Top 15 DIY Garden Decor [Cheap Ideas]

Are you looking to spruce up your garden but unsure where to start? We all want our outdoor spaces to reflect our personality and creativity without breaking the bank. 

I’ve gathered 15 fantastic DIY garden decor ideas that are easy to make and will transform your garden into a beautiful, personalized oasis. 

Let’s dive in and get creative!

DIY Garden Decor 

Here are top 15 DIY garden decor ideas which will transform your garden.

1. Painted Rock Garden Markers

Materials Needed:

– Smooth river rocks

– Acrylic paint

– Paintbrushes

– Clear varnish


1. Select smooth river rocks of varying sizes.

2. Clean the rocks thoroughly and let them dry.

3. Paint each rock with a base color using acrylic paint. Let it dry.

4. Once the base layer is dry, paint the names or images of the plants you want to mark on each rock.

5. Allow the paint to dry completely.

6. Apply a layer of clear varnish to protect the paint and make it weather-resistant.

7. Place the painted rocks in your garden to mark different plants or sections.

2. DIY Bird Feeder

Materials Needed:

– Empty plastic bottle

– Wooden spoons

– String

– Scissors

– Birdseed


1. Clean and dry the plastic bottle.

2. Cut two small holes on opposite sides of the bottle for each wooden spoon.

3. Insert the wooden spoons through the holes to create perches for the birds.

4. Make a few small holes above the spoons for the birdseed to spill out.

5. Fill the bottle with birdseed.

6. Tie a string around the neck of the bottle and hang it in your garden.

3. Tin Can Lanterns

Materials Needed:

– Empty tin cans

– Hammer and nail

– Wire

– Tea light candles

– Paint (optional)


1. Clean and remove any labels from the tin cans.

2. Fill the cans with water and freeze them to prevent denting during hammering.

3. Using a hammer and nail, create patterns or designs by punching holes into the cans.

4. Once done, let the ice melt and dry the cans.

5. Paint the cans if desired and let them dry.

6. Attach a wire handle to the top of each can.

7. Place tea light candles inside the cans and hang them around your garden.

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4. Pallet Garden Planter

Materials Needed:

– Wooden pallet

– Sandpaper

– Paint or wood stain

– Landscape fabric

– Staple gun

– Potting soil

– Plants or seeds


1. Sand the wooden pallet to smooth any rough edges.

2. Paint or stain the pallet if desired and let it dry.

3. Attach landscape fabric to the back and bottom of the pallet using a staple gun.

4. Fill the pallet compartments with potting soil.

5. Plant your chosen plants or seeds in the soil.

6. Lean the pallet against a wall or fence in your garden.

5. DIY Stepping Stones

Materials Needed:

– Quick-setting concrete

– Water

– Mixing container

– Mold (plastic trays or old baking pans)

– Decorative items (stones shells glass pieces)

– Cooking spray


1. Spray the mold with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

2. Mix the concrete with water according to the package instructions.

3. Pour the concrete into the mold and smooth the surface.

4. Press decorative items into the wet concrete.

5. Allow the concrete to set according to the package instructions.

6. Once dry remove the stepping stone from the mold.

7. Place the stepping stones in your garden path.

6. Upcycled Tire Planter

Materials Needed:

– Old tire

– Spray paint

– Potting soil

– Plants or flowers


1. Clean the tire thoroughly.

2. Spray paint the tire in your chosen color and let it dry.

3. Lay the tire flat in your garden or hang it on a wall.

4. Fill the tire with potting soil.

5. Plant your chosen plants or flowers in the soil.

7. Garden Tool Organizer

Materials Needed:

– Wooden pallet or old board

– Hooks

– Screws

– Drill


1. Clean and sand the wooden pallet or board.

2. Attach hooks to the pallet or board using screws and a drill.

3. Mount the pallet or board on a wall or fence in your garden.

4. Hang your garden tools on the hooks for easy access.

8. DIY Wind Chimes

Materials Needed:

– Driftwood or wooden stick

– String or fishing line

– Assorted metal objects (keys bells washers)

– Drill


1. Clean the driftwood or stick.

2. Drill small holes along the length of the driftwood or stick.

3. Tie strings or fishing lines to the metal objects.

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4. Thread the strings through the holes and tie them securely.

5. Hang the wind chime in a breezy spot in your garden.

9. Mosaic Garden Table

Materials Needed:

– Old table

– Mosaic tiles or broken ceramics

– Tile adhesive

– Grout

– Sponge

– Sealer


1. Clean the surface of the old table.

2. Arrange the mosaic tiles or broken ceramics in your desired pattern.

3. Apply tile adhesive to the table surface and press the tiles into it.

4. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the instructions.

5. Apply grout over the tiles and press it into the gaps using a sponge.

6. Wipe off excess grout and let it dry.

7. Seal the mosaic surface to protect it from the elements.

10. Vertical Herb Garden

Materials Needed:

– Wooden pallet or ladder

– Small pots or containers

– Potting soil

– Herb plants

– Screws and drill


1. Clean and sand the wooden pallet or ladder.

2. Attach small pots or containers to the pallet or ladder using screws and a drill.

3. Fill the pots with potting soil.

4. Plant herb plants in the pots.

5. Place the vertical herb garden in a sunny spot in your garden.

11. Recycled Bottle Garden Border

Materials Needed:

– Empty glass or plastic bottles

– Paint (optional)


1. Clean the bottles thoroughly.

2. Paint the bottles in your desired colors if using glass bottles and let them dry.

3. Dig a shallow trench along the garden border.

4. Place the bottles upside down in the trench side by side.

5. Fill the trench with soil to secure the bottles in place.

12. DIY Garden Bench

Materials Needed:

– Wooden planks

– Screws

– Drill

– Sandpaper

– Paint or wood stain


1. Cut the wooden planks to the desired size for the bench seat and legs.

2. Sand the edges of the planks to smooth any rough spots.

3. Assemble the bench by attaching the legs to the seat using screws and a drill.

4. Paint or stain the bench and let it dry.

5. Place the bench in your garden for a cozy seating area.

13. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Materials Needed:

– Assorted clay pots (various sizes)

– Paint

– Glue

– Solar light

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1. Paint the clay pots in your desired colors and let them dry.

2. Stack the pots upside down from largest to smallest gluing them together.

3. Attach a solar light to the top of the smallest pot.

4. Place the lighthouse in your garden.

14. Hanging Gutter Planter

Materials Needed:

– Vinyl or metal gutter

– End caps

– Drill

– Chains or strong rope

– Potting soil

– Plants or flowers


1. Cut the gutter to the desired length.

2. Attach end caps to both ends of the gutter.

3. Drill drainage holes along the bottom of the gutter.

4. Attach chains or ropes to the ends of the gutter for hanging.

5. Fill the gutter with potting soil.

6. Plant your chosen plants or flowers in the soil.

7. Hang the gutter planter in a sunny spot in your garden.

15. Recycled Window Frame Garden Trellis

Materials Needed:

– Old window frame

– Sandpaper

– Paint (optional)

– Staple gun

– Chicken wire


1. Sand the window frame to remove any rough edges.

2. Paint the frame if desired and let it dry.

3. Attach chicken wire to the back of the window frame using a staple gun.

4. Secure the trellis in your garden by leaning it against a wall or supporting it with stakes.

5. Train climbing plants to grow up the trellis.

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