16+ Cute Country Concert Outfit Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

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“16+ Cute Country Concert Outfit Ideas You’ll Want To Copy” is a fashion blog article featuring various outfit ideas for attending a country concert. From denim shorts and cowboy boots to flowy dresses and plaid shirts, this article showcases a range of stylish and cute looks that are perfect for a day out enjoying live music in a country setting. Each outfit is accompanied by a photo and description, making it easy for readers to find inspiration and recreate the looks for their own concert experiences.

In need of a chic and modern country concert outfit ideas to wear to a country concert? Check out my list of 16+ cute country concert outfits that you’ll want to copy in 2024!


16+ Cute Country Concert Outfit Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

*this post contains affiliate links*

Originally published Feb 13, 2023 – Updated November 10, 2023

Modern Country Concert Outfits

Going to a concert is always a good time, and in my experience, dressing up for one is almost as much fun as the show!  Every time I go to a country concert I make sure to look the part, but I also want to feel classy and sophisticated – I’m not into the bejeweled rodeo queen vibe, so it’s about balancing the right amount of western with urban. 

I’ve created and picked out some amazing outfits to show you how to style a country look that is refined and unique. Check out the perfect outfits below, and I’ll tell you how to recreate them for yourself!

What should I wear to a country concert?

There are so many pieces you can wear to a country concert for a stylish look! Here are just a few of my favorite looks:

  • Classic blue jeans, a crop top, and western-style ankle boots
  • Denim shorts, a floral blouse, and cowboy boots
  • Black jeans with a bodysuit and cowboy boots
  • Denim midi skirt with knee-high boots and a leather jacket
  • Little black dress, cowboy boots, and a wool fedora

You can choose a tank, graphic tee, or crop top to go with your country look, or opt for a long-sleeved blouse, a denim button-up, or a shearling coat for a cold-weather show.

The accessories you choose can be a great way to add style and a country feel to your look. Go for accessories with fringe, cow print, crochet, or lace, and you can always add the classic cowboy hat and boots to complete your look. 

woman wearing a black ribbed cardigan, denim shorts, and brown western boots for a country concert outfit

get the look:

Country Concert Outfit Ideas

I’ve scoured the internet for concert outfit ideas from my fave fashion influencers to show you just how to style a refined and modern look with some Western flair, and I’ve added some of my own country concert outfits too!

the denim midi skirt

Christal wearing a black leather jacket over a black bodysuit with a long denim skirt and suede cowboy boots for a country concert outfit

get the look:

2023 was the year of the denim midi skirt and this trend isn’t going anywhere! Denim is a go-to way to add a casual, country feel to your outfits – but that doesn’t mean you need to wear jeans. I love pairing a denim midi skirt with suede Western-style boots to create a chic vibe. 

I also love the edgy feel of a leather jacket, although you can swap it for a leather, denim, or suede fringe jacket for more of a country look! You could also pair a denim midi skirt with a graphic tee for a laid-back aesthetic.

city cowgirl vibes

Overhead image of a woman wearing a country concert outfit with a black bodysuit, black blazer, brown suede belt, jeans, and brown cowboy boots

get the look:

I wore this elevated country concert outfit for the Calgary Stampede this summer, and it is simple yet so chic. The light-toned sleek cowboy boots have more of a modern feel than a traditional pair, and the black blazer also adds a refined touch. 

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Denim jeans and a bodysuit (or a basic tank) are something everyone has in their wardrobe, making it easy to recreate this look. You can go for black jeans or swap the bodysuit for a cropped cow print top if you want to add a stylish, playful touch. 

a pair of daisy dukes

An image of a woman with cut-off denim shorts, beige cowboy boots, and a cropped black blouse

get the look:

Denim cut-offs, or Daisy Dukes as some might call them, are a classic piece for a country look, especially for spring or summer concert outfits. Cowboy boots with shorts make for a perfect country concert outfit!

I love how the cropped black top adds a refined touch to this outfit, but you can wear a graphic tee or a halter top for a casual vibe. Or, try a long, kimono-style cardigan for a boho country look.

all the cow print

An image of a woman with cow print jeans, a cropped black tank, and a leather jacket

get the look:

Give me all the cow print!

