Top 15 DIY Summer Crafts [Enjoy This Season]

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with DIY crafts, but sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration. 

Do you ever feel stuck wondering what fun activities to do with your family or how to add a personal touch to your summer decor? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are 15 delightful DIY summer craft ideas to spark your creativity and make your summer truly memorable.

DIY Summer Crafts

These are the best DIY summer craft ideas that you can do into this summer season.

1. Seashell Wind Chimes

Collecting seashells is a timeless beach activity, but have you ever thought of turning those beautiful shells into wind chimes? 

It’s super easy! You can do this by drilling small holes in the shells and threading them onto strings. 

Attach these strings to a piece of driftwood or a sturdy stick, and voila, you have a beautiful, melodious wind chime. 

Hang it on your porch or by a window to let the summer breeze create a soothing sound.

2. Painted Rock Garden Markers

Transform ordinary rocks into colorful garden markers with just some paint and a bit of creativity. 

You can gather some smooth rocks from your garden or local park, clean them up, and then paint the names of your favorite plants or herbs on them. 

These markers are not only practical but also add a personal touch to your garden. Plus, it’s a fun project to do with kids on a sunny afternoon.

3. Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-dyeing is a classic summer craft that never goes out of style. Grab some plain white t-shirts, a tie-dye kit, and let your imagination run wild. 

You can create vibrant patterns and unique designs by twisting, folding, and binding the fabric before applying the dye. 

This is a fantastic activity to do outside, minimizing mess and making it easy to clean up. Plus, you’ll have personalized, colorful shirts to wear all summer long.

4. DIY Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are perfect for summer festivals, garden parties, or just a fun day at the park. You can make your own using fresh flowers, floral wire, and tape.

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Start by measuring the wire around your head, then wrap and secure it into a circle. Attach the flowers to the wire with floral tape, layering them as you go. 

This craft is easy, and the result is a beautiful, natural accessory that’s perfect for summer.

5. Mason Jar Lanterns

Illuminate your summer nights with charming mason jar lanterns. All you need are some mason jars, tea light candles, sand, and decorative items like shells or small stones. 

Fill the bottom of each jar with a bit of sand to hold the candle in place, then add your decorative elements. 

Place a tea light candle inside, light it up, and enjoy the warm, ambient glow these lanterns bring to your outdoor space.

6. Watercolor Postcards

Why not send a bit of summer joy through the mail with handmade watercolor postcards? You can buy watercolor paper and cut it into postcard-sized pieces. 

Using watercolor paints, create beautiful, summary scenes or abstract designs. 

Once your paintings are dry, write a heartfelt message on the back and send them to friends and family. It’s a personal and creative way to share your summer experiences.

7. Popsicle Stick Birdhouses

Build adorable bird houses using popsicle sticks! This craft is perfect for a lazy summer afternoon. 

You’ll need popsicle sticks, glue, and some paint. Assemble the sticks into a house shape, glue them together, and then let your creativity shine by painting and decorating the birdhouses. 

Once dry, hang them in your garden or on a tree and watch as birds come to visit your handmade creation.

8. Leaf Print Art

Capture the beauty of summer foliage with leaf print art. Collect a variety of leaves from your backyard or a local park. 

Using acrylic paint, brush the paint onto the leaves, then press them onto a piece of paper to create beautiful prints. 

You can experiment with different colors and leaf shapes to make unique, nature-inspired artwork. Frame your prints and display them around your home for a touch of summer indoors.

9. Beach Memory Jars

Preserve your summer memories in a beach memory jar. Collect sand, shells, small pebbles, and any other treasures from your beach trips. 

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Fill a mason jar with these items, layering them to create a beautiful, miniature beach scene. 

You can also add a small photo or a handwritten note to make it even more personal. These jars make lovely keepsakes or thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

10. Sun Prints

Create stunning sun prints using just the power of the sun. You’ll need sun-sensitive paper, which you can find at most craft stores. 

Arrange leaves, flowers, or other objects on the paper, then place it in direct sunlight. 

After a few minutes, the areas exposed to the sun will change color, leaving behind a beautiful silhouette of your objects. Rinse the paper in water to set the image, and you’ll have a unique piece of art.

11. DIY Summer Tote Bags

Customize your own summer tote bags with fabric paint and stencils. Start with a plain canvas tote bag, then use stencils and fabric paint to create fun, summery designs like palm trees, suns, or waves. 

This craft is not only fun but also practical, giving you a unique bag to carry your beach essentials, groceries, or picnic supplies. 

It’s a great way to express your creativity and make something you can use all summer long.

12. Pineapple String Art

Bring a touch of tropical fun into your home with pineapple string art. You’ll need a wooden board, nails, and string. 

Draw a pineapple outline on the board, then hammer nails along the outline. Once the nails are in place, weave the string around them to create the body and leaves of the pineapple. 

Use bright, summery colors to make your art pop. It’s a fun and easy project that adds a cheerful vibe to any room.

13. Sand Art Bottles

Sand art bottles are a colorful and fun craft for all ages. You’ll need colored sand, clear bottles, and a funnel. 

Layer the sand in the bottles, creating patterns and designs as you go. You can make stripes, swirls, or any design you like. 

This craft is simple but the results are beautiful, and it’s a great way to bring a bit of the beach into your home. Display your sand art bottles on a shelf or give them as gifts.

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14. Fabric Kite Making

Fly high this summer with a homemade fabric kite. You’ll need some lightweight fabric, bamboo sticks, string, and glue. 

Cut the fabric into a kite shape, then create a frame using the bamboo sticks. Attach the fabric to the frame with glue, then add a long tail made of ribbon or strips of fabric. 

Finally, tie a string to the kite and take it to an open field for a day of fun. This craft combines creativity with outdoor activity, making it perfect for summer.

15. DIY Beaded Bracelets

Create your own beaded bracelets to accessorize your summer outfits. Gather some colorful beads, elastic string, and scissors. 

Measure the string around your wrist, leaving a bit of extra length for tying the knot. Thread the beads onto the string, creating patterns and designs you love. 

Once you’re happy with your bracelet, tie a secure knot and trim any excess string. These bracelets are easy to make and perfect for adding a personal touch to your summer style.

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