Top 15 DIY Garden Projects [Within Budget]

Gardening can be a relaxing hobby and a source of beautiful, bountiful rewards, but sometimes it’s tough to find inspiration for new projects. 

Are you looking to spruce up your garden or tackle some creative DIY projects? Look no further! I’ve compiled 15 fantastic DIY garden projects to transform your outdoor space.

Let’s dive into it!

DIY Garden Projects

These DIY garden projects are a great way to enhance your garden’s beauty and functionality while enjoying some creative time outdoors.

1. Vertical Pallet Garden

Materials Needed:

– Wooden pallet

– Sandpaper

– Landscape fabric

– Staple gun

– Potting soil

– Plants or seeds


1. Find a wooden pallet in good condition.

2. Sand the pallet to remove any rough edges.

3. Cut the landscape fabric to cover the back and bottom of the pallet.

4. Use the staple gun to attach the fabric securely to the pallet.

5. Turn the pallet over and fill it with potting soil.

6. Plant your chosen plants or seeds in the spaces between the slats.

7. Water the plants and let the pallet lie flat for a couple of weeks to allow the plants to root before standing it up vertically.

2. DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Materials Needed:

– Cement

– Large mixing bucket

– Water

– Decorative molds

– Protective gloves

– Decorative items (e.g., pebbles, glass beads)


1. Mix the cement with water in the bucket following the package instructions.

2. Pour the cement mixture into the decorative molds.

3. Press decorative items into the wet cement for a personal touch.

4. Allow the cement to dry and harden for 24-48 hours.

5. Remove the stepping stones from the molds and place them in your garden path.

3. Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Materials Needed:

– Terra cotta pots

– Acrylic paint

– Paintbrushes

– Clear sealant spray


1. Clean the terra cotta pots to remove any dirt or dust.

2. Paint the pots with acrylic paint in your desired designs or colors.

3. Allow the paint to dry completely.

4. Spray the pots with a clear sealant to protect the paint from weather.

5. Plant flowers or herbs in the decorated pots and place them around your garden.

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4. Bird Feeder from Recycled Materials

Materials Needed:

– Plastic bottle

– Wooden spoons

– String

– Birdseed

– Scissors


1. Cut two small holes near the bottom of the plastic bottle for the wooden spoon handles.

2. Cut larger holes above these for the spoons to sit through and create a perch.

3. Fill the bottle with birdseed, ensuring it can flow out onto the spoon perches.

4. Make a hole in the bottle cap and thread the string through to create a hanger.

5. Hang the bird feeder in your garden and enjoy watching the birds.

5. DIY Garden Trellis

Materials Needed:

– Wooden stakes

– Chicken wire or garden netting

– Zip ties or twine

– Hammer


1. Place the wooden stakes into the ground at the desired width for your trellis.

2. Roll out the chicken wire or garden netting and cut to the appropriate size.

3. Attach the chicken wire or netting to the stakes using zip ties or twine.

4. Secure the bottom of the trellis in the ground by hammering the stakes deeper.

5. Train your climbing plants to grow up the trellis by gently tying them to the netting.

6. Herb Spiral Garden

Materials Needed:

– Bricks or stones

– Soil

– Compost

– Herb plants


1. Choose a sunny spot in your garden for the herb spiral.

2. Arrange the bricks or stones in a spiral shape, starting from the center and working outward.

3. Fill the spiral with a mixture of soil and compost.

4. Plant your herbs starting with those that prefer drier conditions at the top and those that prefer more moisture at the bottom.

5. Water the plants and maintain as needed.

7. DIY Garden Bench

Materials Needed:

– Wooden planks

– Screws

– Drill

– Saw

– Sandpaper

– Paint or stain


1. Cut the wooden planks to the desired length for the bench seat and legs.

2. Sand the edges of the wood to smooth any rough areas.

3. Assemble the bench by screwing the planks together to form the seat and legs.

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4. Paint or stain the bench to protect the wood and enhance its appearance.

5. Place the bench in a shaded spot in your garden.

8. Painted Rock Garden Markers

Materials Needed:

– Smooth river rocks

– Acrylic paint

– Paintbrushes

– Clear sealant spray


1. Wash the rocks to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Paint the names of your plants or vegetables on the rocks with acrylic paint.

3. Allow the paint to dry completely.

4. Spray the rocks with a clear sealant to protect the paint from weather.

5. Place the painted rocks in your garden to label your plants.

9. DIY Rain Barrel

Materials Needed:

– Large plastic barrel

– Spigot

– Drill

– Gutter downspout diverter kit

– Screen mesh


1. Drill a hole near the bottom of the barrel and install the spigot.

2. Drill a hole in the top of the barrel for the downspout diverter.

3. Attach the gutter downspout diverter kit to your existing downspout.

4. Place a piece of screen mesh over the top hole to keep debris out.

5. Position the barrel under the downspout and connect it to the diverter.

6. Use the collected rainwater to water your garden.

10. DIY Raised Garden Bed

Materials Needed:

– Wooden planks

– Screws

– Drill

– Saw

– Soil

– Compost


1. Cut the wooden planks to the desired length for your raised bed.

2. Assemble the planks into a rectangular shape using screws and a drill.

3. Place the raised bed in your garden and fill it with a mixture of soil and compost.

4. Plant your vegetables, herbs, or flowers in the raised bed.

5. Water and maintain as needed.

11. DIY Fairy Garden

Materials Needed:

– Large shallow container or planter

– Potting soil

– Small plants or succulents

– Miniature fairy garden accessories


1. Fill the shallow container with potting soil.

2. Plant small plants or succulents in the soil, leaving space for the accessories.

3. Arrange the miniature fairy garden accessories among the plants.

4. Water the plants and place the fairy garden in a sunny spot.

12. Wine Bottle Garden Edging

Materials Needed:

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– Empty wine bottles

– Garden gloves


1. Collect and clean empty wine bottles.

2. Dig a shallow trench along the edge of your garden bed.

3. Place the wine bottles upside down in the trench, pressing them firmly into the soil.

4. Ensure the bottles are evenly spaced and level.

5. Fill in any gaps with soil to secure the bottles in place.

13. DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Materials Needed:

– Wooden board

– Small pots or containers

– Hooks

– Screws

– Drill

– Herb plants


1. Attach hooks to the wooden board using screws and a drill.

2. Mount the board on a wall or fence in a sunny spot.

3. Hang the small pots or containers from the hooks.

4. Plant herbs in the pots and water them regularly.

14. DIY Garden Lanterns

Materials Needed:

– Mason jars

– Tea light candles or LED lights

– Wire

– Pliers


1. Wrap wire around the neck of the mason jars to create a handle.

2. Secure the wire handle with pliers.

3. Place a tea light candle or LED light inside each jar.

4. Hang the lanterns from trees or place them along garden paths for a charming glow.

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