History of players with the highest strike rate in T20

The strike rate in cricket means the number of runs a player scores according to the balls faced by him. It is an essential factor in the cricket world to have a higher strike rate for better growth of the player and the team.

Especially in the T20 world cup matches, which is a fast-moving format of cricket, maintaining the high strike rate helps in the judgment of the team and players. 

The strike rate counts on two statistics; one is the Batting strike rate, and the other is the Bowling strike rate. Batting strike rate refers to the average number of runs of the player per 100 balls faced.

The higher the strike rate, the higher are chances of the player to score well. In the ICC T20 world cup, the highest rate values more than any other format of cricket. Bowling strike rate means the average number of balls bowled per wicket taken. It is the opposite of the batting strike rate as the lower the strike rate is, it indicates that the bowler is more efficient in taking wickets.

Getting a strike rate of 150 has become very common for the top players. Several players have managed to have a high strike rate in the T20 cricket format. New names can exist in the list as the structure has been opened by the ICC for small nations too. The information is from the year 2016 to 2021. The names of some batsmen with the highest strike rate are:

Ramesh Satheesan

The first name on the list is Ramesh Satheesan, a Romanian player with a strike rate of 188.35, which can be hard to beat. He is currently playing in the national cricket team of Romania and holds the record of the highest strike in his career span of T20 from years 2019-2021. He scored 550 runs off 292 balls faced by him.

Ravija Sandaruwan

Ravija Sandaruwan is a Kuwaiti cricketer. He was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka who has a strike rate of 165.80. He made his T20 debut on January 20, 2019, against the Maldives. In his career span from 2019-2020, his scored runs are 577 for 348 balls faced in the T20 matches. His last game under this format was with Qatar on February 27, 2020.

Glenn Maxwell 

He is a top player on the Australian cricket team. He debuted in the T20 format in 2010, and since then, he has managed to make and break some records. In his career span in the design, he has scored 1780 runs per 1120 ball faced and has a strike rate of 158.92. Thus, his name comes third on the list.

Tim David

Timothy Hays David, better known as Tim David, is a 25 years old Singaporean cricketer who currently plays for the Singapore national cricket team. He made his international debut for Singapore in July 2019 against Qatar.

His last match under this format was with Hong Kong in the year 2020. His career span says that he has managed to be in the fourth number with a 158.52 strike rate. He scored around 558 runs while he faced 352 balls.

Evin Lewis

Evin Lewis was born in Rio Claro, Trinidad and Tobago and he could be your first player to go for your Dream11 Teams. He plays for the West Indies in the international cricket format. Evin played his first match for T20I on March 27, 2016, against Afghanistan and his last game was on July 31, 2021, against Pakistan. In his T20 career span from 2016-2021, his chart says he has scored 1318 runs on 834 balls, making a strike rate of 158


This article contains players who have the highest strike rate in the history of the ICC T20 world cup. The T20 world cup 2021 is to start on October 17. There will be a relentless excitement to know if any player is capable of getting his name added to the list and coming off with flying colors.

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