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Today’s main character is Neuro or Neurogum and let’s find out Neuro Reviews on some main aspects from who are they, key features, feedback and reviews from customers, quality ingredients,… and more.

The state of mind is one of the main impacts directly influencing the results of our work, studying, or every aspect of our life. Of course, if your state of mind becomes bad, it will lead to negative thoughts, bad behaviors, all that nobody wishes. Instead of using something sugary and ineffective, looking for an alternative to those sugary, gum, and mints is one of the best methods. And if you are looking for a prestigious spot, Neuro is proud to bring users so great refreshing feeling. Knowing that the user’s biggest concern is about Neuro reviews, the quality, price,…, we compiled this Neuro Reviews blog for your reference. Now let’s dive into it now!

About Neuro

Neuro is rated as a reputable website for anyone wanting to find the refreshing sense after each tired-working day, each stressful lesson,… by chewing gum, you can release stress, keep your mind comfortably extremely effective.

With the five years of contribution, Neuro constantly creates to launch great-tasting products, helping you return the best state at the right time easily.

Kent & Ryan are two members, in another word, they co-generate Neuro, two athletes have the opportunity to meet together. Both two people also wish to find something that could help them accomplish more in a healthy and effective way.

They recognize that using energy drinks or taking mysterious supplements after studying, training, or going out is not effective. This is the reason why Neuro was born, bringing users clean, balanced energy, you can take anywhere, anytime.

Neuro is proud of having over 10 million pieces sold and is on a mission, what is it?

Get Neuro Reviews

Constant Innovation

With close to 30 iterations, modifying formulations, ingredients as well as textures, Neuro constantly improves daily and proves their strives to put out the best products possible.

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Quality Ingredients

Neuro is and will only deliver sustainable, high-quality ingredients which are made in FDA-approved labs

Giving Back

Give 1% back for everything.

Neuro Coupon

In addition to offering many high-quality products, Neuro also is a store that has the most competitive prices, they regularly run flash-sale, Clearance & Discounts in Labor Day Sales …at the cheapest price. Come to Neuro, shoppers own many chances to get the best items from their store with the best price through discount code, coupon code,… Taking advantage of these Neuro discounts is the smart way of helping users both save money and time maximum.

Couponning Tips

Simple steps to take the coupon on the site and get the discount:

  1. Click the coupons you want, we put all the best on the top
  2. After clicking, you will see the coupon revealed and just copy it
  3. Paste that coupon to the checkout box at
  4. Sit back and enjoy your shopping

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Reviews on the features you would love at Neuro

At Neuro, your state of mind will be led to the ideal one by the functional gum and mints, simultaneously you can get the needed things to help you have added energy, calm, focus your mind at the moment.

Boost Energy & Focus – what make you love Neuro much

In order to sustain the mental endurance necessary, maintain your focus, Neuro is Specially formulated with natural caffeine, L-theanine, and B-vitamins contained in each product.

Ginger Chai Calm & Clarity

Professionally developed with GABA, vitamins D3 and L-theanine for optimal calmness and mental clarity. 

The Ideal State

You will be motivated to get the ideal state as well as balance the changes in your ambition.

Delivery In the zone, Every day

If you subscribe monthly and become Neuro members, you can get 10 % off and enjoy a free shipping program.

Proven by science

All the ingredients are thoughtfully curated, tested endlessly, gone through dozens of formulations in the lab, and help you reach the right state of mind effectively.  All the products are ensured to meet the highest safety standards: NSF, WADA, FDA in the rigorous testing.

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Have 5X Faster Absorption

It doesn’t deny that Buccal absorption is five times faster than drinking, swallowing, so your state of mind will improve fastly.

Featured Products

GetNeuro mint

Neuro’s featured products are:

  • Boost Energy & Focus: Neuro MINTS or NeuroGum with  the flavor of  Peppermint
  • Create Calm & Clarify: Neuro MINTS with the flavor of Ginger Chai
  • Touch The Ideal State: Neuro MINTS has both the flavor of Peppermint and Ginger Chai

With the aim to maintain each ingredient’s bioavailability,  Neuro produces all the Neuro gum and mints based on cold-compression technology.

All the ingredients of Neuro gum and mints are sourced from the synergy of natural caffeine, from vitamins L-theanine, B6, and B12 which are proven that help users enhance concentration as well as better attention.

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Ingredients including:

  • Natural Caffeine
  • L-theanine
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Neuro Reviews

There are a lot of real users’ comments about Neuro from many sources. All the below real reviews are from real customers who used the products at Neuro. Most of the most objective Neuro reviews, comments that any customers need to read for making the last decision are here. Hence, let’s see and consider it, if you are intending to purchase Neuro’s products.

“I’ve become a BIG fan of NeuroGum’s caffeinated cinnamon gum.”- Justin Blanton

Or  “I’m a big fan of this product ⁦NeuroGum. Tonight they were on Shark Tank & the story was inspirational. On top of that, the gum really works. I eat a piece 20 minutes before a workout and LOVE the results. This isn’t an ad, just wanted to share after watching Shark Tank.”- Danny Zederman

Or  “Thank you NeuroGum, for the sample box I’ve tried a lot of energy gum and nootropic supplements and this one tastes great compared to the others I’ve tried and works great. Thanks again.” – cfNoTeg

Or “NeuroGum is my new friend for work. I started chewing about 3 months ago. They must have had us pharmacists in mind when they invented it. It really helps you focus”-Dashboardwarrior

I chewed ‘brain-boosting’ nootropic gum for a week straight. Here’s how it went – An review at

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Neuro FAQs

What makes Neuro different?

They use ingredients that are carefully crafted and continually tested in the laboratory to create the most effective and quality products that improve the mental state of their customers.

Unlike heat extruded chewing gum and mint, They use a patented cold compress technology to maintain the bioavailability of each ingredient.

How long should I keep neuro gum in my mouth to absorb all of the benefits?

Through buccal and sublingual absorption, Neuro works more quickly than if you were to drink the ingredients. Your body can absorb the effects in as little as 5 minutes, but feel free to use it for as long as you’d like.

How many pieces can I have in a day with neuro?

Reports have shown that up to 400mg of caffeine appears to be safe for most healthy adults, which equals about 10 pieces of Neuro a day. We recommend taking 1-2 pieces at a time as needed.

When should I use Neuro?

Take Neuro whenever you need a little boost towards your desired state of mind, whether that means energizing up or mellowing down. We love taking Neuro before working out while studying, driving, and after lunch.

Neuro Contact

Neuro email:

Neuro Phone: 1.855.638.7646

Neuro Instagram

Neuro Facebook

Neuro Twitter


Through this Neuro Reviews blog, readers can understand partly about Neuro products’s features, simultaneously get suggestions for users through the most objective reviews. If you need more Neuro reviews to consolidate your belief, you can access the Neuro site. Please visit the Neuro site to become a smart shopper to refresh your state of mind right away.

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