The gym equipment at home you should have

Today Willtiptop will synthesize home gym and fitness equipment that you should own, especially in the current epidemic situation. If you want to have a healthy body and don’t want to go to the expensive gym, buying home gym equipment is an extremely great, convenient, and economical solution.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, hot body, but not all of us have the determination to practice and persevere. Therefore, the tools available at home are one of the factors that make it easy to practice at all times, the convenience of which starts to persevere!

Will will introduce you to the specific gym equipment that you can use as a fitness tool at your home, this will save you time and still achieve the desired effect. !
Now let’s dive into it!

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1. Kettlebell

Possessing a compact size, flexible and durable, the bell barbell is like a portable gym and you can easily practice with it in any large or small space. It is the ideal tool when combined with speed exercises that utilize breathing rhythm or exercises that increase muscle strength and endurance.

Let’s start training with dumbbells. Its flexibility allows you to perform any key exercise without the need for dumbbells or dumbbells. The grip is perfectly engineered for weight swinging movements while also being perfect for perfect back muscles. There are hundreds of choices of bell bells with a variety of models at different prices

However, you do not need to spend a lot of money on high-end and luxury weights, most importantly choose for yourself a weight with a moderate weight. You can upgrade weights at different training intervals, but a well-balanced weight will help you get in shape.

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2. Medicine Ball

Weightlifting ball is a fun home gym tool and contributes to the efficiency of full-body movements. With their versatility and ease of handling, weights are highly regarded for building explosive strength sports workouts.

There are different types of dumbbells: hard balls, softballs, handle balls are designed in different weights. Instead of choosing to buy a variety of balls, you should choose to buy a ball that is moderate in weight but still challenging and difficult enough when you need to increase your training level. A 12-pound dumbbell (about 6 kg) is a great starting point.

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3. AB Wheel

If you want to have a strong “core” area (including mid-body parts such as the abdomen, hips, and lower back), it is obvious that you cannot ignore a roller combined with sit-ups and crunch movements.

The roller acts at the same time on the abdominals, buckets, and intercostals while having a powerful effect on the lower back and shoulders. There’s no need for a crunch machine, just a roller is enough to make exercise more effective, just maintain the level of exercise and avoid excessive pressure on the lower back.

4. Jump-rope

Like it or not, cardio exercises still hold an important place in practice. If you want lean, strong, and toned muscles while increasing the health of your heart muscle, a jump rope will help you.

Jump rope gives you agility and increases body strength combined. You can add jump rope exercises to strength training as a warm-up, or you can also build high-pitch cardio around the jump rope
Jump rope gives you agility and increases body strength combined.

5. Yoga Mat (Yoga Mat)

A gym mat won’t go off the list because you need it for home stretching exercises. If you are exercising on a non-carpeted floor, you still need a cushion that separates your knees from the floor.

A good quality rug protects the body from injury, reduces the impact on the knees and back during muscle stretching, and helps balance and maintain body temperature (avoid direct contact with the cold floor).
Yoga mat for home stretching exercises
Yoga mat for home stretching exercises

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6. Adjustable Dumbbells

Instead of traditional fixed weights, weights allow you to reduce or add extra weights, depending on the strength of each person, practical and cost-effective. .

Instead of spending money on a traditional line of weights with different weights, you just need a few minutes to easily change the level of custom weights. At the same time, this weight is considered a convenient home gym tool because of its compactness.

The customizable weight weights allow you to reduce or add extra weight

7. Pull-Up Bar

When it comes to bodyweight training trends, the barbell is one of the leading tools in building strength. Exercises to stretch the whole body thanks to the effect of gravity, giving you a balanced body, enlarged chest, and firm muscles.

If you need simple and effective home gym equipment, it is obvious that you cannot ignore the simple bar because simple exercises, it works on almost all body areas such as the shoulders, chest, and abdomen. , back, biceps, … at the same time bring flexibility to the spine and prevent many diseases of the bones and joints.

Doing a barbell helps to stretch the whole body thanks to the effect of gravity

8. Ball speed

The speedball is a boxing specialized tool. Speedball helps the fighter maintain rhythm, timing, and accuracy. Speedball is of premium material, with a hook for hanging up for practice very easily.

The reason why the ball speed improves reflexes of the boxer is that you always have to focus on “looking”, “guessing” and “watching” the path of the ball and launching the attack accurately. This concentration gradually creates the ability to coordinate hands and eyes – when the eye sees, the hand hits, this is the reflex in Boxing.

When you hit a ball that is going back and forth aimlessly, it will be easier for you to get acquainted with an opponent who is also trying to dodge all your punches.
The speed ball is a boxing specialized tool

9. Boxing sandbag

It is said that the great effects of boxing sandbag punches as a way to exercise body muscles, lose fat …
The first effect of sandbag punching is that it can be said to improve and tone the body. Although using the hands mainly, but when practicing it still needs the combination of many different parts of the body. Can be referred to as arms, stomach, shoulders, legs,…
Boxing always makes your body excited at high intensity.

Sandbag punching exercises help reduce fat and tone the body.
Similar to running or cycling, practicing sandboxing boxing is also extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Regular sandblasting is a very good way to prevent heart disease and heart attacks, especially good for heart health.
Boxing is a great way to help reduce stress

Practicing punching, kicking with sandbags can help you improve your defense against unexpected dangers. Sandbag punching skills can train your reflexes and fight in adverse situations. Boxing in general gives you great shooting ability. This is especially essential for female subjects.

Sandbag blows can train the body’s reflexes and flexibility. Bag punching is not just about throwing a single punch at the sandbag, but it also takes the practice of many different punches. Typically it can be mentioned as avoiding JAB, Uppercut …
Sandbox boxing as a way to exercise body muscles, lose fat

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10. Resistance Bands

The biggest benefit of using a fitness belt is convenient because it helps in both endurance training as well as fitness training. Straps are both easy to carry anywhere and more diverse than barbells and dumbbells.

In many cases, because the flexibility of the elastic string gives more impact than the free weights method (exercises that are not affected by the movement trajectory set by the exercise machine), it helps Your weak muscles grow stronger.

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