If you want to go bold for a country concert, I recommend trying cow print jeans. Or you can wear classic blue denim and a cow print tank for a more subtle look.

Another way to add cow print to your outfit is by using your accessories – printed boots, handbags, or belts are all effortless ways to give your concert outfit a country feel. 

Keep the faux leather jacket for a winter show, or make this a summer look with a classic tank top or tee.  

country with a little glam

An image of woman with a black slip dress, silver cowboy boots, and silver jewelry
source unknown

get the look:

Who says country and glam don’t go together? Not me!

I think this feminine slip dress is gorgeous and looks stunning with metallic cowboy boots. People around you won’t know if they want to watch the show or look at you (I also love this slip dress option for a Morgan Wallen concert outfit!)

If you want more of a relaxed vibe, pair your slip dress with casual pieces. Go for a long cardigan, a denim jacket, or brown or black cowboy boots. 

the denim duo

An image of a woman ready for a country concert wearing light blue jeans, a denim button-up, and brown and white cow print cowboy boots

get the look:

I am so in love with this double denim outfit and cow print boots from Aimee Song! These pieces have a casual feel and will definitely be comfortable enough to wear all day, and the look has a total festival vibe.

The brown sweater matches the tone of the boots perfectly and is great to have if you get chilly. Although, if you want an outfit that is better for warm weather, I recommend swapping the denim button-up for a denim crop top.

If you prefer classic cowboy boots, pair them with a cowboy hat, a fringed purse, or a cow print belt to add that country feel.

a little leather goes a long way

An image of a woman with a black mini dress, black velvet cowboy boots, and a brown faux leather jacket

get the look:

I love how these simple and chic pieces are paired together for a country look. The black dress and black velvet cowboy boots look gorgeous together, but the brown faux leather jacket adds that Southern feel. 

In my experience, you can wear a brown leather jacket with any look to make it country-concert-ready. Go for a feminine style like this with a dress and boots, or keep it laid-back with jeans and a tee.

Either way, a brown leather coat will quickly transform your look into one that has a chic country vibe. 

Outdoor Country Concert Outfit Ideas

If you’re planning on going to an outdoor show this year, don’t worry! I didn’t forget to include stylish country concert outfits for outdoor shows!

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the shearling jacket

An image of a woman with blue bootcut jeans, a black and cream shearling coat, pointed black boots, and a beige cowboy hat

get the look:

A shearling jacket instantly adds a cozy feel to any look and is perfect for an outdoor cold-weather country concert. I love the combo of bootcut jeans, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat – they really complete the Southern vibe. 

If you don’t want to wear jeans, you can also pair a sherpa coat with a midi dress and cowboy boots. Try a denim and shearling jacket with this look for a serious country aesthetic. 

A long blazer + tall boots

woman wearing a black wool jacket over a colorful sweater with jeans tucked into black cowboy boots

get the look:

For a cold-weather country concert look, try a knit sweater under a long blazer like Kathleen Post above. Then grab your favorite pair of skinny or slim-leg jeans and tuck them into a pair of tall cowboy boots. 

This look is fun and chic and will keep you cozy as you dance the night away! 

little black dress

An image of a woman with a black baby doll style dress with long puffed sleeves and black ankle cowboy boots

You can never go wrong wearing a little black dress to any event! The babydoll cut and puffed sleeves give this dress a romantic vibe, although you can wear any style for this look.

Try a figure-hugging dress, a casual sundress, or a flowy midi dress. The ankle-height western boots add a country flair that still looks modern, although I think a classic pair will look great too. 

all the fringe

An image of a woman ready for a country concert with a mini dress, light brown fringe jacket, and white cowboy boots

get the look:

In my opinion, fringe is fantastic for adding a Western touch to an outfit. 

I love the pairing of a cute and flirty mini dress with this chic fringe jacket, and the cowboy boots definitely give this outfit the look I’m going for. If your concert is in the spring or summer, you can easily find other fringe pieces that are better for warm weather.

