COVID-19 and collective responsibility of the society to prevent health deterioration

As responsible citizens what we need to be doing is to ensure that our health is not going to get deteriorated under any circumstances. Not only is it will respond as a social being to ensure that our health is of the utmost condition, but it is also our responsibility as a family man to be responsible and accountable for its welfare. 

Certainly, if our health is getting to treat, as an earning member we are not going to be able to provide our family with the levels of assistance that it requires. There are different forms of conditions that an individual might be suffering from because of poor health deterioration. 

So it becomes critical for you to evaluate what are sort of factors in today’s world can be responsible for an individual to suffer from the worst form of disease In their system.

Importance of being proactive in incorporating measures to prevent COVID-19

 One should be proactive in dealing with the situation particularly in the times of COVID-19. Health deterioration of the highest order is taking place all across the world and people are suffering from its effect already. 

At such a critical juncture of movement, we need to be ensuring that our immunity is not falling behind so that we can fight any form of the disease if it tries to intrude in our system.

It becomes absolutely important for you to understand about what are the sort of measures that are needed to be incorporated in actually ensuring that your health is not going to suffer from the worst forms of effects.

Poor lifestyle and stress coming from urban sector responsible for health deterioration

However, there are certain practices that an individual has to go through particularly for those who are living in an urban region which is making people suffer from the diseases altogether. 

Stress developing from the urban sector and all sorts of pollution that exist in cities are some of them how is the triggering points behind the formulation of so many forms of diseases. 

These diseases can be both airborne and coming from the land as well. Pollution is certainly one of the main reasons why people do suffer from a lack of immunity in cities and becoming more prone and susceptible to diseases like COVID.

Why people in the urban region face more deteriorating health conditions?

If you notice one thing one can certainly be aware of the fact that coronavirus has spread more badly and devastatingly in the urban regions than the rural areas. 

People living in the urban regions who classify themselves as of the highest order and maintains hygiene, at the ones who have suffered from the disease the most and it is because city people are the most unhygienic. 

People living in the urban regions at the ones who do not practice proper levels of protocols that have already been stated by the government. 

They are avoiding wearing masks, not even wanting to get vaccinated and these are some of the major factors why coronavirus spread so devastatingly in India particularly in the second wave.

Incorporating all practical measures in preventing deterioration of health in India

If we learn anything from what has happened over the past few months, we really what should we doing at this moment is to incorporate practical measures and not only rely upon speaking words. A lot of time has already passed by and we need to be ensuring that we keep up with our good health to protect ourselves from this havoc that is taking place all across the planet. 

Western countries have already taken use initiatives in vaccinating the people with both vaccine availability and will of the people of the highest order. However, in India, both vaccine shortages and the unveiling attitude of the people were responsible for the spread of coronavirus at this magnitude. 

This has ultimately caused the formulation of so many diseases all across the country and also made people suffer from diseases that might make them depend on medications like the Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20, Fildena 100 from Arrowmeds.

Importance of building up your own immunity

It is at this time that it becomes essential for every individual to keep up with their immunity and also ensure that their bodies are developing the vitality in preventing the worst forms of diseases from not getting formulated. 

Enabling your body to be ready to face any forms of challenge that might be coming in its path becomes essential in actually preventing yourself from deteriorating health conditions. Ultimately it is you who must take initiatives in order to prevent your own health to not get deteriorated. 

This is the basic thing that should be done by everybody in order to prevent further deterioration of health during this pandemic.


To conclude one can certainly be coming down to the fact that at a time when it is most important for every individual to be responsible about their own health, it should be the collective responsibility of the society in order to stop this havoc. 

Eating good food and practising all norms as regulated by the authorities is really essential to prevent further deterioration of health. Also taking natural methods as a booster above vaccines to prevent the mutated viruses it would not cause problems in your system also becomes important.

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