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With the increasing use of mobile phones and laptops, eye strain has become a common complaint. The development of COVID has further enhanced the risk of eye problems. Everyone is dependent on online platforms causing their eyes to be exposed to the screen light for extended periods.

An average Australian spends 10-12 hours in front of a laptop screen, either working or watching tv shows. According to various specialists and directors at the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists, the blue light emitted by the digital screens is close to the UV light in the spectrum and poses similar risks to the eyes and skin. Therefore, the Australian Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency introduced Blue light glasses in Australia to lower the risk of eye and skin damage. 

What are Blue light glasses? 

The blue light glasses consist of uniquely crafted lenses that obstruct and filter out the blue light released from the digital screens. These blue light blocking lenses protect the eyes from glare and prevent damage to the retina caused by the lengthy exposure to laptops and phones. 

Benefits of Blue light glasses 

  • Improves the quality of sleep – Blue light works in the same way sunlight does. Like natural light keeps us alert and awake in the morning, blue light keeps us awake at night. Blue light delays the release of Melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, and makes it difficult to fall asleep immediately. Therefore, blue light glasses prevent these short wavelengths from entering the eyes, leading to better sleep. 
  • Reduces eye strain – constantly sitting in front of the screen could lead to stress and muscle strain in the eyes. These specially crafted glasses increase the contrast on the screen and make it easier to focus, thereby reducing eye strain and preventing long term retina damage. 
  • Suppresses headaches – a bright light from the screen can trigger headaches and cause acute migraines. Using blue light glasses while utilizing devices could reduce the risk of excruciating migraines and headaches. 
  • Prevents the risk of eye diseases – Although the cornea and eye lens are competent in blocking harmful UV light, they are not capable enough to filter out blue light. Retina damage could cause macular degeneration in the long run, ultimately leading to blindness. Wearing these glasses could prevent blindness in the long run and short term damage. 

Usage of blue light glasses 

Blue light is present all around us, be it natural light, LED bulbs, televisions or smartphones. So when should one wear blue light glasses in Australia?

  • While using a computer or laptop – Since computer screens emit a lot of blue light, wearing blue light glasses becomes necessary to prevent eye damage. 
  • Smartphones and tablets – Once again, these digital screens emit tons of damaging blue light. Since people tend to use phones and tablets more than laptops, it becomes all the more important to wear glasses each time before using these devices. 
  • While going outdoors – Blue light can also be found in sunlight. Although exposure to sunlight can acquire the necessary amount of vitamin D, it can negatively impact the skin and eyes if exposed for prolonged periods. The blue light glasses effectively acquire a healthy amount of blue light and filters the harmful light. It must be worn every time one steps outside. 
  • While working indoors – LED lights and televisions expel large amounts of blue lights; therefore, one must wear the glasses at home in intervals to prevent eye strain and migraines. 

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