Essential Guide to Weight Out the Diet Plan Before Your First Fitness Competition

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Are you one of those aspirants striving to win a bodybuilding competition?

If the answer to the question brings motivation to you, fitness is not only your passion but also your destination. Whether it’s Mr Olympia by the International Federation of Bodybuilding or the Turf Games, your body needs strength with stamina. 

Your diet plan is the tiebreaker even before the competition starts. The essential nutrients and supplements like whey protein powder are an absolute must to consume if you’re even thinking about a fitness competition. 

What Should Your Diet Be for Sustainable Fitness?

Your first fitness completion will pave the way for your career. That’s why it’s crucial to build a body that can shoulder your future. Moreover, the hard work in your gym will be futile if your diet can’t support the repair of your muscles. 

Even your body can’t absorb the nutrients and nurture overdose in a jolt. That’s why you require a phased approach for your diet maintenance.

Phase 1

In this phase, your body learns about what is about to come. You need to have at least five to six meals a day, including snacks. You must include a protein, veggie, fat, and carb option. You can even choose to use whey protein powder for your snack time. 

However, keep a note of not indulging in meal-replacement bars or sugary snacks. 

Phase 2

Your body muscle mass depends entirely on your uptake and nutrient absorption. Phase 2 is all about enhancing your body composition by pushing your metabolism to go faster. 

You must be pretty strict about your diet at this stage. Your diet needs to be of standard composition with a balance of macros and micros. However, you can cut down on carbs to bring out the strength of your muscles. 

Phase 3

It’s showtime, baby!

All of your work and perseverance will pay off in just a few weeks. During the last rung of your preparations, you need to go all firm over yourself. With that being said, you still need your portions of balanced nutrition, but spices and sugars are a huge No. 

Note: Even in the low-carb zone, your diet shouldn’t go further down than 1300 calories in a day. 

Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Bodybuilding Sessions

Rigorous training, specific diets and careful weight monitoring can take a lot of your mental space. 

But, you can enhance your preparation with a few extra sets of reminders!

  • Fitness Journal: The diary will keep you abreast with your nutritional intake. It gets daunting to keep track of every meal mentally. Jotting down can help you fill in the gaps for the most chiselled body.
  • Join Events: Your homework gets easier when you observe the other candidates performing in different competitions. Essentially, you can decide which one is the most suitable according to your body category as per the competition’s rules.
  • Engage a Nutritionist/Coach: You need to understand the level of commitment you will prepare. A coach will push you to perform better and keep you in line with your road map.

You need to have it all – dense, ripped, strong, and a muscular body. It might be intimidating to look out for everything while preparing your body for the competition. 

But hey! The name is fitness for a reason. Your dedication and discipline will determine what will you bring home from the competition.  Are you pumped up to begin your fitness journey now?

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