23+ Perfect Easter Nails That Are Classy & Cute

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Get ready for Easter with these 23+ perfect Easter nail designs that are both classy and cute. From pastel colors to adorable bunny designs, these nails are perfect for the holiday season. Whether you’re celebrating with a brunch or an egg hunt, these nails will add a festive touch to your look. Try out different designs like floral patterns or polka dots to find the perfect Easter nail design for you!

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Perfect Easter Nails

Easter is just over a month away and I am definitely excited for the cute Easter nails that come with this holiday! Maybe it’s because I adore all things pastel, but there’s also something so undeniably cute about Easter nail art. I mean, the bunnies, chicks, florals, egg details – what’s not to love?

If you’re looking for adorable but classy Easter nails in 2024, I’ve got your back. Below are festive manicures that have the perfect blend of beautiful, playful, and refined.  So whether you’ll be stashing eggs around the yard for your little ones to find or having Easter Sunday brunch with close friends, there’s an Easter nail design below that’s perfect for you!

Pastel Gradient Tips

Short nude almond nails with gradient pastel tips

Of course, a pastel French tip mani belongs on this list – and a yellow to purple gradient design is both chic and modern. 

Nude Pink Mani

Short nude pink square nails

Go for timeless and elegant with a glossy nude pink nail design!

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Pink Jelly + Flowers

Long jelly pink almond nails with white flowers

If you love a good throwback nail design, these pink jelly nails with retro florals are my top pick for you!

Robin Egg Nails

Long nude almond nails with pastel tips and black speckles

Speckled robin’s eggs have become a staple for Easter nail designs, so you can’t go wrong with this look. 

Carrots + Bunnies

Short nude pink squoval nails with orange and green French tips, a peekaboo bunny, and carrot nail art

If you ask me, peek-a-boo bunny ears and carrot nail art make the cutest Easter nail combo!

Milky Nails

Long glossy nude almond nails

Milky nails are definitely a hot trend in 2024 – so rock this design for a sophisticated Easter aesthetic!

Green Ombre Tips

Long nude almond nails with gradient green tips

You can never go wrong with a French manicure but don’t forget to add a festive vibe with a green ombre.

Glossy Pastels

Short squoval nails with pastel rainbow shades and a high-gloss finish

Glossy pastel nails have a fun, youthful aesthetic, but they’re also elevated enough for any Easter event!

Purple + White w/ Florals

Medium nude almond nails with white and purple tips and floral accent nails

Purple nail polish and sparkly floral nail art are my top choices for subtle Easter nails. 

Florals & Glitter Easter Nails

Long almond nails painted light purple and glitter purple with beige accent nails featuring floral art

I recommend choosing glitter nails if you have fun plans with the girls this Easter!

Speckled Pastels + Bunny Ears

Long square nails in pastel gradient colors with black speckles, a matte finish, and bunny nail art

I love these Easter egg-inspired nails, and the bunny nail art really upgrades this design. 

Periwinkle & Gold Florals

Medium light blue almond nails with two nude accent nails featuring gold outlined flowers

Go for a glamorous look with gold floral nail art. Pair it with a beautiful pastel shade for the ultimate holiday design!

Rainbow Frenchies & Easter Art

Short almond nails with gradient pastel tips, floral accents, and a peekaboo bunny

Give your spring nails some obvious Easter flair with cute bunny ear details!

Florals + Pink Glitter Easter Nails

Long almond nails with a white to sparkly pink ombre and two nude accent nails featuring pink floral art

I love this look for a special Easter family gathering in 2024!

Pastel Pink Mani

Long nude pink almond nails

Pastel pink is a perfect nail color for spring, and this is my top pick if you want something minimal and refined. 

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Baby Blue Nails

Medium nude almond nails with light blue tips and two solid blue accent nails

A soft blue is another gorgeous spring color choice. The combo of Frenchies with classic nails is timeless and playful. 

Bunny Ear Tips

Medium matte nude almond nails with white bunny ear tips

These bunny ear French tips are beyond adorable yet still feel effortless and elevated!

Pink Chrome

Long pastel pink chrome almond nails

Go for a modern, eye-catching mani with pastel chrome polish!

Floral Tips

Short round nude nails with colorful floral art

A nude mani with colorful florals is perfect for adding Easter flair to any outfit. 

Peach & Pink w/ White Flowers

Long nude almond nails with peach and pink nail polish featuring French tips with white flowers and solid-colored nails

Peach and pink are a stunning color combo, and florals are the perfect finishing touch!

Lavender Chrome

Long light purple chrome almond nails

Looking to add a lovely pop of metallic color to your ensembles? This is definitely the manicure for you. 

Wavy Robin Eggs

Long nude matte almond nails with pastel gradient dropping tips and black speckles

Add a matte finish to a nail design like this for an elevated aesthetic. 

Purple Glitter Easter Nails

Short square light purple nails with two accent nails, one with a light purple glitter and one with a glitter wave and a white line accent

Pastel purple with soft shimmering accents definitely has a sophisticated appeal. 

Spring Daisies

Long nude almond nails with white floral art and brown dots

Dainty daisy nail art on classic nude polish is a look that truly never fails to impress!


You can have cute Easter nails that still have a timeless, elegant feel. I hope you enjoyed these lovely manicures as much as I did and feel inspired for your next spring manicure in 2024! 

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