Easiest Indoor Vegetables You Can Harvest All Seasons Of The Year

Do you know that any window in your home also can become a mini garden? If you have an empty space on the windowsill in the bedroom, living room, kitchen room, surely you are own great another property right in your living space. When it comes to growing, most of you will think of a large garden. But it isn’t the only choice, you absolutely can grow some indoor plants in your windowsills.
Easiest Indoor Vegetables You Can Harvest All Seasons Of The Year
That is the reason why in the post today, we will introduce Easiest Indoor Vegetables You Can Harvest All Seasons Of The Year. Growing them easily as houseplants as long as you give them enough sunlight. They are herbs and green vegetables to bring convenience during your cooking. No matter when you need a certain type of vegetable for the dish without going to the garden because they are always ready to serve. Not just that, they also display stunning green foliage. They work well both in cooking and decorating, they will make your space lively more with their natural beauty and use.

#1 Garlic Greens

Source: Ruralsprout

Garlic Greens can grow well indoors in both water and soil. They are common ingredients in cooking from garnishing soups or adding in salads.

#2 Lettuce

Source: Urbanpotager

Lettuce is green leafy and is used mostly in salad dishes, it works well with sandwiches, wraps, and soups. You can easy to grow this vegetable indoors to have an uninterrupted supply of lettuce year-round.

#3 Spinach

Source: Hannahlinhflowers

Spinach is a great vegetable to grow indoors. It not only grows well all year round but also comes with many health benefits. It brings perfect tastes great with chicken, stews, sautéed with olive oil, curries, and soups.

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#4 Green Onions

Source: Thesmartlocal

Green Onions are a versatile vegetable that plays an important role in several cuisines including soups, stir fry, sauces, soups, or bake in a loaf of bread or biscuits.

#5 Microgreens

Source: Growplants

Microgreens produce baby plants that are loaded with taste and nutrition. When they reach an inch or two, you can harvest and add them to salads and sandwiches.

#6 Basil

Source: Rurallivingtoday

Basil is a popular herb that can’t be indispensable in tasty dishes. Growing it indoors, you can harvest year-round.

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