Harmoni tea Reviews: A Tea Doctor Brand

Harmoni tea review

If you are about to go shopping at Harmoni store and were wondering about the quality of their products, then you should read this comprehensive Harmoni tea Review. In this article, Willtiptop will reveal useful information from the main features, featured products, customer reviews, and even promotion and deals programs. Now let’s dive into it!

About Store

Harmoni Tea is not only an ordinary tea to enjoy, but it also helps you stay away from your doctor because of its amazing effects. Not only does it taste easy to drink, but this tea also has the ability to protect the precious health of users.

Harmoni is a brand that sells tea from the Harmoni-T Performance brand. The inventors tried to instill a good habit in users – drinking tea every day – for its own benefits: enhancing both body function and functioning as a tonic that you don’t need to see your doctor regularly.

Instead of taking medications when you’re sick or even commercially available supplements, Harmoni-T encourages users to improve their resistance and personal health with other remedies such as herbs and Other alternative herbs. By using such natural ingredients, users are able to stay away from damaging harms to their bodies such as harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers used in Other non-natural products being marketed.

Harmoni-T not only has a taste that is easy to drink, but they also help nourish the health of the user in the most effective and benign way. In addition to its health benefits, Harmoni-T also wants to create a good habit for the people who use their products.

Understand that modern people are always busy with the life cycle, their time is worth more than money, so eating fast food and consuming sugary products makes their health damaged dangerously. Harmoni-T hopes their products will be somewhat of a health gift, both fast and convenient, but still full of nutrition for those who are using it.

Gu-Lan Tea - Harmoni tea Reviews

Store Coupon 

If you are looking for the opportunity to enjoy this nutritious tea at the most reasonable price, do not hesitate to find Harmoni-T discount codes and promotions below to own the best tea packages for your health as well as for your spirit.

Couponning Tips

Simple steps to take the coupon on the site and get the discount:

  1. Click to the coupons you want, we put all the best on the top
  2. After clicking, you will see the coupon revealed and just copy it
  3. Paste that coupon to the check-out box at Harmoni Tea
  4. Sit back and enjoy your shopping

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Features you would love at Store

Harmoni’s distinctive feature is that they classify their teas according to their function. Some common functions at this store include immune support, weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, day detox, night detox/sleep issue, diabetes, colon cleanse, anxiety, liver, sex, and skin. Based on each customer’s condition and their needs, the brand has come up with different teas to serve almost all target groups.

Adam's Tea for Men - Harmoni tea Reviews

If you are concerned about your package, don’t overthink it as Harmoni-T is always ready to provide return and return service within 30 days. As long as the item you bought is not open, you can completely return or exchange the item for another tea. However, you will also incur some important fees for this service such as shipping fee, handling fee, liquidation fee … In addition, the refund fee is also charged $ 10 for each refund.

There are a few other notes that customers should pay attention to before you can use this service if you want to exchange or refund a package that has been older than 30 days, this is almost impossible. . Furthermore, the brand refuses to give refunds for items that lack transparency such as proof of purchase, in order for them to serve their customers as best they can. Furthermore, the brand also refuses to refund parcels that are missing in shipping or incorrect information given by the buyer. Please ensure that you provide complete and accurate purchase information so you can receive other special care deals and programs.

Some popular teas at Harmoni-T include LaClaire, Wu-Long Tea, Gu-Lan Tea, iCharge Tea, Okinawan Tea, Ni-Tea – Calming Tea, Du’s Tea, Comfortable for Heart Tea, Adam’s Tea for Men, High Purity Resveratrol, and finally Wintea. The specifics of each type of tea will be outlined below.

LaClaire is the tea for your skin. Science has proven that human skin has the function of regenerating damage from 11 pm to 1 am daily. Drinking this tea before bed will help your skin activities become active and promote skin detoxification, helping to regenerate cells in a stronger way.

Wu-Long Tea is a tea from the land of Wu Yi and is obtained from the tea tree trunk among the rich in minerals. The function of this tea helps you burn excess fat, prevent obesity, bring you a well-balanced figure and great health. If you have a relaxing dinner, do not worry too much, use Wu-Long tea after meals as a useful antidote.

