Top 15 DIY Cat House Ideas [Make At Home]

As a fellow cat lover, I know how important it is to provide our feline friends with cozy and fun spaces to call their own. 

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect cat house that fits your home decor and budget? Look no further! 

Here are 15 DIY cat house ideas that are easy to make, stylish, and guaranteed to keep your kitty purring with delight.

DIY Cat House Ideas

Here are the top 15 DIY cat house ideas that you should try for your cats.

1. Cardboard Castle Cat House

You can create a whimsical cardboard castle for your cat using sturdy boxes. Stack and cut out windows and doors to design a multi-level fortress. 

Decorate it with non-toxic paint and stickers to make it look like a royal abode. Add some comfy cushions inside for your cat to lounge on. 

Your feline friend will love exploring the nooks and crannies, and you’ll enjoy crafting this playful, budget-friendly project.

2. Suitcase Cat Bed

Transform an old suitcase into a stylish and cozy cat bed. Simply clean out an old suitcase, add a soft pillow or blanket inside, and prop it open at a safe angle. 

You can even paint the exterior to match your home decor. This vintage-inspired cat house will give your kitty a chic retreat and recycle an item you might otherwise discard.

3. Wine Barrel Cat House

Repurpose a wine barrel into a rustic cat house. Cut an opening in the side for your cat to enter and sand down any rough edges. 

Place a soft cushion or small pet bed inside for comfort. This unique cat house offers a sturdy and stylish shelter, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. Upcycled Bookshelf Cat Condo

An old bookshelf can be turned into a multi-level cat condo. Remove a few shelves to create larger spaces for your cat to move around. 

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Add carpet or sisal to the surfaces for scratching, and place cushions or small beds on each level. This project combines storage for your items with a fun play area for your cat.

5. Wooden Crate Cat House

Stack and secure wooden crates to create a modular cat house. You can arrange the crates in different configurations to suit your space. 

Paint or stain the crates to match your decor and add soft bedding inside each compartment. This flexible design allows you to expand the house as your cat’s needs change.

6. T-shirt Cat Tent

Create a cozy cat tent using an old t-shirt and some wire hangers. Bend the hangers into a frame, and drape the t-shirt over it to form the tent. 

The bottom of the shirt becomes the entrance, and the fabric creates a snug, covered space. This quick and easy project is perfect for cats who love to hide and nap in enclosed spaces.

7. PVC Pipe Cat Playhouse

Build a cat playhouse using PVC pipes and connectors. Construct a frame with multiple levels and wrap the pipes with sisal rope for scratching. 

Add hammocks, shelves, and tunnels made from fabric or cardboard. This durable and customizable playhouse will keep your cat entertained and active.

8. Pallet Cat House

Recycle wooden pallets to build a sturdy outdoor cat house. Disassemble the pallets and use the wood to construct a simple box structure with a slanted roof. 

Add insulation and waterproofing to protect your cat from the elements. Place soft bedding inside and paint the exterior for a polished look.

9. Felted Wool Cat Cave

Felted wool cat caves are not only stylish but also warm and cozy. You can make one by wet felting wool into a dome shape with an entrance hole. 

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The process involves layering and felting wool fibers with soap and water. This project requires some time and effort but results in a beautiful and comfortable hideaway for your cat.

10. Repurposed Drawer Cat Bed

Turn an old drawer into a charming cat bed. Clean and paint the drawer to match your decor, and add a cushioned pad or blanket inside. 

You can even attach legs or casters to the bottom for added height and mobility. This DIY project is perfect for giving new life to an unused piece of furniture.

11. Hanging Macrame Cat Hammock

Create a boho-chic cat hammock using macrame techniques. Use sturdy rope or cord to weave a hammock that can be hung from a secure spot, like a shelf or the ceiling. 

Add a soft cushion inside for comfort. This stylish cat house will be a unique addition to your home decor and provide a cozy perch for your feline friend.

12. Plastic Storage Bin Cat House

A plastic storage bin can be easily transformed into a cat house. Cut an entrance hole in one side, and add a soft blanket or cushion inside. 

You can decorate the exterior with paint or fabric to make it more appealing. This weatherproof and easy-to-clean option is great for indoor and outdoor use.

13. Wicker Basket Cat Bed

Repurpose a large wicker basket into a cozy cat bed. Line the basket with a soft pillow or blanket, and add a small cushion for extra comfort. 

You can also cover the top with fabric to create a tent-like enclosure. This simple yet elegant cat house will blend seamlessly with your home decor.

14. Tire Cat House

Upcycle an old tire into a fun and durable cat house. Clean the tire thoroughly and paint it in a bright color. Place a soft cushion or pet bed inside and add a fabric cover for the opening. 

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This sturdy cat house is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and provides a unique and comfortable spot for your cat to relax.

15. Wooden Barrel Cat Condo

A wooden barrel can be transformed into a multi-level cat condo. Cut out entrances on different levels and add platforms or shelves inside. 

Sand down any rough edges and finish the exterior with paint or stain. Place soft bedding on each level for comfort. 

This sturdy and stylish cat condo will be a hit with your feline friend, offering plenty of space to explore and relax.

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