Five Amazing Ways to Wear a T-Shirt With Style and Class

Five Amazing Ways to Wear a T-Shirt With Style and Class

Everyone goes crazy for clothes. According to the World Economic Forum, the world’s production of clothing has doubled since 2000. 

One reason for this trend is T-shirts. More and more people want to wear a T-shirt, and they often buy more than one. Yet it can be hard figuring out how to make a T-shirt fashionable. 

How can you find the right shirt for your body? What colors of shirts should you buy? How can you make the most of your T-shirt? 

Answer these questions and you can be fashionable with a basic T-shirt. Here are five tips you can follow today. 

1. Match the Shirt to Your Body Type

You can have many different body types. If you have a broad waist with narrow shoulders, you have a triangle body. If you have wide shoulders with a narrow waist, you have an inverted triangle body. 

You should match the shirt to your proportions. People with triangle bodies should wear baggy shirts, while those with inverted triangles can find leaner ones. You can find a unisex T-shirt in every body type. 

2. Find a Good Neck Type 

Crew neck T-shirts have a narrow opening, meaning they do not expose the neck too much. They draw less attention to the shoulders and upper torso. This makes it a good choice for people with triangle bodies. 

V-neck T-shirts have a deeper opening. This makes it ideal for people with inverted triangle bodies. A women’s T-shirt with a V-neck may expose the upper chest too much, so a crew neck may be a better option for women with triangle bodies. 

3. Opt for Neutral Colors

The white T-shirt is the most common T-shirt. It is easy on the eye and anyone can match it to many different outfits. 

Yet gray and blue shirts are also options. Black can be good for someone who wants a darker outfit, but the color can fade and the shirt can become hot. 

You can buy shirts from brands like Billionaire’s Boys Club with many different colors on them. But these shirts can be jarring and hard to incorporate into complete outfits. 

4. Mix and Match Your Shirt With Other Clothes

You can match a T-shirt with a neutral color with a pair of pants in a different neutral color. This creates a basic outfit that is good for most events.

But you can buy a style T-shirt that goes with a jacket, khaki pants, or blue jeans. Feel free to mix and match until you find outfits you like. 

5. Read the Room

On some occasions, the best thing you can do with a T-shirt is to not wear it. You should not wear a T-shirt to the office or at a formal occasion like a funeral. You should only wear T-shirts if the event is casual or if you are inside your house. 

How to Wear a T-Shirt

You can wear a T-shirt without seeming drab. The key is to find a T-shirt that matches your body type. This includes finding the right neck style for your shirt. 

You should opt for neutral colors over bright or unusual colors. If you want a basic outfit, match a blue T-shirt with black pants. 

But feel free to get as creative as you want. Make sure you are not offending someone or violating the dress code. 

T-shirts are one clothing choice you can make. Figure out your range of options by following our coverage. 

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