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In the context of the uncontrolled covid epidemic, the mask is an indispensable product to protect the health of yourself and those around you. Therefore, Facemask is one of the topics that Willtiptop is most concerned about. With products related to Facemask, objectively rated, as well as providing the most accurate information, Willtiptop hopes readers can find useful things to improve the quality of your life.

Tips for finding out information about the mask:

What masks do you use?

Not all masks are meant to protect them from Covid. Some masks are just as effective as protecting you from everyday dust, while others are primarily meant to cover your face.
Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you choose the most suitable mask for you.

Product price

The price of masks is also an issue that you need to consider. There are many and varied models as well as types of masks, their prices are also different and have a large difference.
Some page manufacturers have stable prices and have support and discount programs for customers like Halolife mask which we highly appreciate. However, your top priority will still be up to you, product experience will still play a crucial role in choosing the right mask product for you.

Instructions to properly wear medical masks

  1. Follow the right side
  • Quality medical masks and regular activated carbon masks have 2 sides, you need to choose the right face when worn to ensure the highest protection.
  • Wearing the correct face is when the inside of the mask comes into contact with your face. To distinguish the inside and outside of the mask, the outside is usually dark, while the inside will be lighter and flatter.

Wear the right way

  • If you look at it at first glance, you will not easily distinguish what is the top, which is the bottom of the mask and if worn on the wrong side, it is extremely uncomfortable during wearing, and dirt, bacteria easily get inside.
  • To wear in the right direction, you need to pay attention that the top of the mask usually attaches a small metal thread, this metal thread can flexibly adjust to press close to the nose shape, keeping the next position. Contact of the mask with nasal waves. The underside of masks usually has a seamless line, without metal wires like the top.
A girl is waering a facemask

The steps to wear the most standard mask

  • When wearing a mask, you need to use 2 fingertips of each hand while inserting 2 mask bands into 2 ears or one ear at a time then adjust the mask to be balanced, followed by 1 Hold the upper part of the mask steady and gently pull the lower part so that the lower part covers the chin.
  • Finally, using the thumb and index finger of one hand to gently squeeze the metal wire on the top of the mask to create a tightness between the nose and the mask, adjust the mask if necessary.

Notes to know when wearing a mask

  • On the market today, there are many types of masks with different shapes as a general rule, you should wear them so that the inhaled air goes through the filter layer of the mask.
  • In addition, when wearing, it is required to adjust the mask to fit the face, covering most of the nasal cavity and mouth, but still ensure you breathe easily, the ears do not hurt or scratch the skin.
  • When wearing a daily medical mask, you should note that it is best to use it only once a day, not to reuse it many times. If you reuse activated carbon masks, you should limit washing, the activated carbon layer will reduce its effect very quickly after washing.
  • Do not put the mask in your pocket, clothes, bags, these bags can make the mask dirty, contaminated with bacteria that are harmful to your health when worn.