Collection Of Best Plants For Allergy Sufferers

Loving gardening works, but you suffer from hayfever. Don’t worry, you are reading the right post. Today, we will share the Collection Of Best Plants For Allergy Sufferers that make your garden more hay fever-friendly. Growing these plants will help your feel free to stay all-time for any season. Are you ready to check them out with us?
Collection Of Best Plants For Allergy Sufferers
Do you know about the definition of Hay fever symptoms? Let’s learn about this right now! Hay fever is known as allergic rhinitis, is caused by pollen from plants and trees. On spring and summer days, the time of pollen count is at its highest leaving hay fever sufferers unable to enjoy the beauty of nature. After reading the post, we hope that you will find some you love and suit you. Whether you want to grow fruit trees or stunning flowers varieties, from organic foods or to curb appeal your landscaping, all are collected here. Just take them a look, choose some, and start growing them!

#1 Magnolias

Source: Farmingtongardens

Magnolias display white and pink flowers to add to your garden anti-allergy. It prefers to grow in full sun.

#2 Petunias

Source: Plantopedia

Petunias is a perfect choice for adding an instant color boost to your garden with its bright color and has a long flowering period. It grows well both in full sun and partial shade.

#3 Fuchsia

Source: Brooksidenursery

Fuchsia comes in many different colors and puts off unique shaped teardrop flowers. It is Beautiful and delicate to add in your anti-allergy garden. Plus, it is also edible and a common ingredient in yummy jams.

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#4 Double-flowered Hollyhocks

Source: Victoriananursery

Double-flowered Hollyhocks feature beautiful blooms for their magnificent, towering stems attracting beneficial insects as well as brightening up your garden more. Besides, it also produces less pollen than the single flower that maks them a wise choice for allergy sufferers

#5 Female Trees

Source: Sequoiatreescape

Female trees are ideal trees for your garden because they produce seeds and fruit, whilst male trees produce pollen, which later becomes airborne. And fruit trees are a perfect example of female trees.

#6 Conifer

Source: Webberlandscaping

Conifer trees are a type of tree with sharp, needle-like foliage include pine trees, spruce cedar, fir, juniper, cypress, and arborvitae. These types of trees can block pollen from other areas blowing in, so they are perfect for those who suffer during hay fever season.

#7 Fruit Trees

Source: Fast-growing-trees

Apple trees and pear trees are insect pollinated trees, which don’t produce their own pollen and rely on insects to bring it to them. Grow one or more will help reduce the risk of a hay fever onset through spring and summer.

#8 Geraniums

Source: Rhsplants

Geraniums are a hardy plant because it needs almost no water. Also, they are ideal for allergy-prone people because of their minimal pollen production.

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