Getting Unstuck

Recent world events have left a lot of us feeling very stuck, waiting for the next round of bad news. While this has a sense of safety, it offers no growth at all. If you don’t reach for the light, you won’t get burned. You will also have to deal with the misery of being chilled all the time.

It’s important to note that a spiritual life coach is not a counselor. They may help you to notice places where your thinking is stuck, but the work to get unbundled and unstuck is yours. You may need to journal, to free-write, or to train yourself to do lucid dreaming to repair old damage. Your coach will guide you to the next level of improvement.

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This is (Probably) Not Your Grandma’s Religion

A spiritual coach is not a religious teacher, leader, or guru. Spirituality can be as simple as lighting a candle and meditating in the middle of the day. Having a coach to help you learn to meditate consistently can be incredibly beneficial if your mind tends to wander. You would think it would be simple to think about nothing, but it actually requires quite a bit of focus and coaching. It’s called a practice for a reason.

People of any faith can meditate. You can also benefit from the calming power of a meditating session as an atheist or agnostic. Clearing your mind creates a stage for centering your mind and spirit. A coach can take away the frustration.

Learning to Coach Yourself

A spiritual coach has a long-term goal of launching you to the point where you can coach yourself. Part of this growth process is learning to tap into the energy existent in the universe. Meditation is an ideal way to tap into it; as you get better at emptying your mind, you make space for much bigger thoughts the next time you tackle a frustrating problem.

Your spiritual coach can also guide you toward spiritual healing. If you have a “hot stove” mindset about previous religious experiences, healing can occur with the help of

  • crystal study
  • chakra exercises
  • reiki or hands-on healing

These forms of healing have long histories and offer many benefits moving forward. As you study, consider what portions of your study make you uncomfortable and why. Your coach can help you work through this discomfort.

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Manifesting, Gratitude, and Positivity

One of the big challenges to spiritual growth is finding yourself out of balance. It’s very easy to be negative right now, but excessive negativity grinds away at your spirit. It can also be difficult to be overly positive instead of realistic and well-tempered, a spiritual life coach can help you find the right balance.

Finding balance can be a big challenge. However, if you are interested in studying manifesting, you can learn to see the path of effort it will take to see your dreams. If you want to develop a stronger sense of gratitude, your coach can guide you through the steps of seeing the positive in the ordinary steps of life. Finally, your coach can lead you toward an honest positivity that you can celebrate.

Working with any coach will stretch you. Understand that you may feel pushed. A great coach will encourage you to celebrate your improvements while they give you another task. As long as you bring growth to the table, you will be given the chance to make even more improvements.

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