Top 10 DIY Above Ground Pool Landscaping [Within Budget]

Have you ever looked at your above-ground pool and wished it looked nicer? I have felt that way too, wondering how to make it fit in with my backyard.

If you have the same thoughts, don’t worry, in this article, we will look at some easy and fun DIY ideas to make your above-ground pool area look amazing.

Let’s get started!

DIY Above Ground Pool Landscaping

These are the best DIY above ground pool landscaping ideas that you must try.

1. Tropical Paradise

To create a beautiful and private pool area, you will need palm trees, ornamental grasses, mulch, and solar-powered lanterns.

Start by planting the palm trees around the edge of the pool to form a natural privacy screen.

Then, add ornamental grasses in the surrounding areas to give extra texture.

Now cover the ground with dark mulch to make the greenery stand out and keep the soil moist.

Finally, place solar-powered lanterns around the pool to provide a warm glow during the evening.

2. Stone Path Elegance

Start by laying flagstone paths to make access easy and add a rustic charm. Then, fill the spaces between the stones with pea gravel to keep weeds from growing.

Then, plant low-growing ground covers, such as creeping thyme, along the edges of the path for a lush, green touch.

Now, install landscape lighting along the path to enhance safety and create a pleasant atmosphere at night.

3. Wooden Deck Oasis

To create a cosy poolside retreat, you’ll need some pressure-treated lumber, deck screws, stain or paint, and outdoor furniture.

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Start by building a sturdy wooden deck around your pool, making sure it’s securely anchored.

Now, apply stain or paint to the deck to protect it from weather damage and to complement your outdoor decor.

Finally, set up some lounge chairs and a small table on the deck to create a perfect spot for relaxation.

4. Rock Garden Retreat

To create a beautiful poolside garden, you will need different sizes of rocks, tough perennial plants, and soil.

Begin by arranging the large rocks naturally around the pool, then fill the gaps with soil and plant hardy perennials that need little care.

Finally, add smaller stones to complete the look.

5. Privacy Fence and Climbing Vines

To increase your pool’s privacy and beauty, you’ll need some fence panels, climbing vine plants like ivy or clematis, and decorative planters.

Start by installing the fence panels around the pool area. Then, plant the climbing vines at the base of the fence so they can grow up.

Then, place the decorative planters with seasonal flowers along the fence to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

6. Zen Garden Simplicity

You will need white sand, large stones, bamboo plants, and a wooden bench to create a calming Zen garden.

Start by spreading the white sand around the pool area to set a serene foundation.

Then place the large stones and bamboo plants to maintain a minimalistic design. Finally, add a wooden bench for a simple seating area.

7. Nighttime Glow

You will need an LED strip light, floating pool lights, and plant up-lighters.

Once you gather them start by installing the LED strip lights under the edge of the pool coping to give a continuous, shimmering glow.

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Then, add floating pool lights to bring a playful and colorful element to the water.

Finally, use up-lighters to illuminate the trees and plants around the pool beautifully.

8. Rustic Rock Waterfall

To create a beautiful waterfall around your pool, you will need a water pump, large rocks, water-resistant adhesive, and some plants.

First, build a small waterfall using the large rocks and the water pump, then secure the rocks in place with the water-resistant to ensure stability.

Finally, plant moisture-loving plants around the waterfall to give it a natural and appealing appearance.

9. Mediterranean Blue

To create a stunning Mediterranean-themed pool area, you will need some simple materials and a bit of creativity.

Firstly, line the edge of your pool with blue tiles to give it that classic Mediterranean look.

Then, cover the ground around the pool with white stones to keep the area neat and attractive.

Now add some aromatic lavender plants to bring a touch of nature and a pleasant fragrance to the space.

Finally, place decorative urns around the pool for an elegant finishing touch.

10. Colorful Planters and Umbrellas

To create a vibrant and inviting poolside area, you’ll need some colorful planters, annual flowers, large umbrellas, and patio stones.

Start by arranging the colorful planters filled with bright, blooming annual flowers around the pool.

Now, set up the large umbrellas to provide shade and add a splash of color. Then, lay down the patio stones to create a neat and clean walking path.

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