Try cowboy boots with fringe, a fringe crop top, a cardigan, or even fringed jeans for a similar look that isn’t too heavy!

See more cute white cowgirl boots outfits here!

a little romantic

An image of a woman with a romantic white midi dress, black cowboy boots, and a cream-colored cowboy hat

get the look:

I firmly believe that a country look can still be feminine and romantic, and the outfit above is perfect for a dreamy Southern look. The romantic dress pairs perfectly with the cowboy boots and hat for a country look and is a fantastic choice for a spring or summertime concert. 

You can choose a dress in any color or style or opt for a skirt and blouse. Choose pieces with romantic details – think lace, ruffles, puffed sleeves, embroidery, floral print, or a bustier bodice like this dress. 

Do you have to wear cowboy boots to a country concert?

Cowboy boots are a go-to piece to wear at any country concert, but they aren’t the only shoes that will work for a country-inspired look. If you want to stick with boots, you can swap the cowboy boots for a classic pair of knee-high boots or ankle booties. You can also wear strappy heels or wedges for a chic and feminine look.

What do you wear to a country Festival?

Whether you’re road-tripping to Cali for the Stagecoach Festival or hitting a local festival, you’ll want clothes that will work for days spent in the sun and on your feet. Try comfy pieces like:

  • denim shorts (go bold with fringe or feathers)
  • a mini or midi dress
  • biker shorts
  • graphic tee
  • tank top or crop top (go bold with fringe, rhinestones, or sequins)
  • denim jacket, leather jacket, or kimono-style cardigan
  • cowboy boots, sandals, or sneakers
  • cowboy hat and sunglasses

For more inspiration, I have found some chic looks below that are perfect for country concert festivals!

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go with a boho vibe

An image of a woman with a boho mini dress, brown cowboy boots, and a white cowboy hat holding a denim jacket

get the look:

Boho and country fashion go hand in hand, so try blending these styles for a chic outfit. This colorful boho dress with cowboy boots and a hat is a perfect example of how to do just that. 

A jean jacket is a fantastic piece to add to a boho-style dress and is great for transitional weather. Another boho-country look includes denim shorts, a chic top, and a long boho-style cardigan. No matter your style, adding a boho flair will add fun and whimsy to your country outfit. 

modern crochet

An image of a woman in a slim fitting white crochet midi dress with ankle cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a fringe bandana around her neck

get the look:

I think this crocheted dress is stunning and creates a completely elevated country look. A dress like this is perfect for a summer outfit, but you can add crochet details in tons of ways. Try a crochet top, a crocheted cardigan, or a pair of denim shorts with crochet trim. 

Don’t forget the ankle-cut cowboy boots, the flat-brimmed hat, and the fringed bandana to add those Southern vibes. 

country with a little rock

An image of a woman with an edgy country concert outfit featuring running shorts, a graphic tee, a leather jacket, and a cowboy hat and boots

get the look:

I love this blend of country fashion with rock and roll! The graphic tee and leather jacket add that touch of rock, while the cowboy hat and boots add the country feel I’m looking for.

A graphic tee, black or ripped jeans, leather shorts or a skirt, and animal print are all excellent choices to get a similar look.

stagecoach vibes

An image of four woman at the Stagecoach Festival with country concert outfits featuring denim shorts, bralette tops, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat

get the look:

Last on the list of country concert outfit ideas, is a festival-worthy look worth copying. One thing that music festivals are known for is bold fashion, and Stagecoach is no exception.

I love these trendy and youthful outfits, and a country festival is a perfect time to sport a look like this!

Pair denim shorts or a skirt with a bralette top, or go for a crop top or classic tank if you prefer more coverage. Add a cowboy hat and boots for some country vibes, and finish the look with stylish accessories. 

See more cute Stagecoach outfits in my post here


As I’ve shown, country concert outfits don’t have to be the typical look you’re used to seeing! You can create modern and classy looks to wear to your concert. I hope you’ll follow this style guide and use it as inspiration when planning your next country concert outfit!

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collage of women wearing cute country concert outfits with jeans, denim skirts, dresses and more


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