15 DIY Alice In Wonderland Decorations [Easy To Make]

Are you ready to transform your party into a whimsical Wonderland? I know firsthand how daunting it can be to find the perfect decorations for an Alice in Wonderland theme. 

But worry no more! This article is packed with creative DIY ideas that will bring your fantasy to life effortlessly. 

Let’s dive down the rabbit hole together and create an unforgettable experience!

DIY Alice In Wonderland Decorations

Transform your space into a whimsical wonderland with Alice in Wonderland decorations.

Incorporate elements such as oversized playing cards, teapots, and clocks to evoke the eccentric charm of Wonderland. 

Vibrant colors and quirky signs like “This Way” and “That Way” add a captivating touch, ensuring your guests feel as though they’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole into a world of enchantment and imagination.

1. DIY Teacup Centerpieces

Creating whimsical teacup centerpieces is easier than you might think! Start by gathering mismatched teacups and saucers from thrift stores. 

Stack them in fun, precarious ways and secure them with a strong adhesive. 

Fill the cups with faux flowers, moss, or even small figurines of Alice in Wonderland characters. 

These centerpieces will add a charming and quirky touch to your tables, making your guests feel like they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

2. “Drink Me” Bottles

Transform ordinary bottles into enchanting “Drink Me” decorations. Collect small glass bottles, which you can find at craft stores or online. 

Fill them with colorful liquids, using food coloring and water, or glitter and glycerin for a sparkling effect. Attach a tag that says “Drink Me” with a bit of twine or ribbon. 

Scatter these around your event space for a touch of Wonderland magic that will make your guests smile.

3. Playing Card Garlands

Deck your halls with playing card garlands for an authentic Wonderland vibe. Purchase several decks of playing cards, or use the old ones you have lying around. 

Punch holes in the top corners of each card and thread them onto a length of twine or ribbon. 

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Hang these garlands along walls, doorways, or tables to create a playful and whimsical atmosphere. It’s a simple and affordable way to bring the Queen of Hearts’ domain to life!

4. Cheshire Cat Smile Props

Make your guests grin like the Cheshire Cat with these fun photo props. Cut out large, exaggerated smiles from white card stock and color them in with bold, black lines. 

Attach each smile to a wooden dowel or stick. Place these props in a jar near a photo booth or as table decorations. 

Your guests will love posing with them and capturing memories of your Wonderland-themed event.

5. Mad Hatter’s Hat Centerpieces

Channel the Mad Hatter’s eccentric style with hat centerpieces. Find inexpensive top hats at costume shops or make your own using black felt and cardboard. 

Decorate them with colorful ribbons, feathers, and playing cards. Fill the hats with faux flowers or fun trinkets. 

These centerpieces will be the talk of your party, adding a touch of madness to your decor.

6. “This Way, That Way” Signposts

Guide your guests through Wonderland with quirky signposts. Use wooden planks or sturdy cardboard to create arrows pointing in different directions. 

Paint each arrow in bright colors and write playful phrases like “This Way,” “That Way,” “Wrong Way,” and “Tea Party.” 

Mount the arrows on a wooden post or a tall stake and place it in your yard or event space. It’s a fun way to direct traffic and add to the whimsical theme.

7. Giant Paper Flowers

Create an enchanted garden with giant paper flowers. Use colorful tissue paper or crepe paper to make oversized blooms.

There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started. Attach the flowers to long dowels or bamboo sticks to create flower stems. 

Arrange these giant flowers around your venue to give the impression that your guests have shrunk to Alice’s size.

8. Rabbit Hole Entrance

Welcome your guests to Wonderland with a rabbit hole entrance. Create an archway using cardboard or foam board and decorate it to look like the entrance to a rabbit hole. 

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Paint it in earthy tones and add faux grass, moss, and flowers for a realistic touch. 

Position the archway at the entrance to your event space to make your guests feel like they’re stepping into a magical new world.

9. Queen of Hearts Throne

Set up a regal throne for your Queen of Hearts. Find an old chair or armchair and give it a royal makeover with red and gold fabric, ribbons, and glitter. 

Add a few heart-shaped decorations to complete the look. This throne can be a fun photo op spot or a special seat for the guest of honor.

10. Tea Party Table Setup

No Wonderland event is complete without a tea party! Set up a long table with mismatched chairs and tableware. Use teapots, teacups, and saucers in various styles and colors. 

Scatter playing cards, faux flowers, and small clocks along the table as decorations. 

This setup will make your guests feel like they’re part of the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

11. White Rabbit Pocket Watch

Create oversized pocket watch decorations to honor the White Rabbit. Use large cardboard circles and paint them to resemble pocket watches. 

Add numbers, clock hands, and chain details with paint or markers. Hang these giant pocket watches around your venue or use them as part of your table centerpieces for a whimsical touch.

12. Card Soldier Cutouts

Bring the Queen’s card soldiers to life with cutouts. Use large sheets of cardboard to create life-sized playing card soldiers. 

Paint them with bright colors and bold designs, and add arms, legs, and faces to each card. 

Position these cutouts around your event space to guard the Queen’s garden and entertain your guests.

13. Tea Party Chair Covers

Give your chairs a whimsical makeover with tea party chair covers. Use colorful fabric or pillowcases to cover the chairs and tie them with large bows. 

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Attach teacup and teapot cutouts to the back of each chair for an added touch of Wonderland charm. Your guests will love sitting in these fun and festive seats.

14. Alice’s Garden Path

Create a magical path leading to your event space. Use faux grass or green carpet to create a garden path. 

Decorate the path with oversized flowers, mushrooms, and whimsical signs pointing in different directions. 

This enchanting path will make your guests feel like they’re walking through Alice’s garden.

15. Mad Hatter’s Clock Backdrop

Set the stage for your Wonderland event with a Mad Hatter’s clock backdrop. Use a large sheet or canvas and paint it to resemble a collection of clocks and watch faces in various styles and sizes. 

Hang the backdrop behind your main event space or photo booth area. This creative decoration will tie the whole theme together and provide a fantastic photo opportunity for your guests.

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