If you are an office worker and need a sober but healthy drink then take iCharge. This tea helps to remove free radicals, strengthen the brain and repair bodily damage. This tea contains less caffeine than coffee to keep you awake while working.

Okinawa Tea is a very tasty and nutritious tea that is a powerful health booster, consisting of GPs, catechins, antioxidants and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These substances help you fight ageing as well as obesity and diabetes, as well as be good for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Harmoni tea Reviews from customers

The tea company has received many positive and negative reviews about its own product. Jen reviewed Harmoni-T that ‘I am really enjoying the Okinawa tea. I have shared it with relatives and they also find it very enjoyable. It helps with settling my digestive system if it is a bit unsettled or out of routine’.

Jess also reviewed ‘ My husband has been drinking this tea for years now and has found it keeps his blood pressure down and along with a healthy diet he’s feeling better than ever!’. ‘I definitely think these tea capsules are having a positive effect on my stress levels, blood pressure and sleep. I take two in times of stress and one twice per day otherwise.

Great tea!
My husband has been drinking this tea for years now and has found it keeps his blood pressure down and along with a healthy diet he’s feeling better than ever!

Happy buyer
When I had ordered Duo tea at that time I was on high BP medication and today when I am giving Harmoni Tea reviews of this purchase I am not taking any medication to control my BP. My BP is in the normal range now. I am drinking 3 cups of duo tea. I am very happy with this purchase and also recommend this tea to my family and friends. 😛

Great tasting tea
Despite late arrival in Australia, I enjoy drinking it and can already start noticing some improvements in my bp

Du’s Tea
I enjoy 2 cups per day. 🙂 It has a subtle, enjoyable taste and I fid that it has contributed to lowering my slightly high BP reading.

Would definitely recommend!’ is also a positive review from Melanie Coles for this long-standing tea brand.

However, some not good reviews were made from some of the most demanding customers: David Beiszer reviewed Du tea that it didn’t work for him. Another guest named Debbie Robertson also reviewed this tea as it was of no benefit to him, just like David. Customers can also find more about Harmonitea reviews on their official website for more information for the best purchase.

Harmonitea FAQs

How can I track my order when shopping at Harmonitea?

tracking number is emailed to you immediately when your order is packed and dispatched. You can track your order through the “Track My Order” link.

What is the shipping time in my area?

  • United States: 2-5 business days from Los Angeles via USPS or FedEx.
  • Australia: 2-4 business days for from Brisbane via Australia Post.
  • Canada: 3-6 business days from Los Angeles via USPS.
  • New Zealand: 2-5 business days from Brisbane via Australia Post.
  • Japan: 2-5 business days from Brisbane via Australia Post.
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea: 2-5 business days from Brisbane via Australia Post.
  • China: 3-5 business days from Brisbane via Australia Post.
  • UK, Ireland, Europe: 3-5 business days from Brisbane via Australia Post.
  • Other Countries: 3-8 business days from Michigan or Sydney.

I see some reviews said that, customers can shop and get Harmonitea freeshipping service? Is this true?

Only for some special events or sale, they will have freeshipping deals for customers.

Normally, you need to pay Shipping Charge:

Shipping charge is calculated basing on weight, destination zip/postcode and selected country on the check-out.
A minimum flat shipping rate of A$5.60 to a maximum flat rate of A$18.80 for orders within the United States (not including Hawaii and Alaska) depending on zip code.

A minimum flat shipping rate of A$9.99 to a maximum flat rate of A$25.99 for orders from Hawaii and Alaska.
Flat shipping rate of A$9.90 – A$12.90 for orders within Australia.

Get In Touch

Harmonitea Email: support@harmoni-t.com

Highly appreciate the support team of Harmonitea with fast response and good comunication.

Harmonitea Facebook

Harmonitea Instagram

Final Words

Nothing is as precious as your health, so you should pay attention to it as soon as possible. In this review, we appreciate the mission of Harmoni tea and indeed this is a pretty impressive product that you should enjoy. Hopefully, through these reviews, you will be able to get some useful information before deciding how many tea bags to buy from Harmoni Tea.

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