Easy DIY Garden Projects Made Out Of Old Ladders

Do you know that that old ladder laying in your garage can be of great use? You think that it is useless once broken, especially if the steps or rungs were missing, but you don’t have to throw it out. Come with us as we take you through Easy DIY Garden Projects Made Out Of Old Ladders that you should try. From outdoor side tables and chandeliers to porch decor and even an arbor, there are so many ways to repurpose wooden ladders into great decor.
Easy DIY Garden Projects Made Out Of Old Ladders
If you really love the rustic look, you’re going to adore these wooden ladders. All of them are really easy and give you something that you need whether it’s an organization, décor, or just extra storage space. These ladder ideas also will surely add excitement to any space in your garden. For example, using ladder planters as a smart tool, you will not only have your small green garden under your own way but also save you a lot of space. And lots of different great ideas, they are ready to be tried by yourself!

#1 Ladder Trellis

Source: Gator Girl

#2 Ladder Side Table Planter

Source: Refreshrestyle

#3 Outdoor Antique Farmhouse Ladder Chandelier

Source: Idlights

#4 Herb Garden Ladder Planter

Source: Instructables

#5 Vintage Ladder Decor Idea With Yellow Flowers

Source: Lorabloomquist

#6 Adding Ladders to the Flower Garden

Source: Organizedclutter

#7 Ladder Fence

Source: D M

#8 Vintage Ladder To Awesome Arbor

Source: Pinterest

#9 Ladder Flower Garden

Source: Becky Reiser

#10 Ladder Garden Gate

Source: Hometalk

#11 DIY Vertical Garden

Source: Digginginthegarden

#12 Raised Garden Bed

Source: Stonewondesigns

#13 Creative Watering Can Garden Art Idea With Old Ladder

Source: Empressofdirt

#14 Ladder Plant Stand

Source: Bowerpowerblog

#15 Ladder Garden Sign

Source: Organizedclutter

#16 Simple Garden Decorating Idea

Source: Pinterest

#17 Ladder Tomato Cage

Source: Davesgarden

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