Fashion Trends Of The Season 2022 – Pants For Women

Crop pants are back with a bang

Pants have become a comfortable and practical option for women these days. In fact, they are also quickly becoming a fashion statement over the last few years.

With the all-new 2022 here, there are some new trends in womens pants that you should be aware of. Read on as the article quickly takes you through the top fashion trends in pants of the year!

Crop pants are back with a bang

Funky trousers have been in for a while now, but a new change is incoming. The vintage crop pants are back in business, and how! 

Women from all walks of life love crop pants. For starters, they are very comfy and go well on all your chill days. Plus, you get a massive variety of crop pants – ranging from flowy, wide, skinny, or tapered. 

In all honesty, the cool look of crop pants is truly un-missable this season.

Jersey trousers almost always work

Knitted trousers or jersey trousers are your answers to dress warmly and keep the style quotient high. These trousers are available in casual designs, but you may also find some elegant options. 

Knitted or jersey trousers will usually be in a straight cut and have a solid colour. You might also get some gordy checkered patterns that work well with the overall look of the trousers.

Flared trousers are in

Amongst the wide range of womens pants, flared trousers have never really gone out of fashion. You can find flared trousers in denim, suiting fabric, knitwear, leather, and wool.

Another segment of the flared trousers is your bell bottoms! Their flare begins from the knee and can have a variety of cuts. Some of them are barely visible, while others are very extended that go on to cover your footwear.

Go for Gauchos with a cropped design

Gauchos are a perfect fit for the summer and spring seasons. Many people are unaware of how they must style their gaucho pants. 

This year, the trick is to opt for light, pleasant colours and comfortable designs that have a midi-length cut. You can also use these pants during the winter months with extra layering inside.

Another loved style of pairing gaucho pants is with wide legs and a cropped design. They work well for your work meets or even a chill brunch with friends.

Sweatpants are love

Ever since the rise of athleisure, people and, more specifically, women have opted for sweatpants and athletic clothing for daily wear. Plus, you can style sweatpants in several elegant styles too. Go for a blazer, a pair of sweatpants, and heels to turn heads at a party.

The popularity of tracksuits for everyday wear is super – both on a jog or a work-from-home day. You can also find new ideas to pair sweatpants by checking out catwalks and new fashion designer shows. 

Additionally, one can replace these sweatpants with some pretty leggings to have a less casual look. Sweatpants are loose, comfortable, and allow movement. On top of that, they continue to be high-fashion.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on some of the top fashion trends for 2022 when it comes to pants for women. Women’s clothes, in general, are a different world altogether. Following trends will keep you updated about what works in today’s day and age. Having said that, always look at your comfort first before you blindly follow a trend.

Author: Alison

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