15 Creative DIY Pallet Patio Deck [Step By Step Guide] 

Do you want to make your backyard stylish and useful without spending too much? I know it can be hard to find good, cheap, and eco-friendly options.

That’s why I love using pallet decks! Pallets are very versatile, easy to find, and often free or cheap.

Whether your space is big or small, building a nice deck can be simple. Here are 15 creative DIY pallet patio deck ideas.

DIY Pallet Patio Deck

Here are the best 15 DIY pallet patio deck ideas that you must try.

1. Simple Square Pallet Deck

To create this project, you’ll need about 12 pallets, sandpaper, exterior paint or wood stain, weed control fabric, and nails along with a hammer or nail gun.

Collect the pallets and sand them to remove any rough edges. Then, arrange the pallets in a square formation on a flat surface.

Then, paint the pallets in your desired color. Place the weed control fabric underneath the pallets to prevent grass and weeds from growing.

Finally, secure the pallets together using nails.

2. Multi-Level Pallet Deck

You will need to gather around 20 pallets, a circular saw, screws and a drill, wood varnish, and a level.

Start by cutting some pallets in half with the circular saw. Then, arrange whole pallets to form a base layer.

Stack the half-pallets in areas where you want to create height. Securely attach the pallets using screws to keep the structure stable.

Then apply wood varnish to give it a polished look and to protect it from the weather. Finally, use a level to check that all surfaces are even.

3: Pallet Deck with Built-in Seating

Creating your perfect outdoor seating area with pallets requires approximately 18 pallets, cushions for comfortable seating, a saw for any necessary adjustments, paint or stain for a finished look, and screws along with a drill.

Start by arranging the pallets to form the deck base, ensuring a sturdy foundation. Then, cut additional pallets to create backrests for the seating.

Once you have all the parts ready, paint them to achieve a cohesive aesthetic. Attach the backrests to the base securely using screws.

Finally, add cushions to complete your stylish and cozy outdoor seating area.

4. Circular Pallet Deck

To build this structure, you will need around 15 pallets, a jigsaw, sandpaper, wood sealant, screws, and a drill. ‘

Arrange the pallets in a rough circle, then use the jigsaw to trim the edges, creating a smooth, circular shape.

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Now, sand the entire structure to smooth out the edges. After that, seal the wood with a wood sealant to protect it from the elements.

Finally, secure the structure with screws to ensure its stability.

5. Elevated Pallet Deck with Stairs

To build your deck, you’ll need around 25 pallets, wooden support beams, stair treads, screws, a drill, and some wood stain.

Firstly ensure the frame with the support beams to lift the deck off the ground. Then, lay the pallets on top of this frame to create the floor.

Then, use more pallets and stair treads to build the stairs. Once everything is in place, stain all the wood to make sure it looks good and lasts longer. Now, secure everything together with screws.

6. Pallet Deck with a Sunshade

To build a simple outdoor deck, you will need about 16 pallets, fabric for a sunshade, poles to support the sunshade, screws, a drill, and paint.

First, put the pallets together to form the base of the deck. Then, install the poles at each corner of the deck.

Now, attach the fabric across the poles to make a sunshade. After that, paint the pallets and poles to match. Finally, use screws to secure everything and ensure it is stable.

7. Pallet Deck with Glass Top

To create a modern and sleek table, you will need about 14 pallets, a large glass top, some sandpaper, wood varnish, and rubber cushions for the glass.

Once you have, sand down the pallets and apply varnish to give them a smooth, polished finish.

Then, arrange the pallets to form a flat surface that can support the glass top. Place rubber cushions on the pallets to protect the glass.

Now, lay the glass top over the pallets to complete your stylish and contemporary table.

8. Rustic Pallet Deck with Fire Pit

To create your own rustic fire pit area, you will need about 18 pallets, a metal bowl for the fire pit, some sand, fire-resistant bricks, and wood stain.

Start by staining the pallets to give them a rustic appearance. Then, lay out the pallets in either a square or circular shape, depending on your preference.

Put the metal bowl in the center and circle it with the fire-resistant bricks. Finally, fill the space around the fire pit with sand for safety.

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9: Pallet Deck with Integrated Planters

To create a stunning pallet deck with integrated planters, you’ll need about 20 pallets, landscape fabric, soil, plants of your choice, and wood sealant.

Once you have begun crafting spaces within the pallet structure to serve as planters. Line these spaces with landscape fabric and fill them with soil.

Then, plant your chosen plants in these soil-filled spaces. Now apply a wood sealant to the pallets to protect them against moisture and decay.

Arrange the deck to highlight these beautifully integrated planters, creating a unique and stylish outdoor space.

10. Pallet Deck with Water Feature

To create a beautiful water feature in your yard, you’ll need about 22 pallets, a waterproof liner, a water pump, a small pond or fountain kit, and some pebbles.

Start by building the deck with a space set aside for the water feature. Then, put in the waterproof liner and set up the pond or fountain kit.

You should ensure the water pump is working to keep the water moving. Now, decorate the area around the water feature with pebbles and plants.

11. Pallet Deck on Wheels

To build a sturdy moving platform, gathered about 12 pallets, heavy-duty casters, screws and a drill, wood varnish, and a handle.

Then, attach the casters to the corners of each pallet so they can roll around easily, and varnish the pallets to make them look better and last longer.

Now, secure the pallets together and add a handle so you can move them easily, now ensure the structure is stable and can move smoothly.

12. Pallet Deck with a Pop-up Dining Area

To create a comfortable outdoor deck, gather around about 20 pallets, a foldable table and chairs, paint, and cushions.

Start by painting the pallets and arranging them to form the deck.

Ensure to leave space for the foldable table and chairs, so they can be easily stored when not in use.

Then add cushions for extra seating comfort. Design the layout to be both functional and visually appealing.

13. Pallet Deck with Swing

To build a pallet swing, you will need around 14 pallets, strong ropes or chains, a swing seat, hooks and fasteners, and paint.

Once you have started constructing the deck and adding extra support for the swing.

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Then, install the hooks into the deck and attach the ropes or chains. Now, secure the swing seat making sure it is tightly fastened.

Finally, paint the whole structure to give it a uniform appearance.

14. Pallet Deck with Outdoor Bar

To create your outdoor bar, begin by gathering around 18 pallets, a bar counter that you can also make from extra pallets, bar stools, paint or stain, and shelves for bar accessories.

Once you have begun building the deck and a separate bar counter using the pallets. Once the structure is complete, paint or stain it to give it a refined appearance.

Then, add bar stools and some shelves to store your bar accessories. Ensure that the entire bar area is functional and stylish.

15. Pallet Deck with Enclosed Gazebo

To build your outdoor gazebo, you’ll need around 25 pallets, of fabric or screens to enclose the space, hooks and fasteners, paint or stain, and outdoor lighting.

Once you have start by constructing the deck and use extra pallets to form the frame of the gazebo.

Then, attach the fabric or screens to enclose it. Then, paint, or stain the entire structure so it all matches.

At last, install outdoor lighting to make the space usable in the evenings.

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