Best 15 DIY Garden Fence Ideas [Cheap & Easy To Make]

Hey there! Have you ever peeked through your window and thought about how nice it would be to have a bit more privacy in your garden? 

Or maybe you’re just looking to add a touch of charm or even whimsy to your outdoor space. 

Finding the right fence can do wonders, transforming your garden into a personal retreat, safeguarding your veggies from critters, or simply giving your home a facelift. 

But with so many materials and styles out there, where do you even start? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve put together a list of 15 DIY garden fence ideas that are as practical as they are pretty. 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a novice looking to dip your toes into a new project, these ideas are designed to inspire and guide you through creating the perfect fence for your garden. 

DIY Garden Fence Ideas 

Here are 15 DIY garden fence ideas that you must try for your garden to make it more attractive.

1. Classic Picket Fence

Materials Needed:

– Wood planks

– Nails or screws

– Paint (white)

– Wood preservative

How to Make:

1. Measure and cut wood planks to desired height.

2. Space planks evenly and secure them to horizontal supporting rails using nails or screws.

3. Paint the fence with white outdoor paint and apply wood preservative.

2. Bamboo Fence

Materials Needed:

– Bamboo poles

– Twine or wire

– Metal posts for support

How to Make:

1. Secure metal posts into the ground at intervals.

2. Tie bamboo poles horizontally or vertically around the posts with twine or wire.

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3. Woven Branch Fence

Materials Needed:

– Long, flexible branches (such as willow or hazel)

– Wooden stakes

How to Make:

1. Plant wooden stakes at regular intervals along your fence line.

2. Weave branches in and out of the stakes to create a dense, textured barrier.

4. Stone Wall

Materials Needed:

– Stones or rocks

– Mortar

How to Make:

1. Lay a foundation of larger stones.

2. Build up the wall using smaller stones, securing them with mortar.

3. Finish with a row of flat stones on top for a clean look.

5. Pallet Fence

Materials Needed:

– Wooden pallets

– Nails or screws

– Paint (optional)

How to Make:

1. Collect enough pallets for your desired fence length.

2. Secure pallets together and to the ground using screws.

3. Paint the pallets if desired for a more finished appearance.

6. Chain Link and Ivy

Materials Needed:

– Chain link fencing

– Metal posts

– Ivy plants

How to Make:

1. Install metal posts and unroll chain link fencing around them.

2. Plant ivy at the base of the fence and train it to climb up.

7. Corrugated Metal Fence

Materials Needed:

– Corrugated metal sheets

– Metal posts

– Screws

How to Make:

1. Secure metal posts in the ground.

2. Attach corrugated metal sheets to the posts with screws.

8. Living Fence

Materials Needed:

– Hedging plants (e.g., boxwood, yew)

How to Make:

1. Plant hedging plants in a line where you want your fence.

2. Regularly trim and shape the plants to form a dense barrier.

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9. Lattice Fence with Climbing Roses

Materials Needed:

– Lattice panels

– Wooden posts

– Climbing rose plants

How to Make:

1. Secure wooden posts in the ground.

2. Attach lattice panels between the posts.

3. Plant climbing roses near the base of the lattice to grow up the structure.

10. Repurposed Door Fence

Materials Needed:

– Old doors of various sizes

– Hinges

– Paint

How to Make:

1. Connect the doors using hinges to create a continuous fence.

2. Paint the doors in varying pastel shades for a whimsical look.

11. Brushwood Fence

Materials Needed:

– Dense brushwood

– Wire

How to Make:

1. Collect dense brushwood and compress it between wire at regular intervals.

2. Secure the wire-bound brushwood to sturdy posts.

12. Vinyl Picket Fence

Materials Needed:

– Vinyl picket panels

– Vinyl posts

How to Make:

1. Install vinyl posts into the ground.

2. Attach vinyl picket panels between the posts.

13. Slatted Wood Fence

Materials Needed:

– Wooden slats

– Screws

– Wood stain (optional)

How to Make:

1. Secure horizontal or vertical wooden slats to supporting posts with screws.

2. Apply wood stain for weather protection and enhanced appearance.

14. Decorative Iron Fence

Materials Needed:

– Iron fence panels

– Metal posts

– Bolts

How to Make:

1. Install metal posts into the ground.

2. Attach decorative iron panels between the posts using bolts.

15. Recycled Glass Bottle Fence

Materials Needed:

– Glass bottles of various colors

– Cement or a strong adhesive

– Metal or wooden frame

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How to Make:

1. Create a frame to hold the bottles.

2. Secure the bottles in place using cement or a strong adhesive to create a colorful, translucent effect.

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