25 Closed Terrarium Ideas DIY [Easy To Make]

Have you ever wondered how to bring a touch of nature into your home without the fuss of high maintenance? 

DIY closed terrariums might just be the perfect solution! These self-sustaining miniatures can transform any space and are incredibly easy to make. 

Let’s dive into some fantastic closed terrarium ideas that will inspire and guide you every step of the way.

Closed Terrarium Ideas DIY

A closed terrarium is a fascinating miniature garden housed in a sealed glass container. 

This self-sustaining ecosystem uses moisture from the plants and soil to create a humid environment, ideal for tropical plants. 

By sealing the container, a water cycle is established, with evaporation and condensation occurring naturally. 

Closed terrariums require minimal care but provide a lush, green escape indoors, making them perfect for bringing a touch of nature into your home or office.

1. Tropical Rainforest Terrarium

Create a mini rainforest in a jar by starting with a clear glass container. Lay down small stones for drainage and add a layer of activated charcoal to keep the water clean. 

Next, add a generous layer of potting soil suitable for tropical plants. 

Choose small tropical plants like ferns, mosses, and fittonia for their lush, dense foliage. Mist the plants lightly before sealing the jar to maintain humidity. 

This setup thrives in indirect sunlight, mimicking the natural habitat of a rainforest floor. 

The combination of vibrant greens and humid conditions creates a perfect microcosm of a tropical forest.

2. Desert Oasis Terrarium

Craft a personal desert landscape in a round or oval glass container. Start with a mix of sand and pebbles for drainage. 

Add a variety of succulents like small cacti, jade, or aloe, which require minimal water but ample light. Arrange larger stones to enhance the rugged, natural look. 

For an added whimsical touch, place a tiny camel or cactus figurine. Watering the plants sparingly about once a month is sufficient. 

With its minimal maintenance needs and striking appearance, this miniature desert scene is perfect for any desk.

3. Mossy Woodland Terrarium

Design a miniature forest by choosing a container with a wide opening. Begin with a layer of small stones, followed by charcoal and a thick layer of potting soil. 

Plant various types of moss, small ferns, and even a miniature ivy to create a lush woodland scene. 

This type of terrarium thrives in environments with indirect sunlight, making it ideal for shadier rooms. 

To maintain your mossy paradise, simply spray water regularly to keep it humid and enclosed, offering a tranquil piece of the forest in your home.

4. Fairy Tale Garden Terrarium

Add a magical touch to your home with a whimsical fairy tale garden terrarium. Use a tall, clear container and layer it with pebbles, charcoal, and soil. 

Choose plants like small ferns, baby’s tears, and moss to create a lush, miniature garden. 

Decorate with tiny fairy figures, miniature benches, and small pebble pathways. The key to a fairy tale garden is in the enchanting details, so let your creativity run wild. 

Place the terrarium in a spot with indirect sunlight and mist occasionally to maintain its mystical charm.

5. Zen Garden Terrarium

Cultivate serenity with a beautifully simple Zen garden terrarium. Start with a base of fine sand, and arrange small pebbles in an elegant design. Add a small air plant or bonsai to introduce greenery. 

Enhance the Zen atmosphere with miniature features like a tiny rake or a small Buddha statue

This terrarium requires minimal maintenance just rake the sand occasionally to keep it looking peaceful and orderly. 

It’s an ideal low-maintenance option for those seeking a calm and meditative decor piece.

6. Aquatic-Inspired Terrarium

Capture the essence of the ocean with an aquatic-inspired terrarium. Begin with a layer of sand, followed by pebbles and shells to replicate an undersea landscape. 

Choose air plants that resemble sea plants and add starfish or small seashells for decoration. 

This terrarium setup is low-maintenance, only needing occasional misting, making it an excellent choice for busy individuals who want to add a coastal vibe to their living space without much upkeep.

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7. Herbal Haven Terrarium

Combine beauty and practicality with an herbal haven terrarium. Select a large container with a wide opening, and fill it with rich, organic potting mix. 

Plant herbs like thyme, basil, and parsley, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful in the kitchen. 

Place the terrarium on a sunny windowsill and water when the soil feels dry. 

This setup provides fresh herbs at your fingertips, offering both delightful aromas and flavours for your culinary creations.

8. Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Create an exotic and fascinating display with a carnivorous plant terrarium. 

Use a mix of sphagnum moss and sand as the base, and plant varieties like Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, and sundews. 

These unique plants thrive in a humid environment with plenty of indirect sunlight. Keep the terrarium moist to maintain the right level of humidity. 

Watching these plants capture their prey is a captivating, albeit slightly gruesome, spectacle that adds a touch of the wild to your home.

9. Orchid Mini-Garden Terrarium

Set up a stunning orchid mini-garden in a terrarium with ample vertical space. Use an orchid potting mix and select miniature orchids suitable for small environments. 

Provide moderate lighting and maintain high humidity to mimic their natural tropical conditions. 

This terrarium demands some attention to keep conditions optimal, but the reward is a spectacular display of delicate and beautiful orchid blooms that bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to any room.

10. Charcoal Art Terrarium

Design an artistic display using dramatic charcoal pieces as a striking backdrop. Choose a container with a flat side to display your creation. 

Fill the base with clear glass pebbles and arrange interestingly shaped charcoal pieces against the glass. Plant hardy varieties like succulents or air plants that require minimal soil. 

The stark contrast between the dark charcoal and the vibrant green plants creates a visually stunning piece, encapsulating the beauty of nature with an artistic flair.

11. Miniature Pine Forest Terrarium

Envision a serene pine forest miniaturized and enclosed in glass. Start with a foundation of pebbles mixed with a bit of charcoal to ensure proper drainage and cleanliness. 

Add a layer of nutrient-rich soil and plant miniature pine trees or dwarf conifers. 

These tiny evergreens will recreate the lush, dense feel of a forest, ideal for a terrarium setting that thrives without direct sunlight but benefits from some humidity. 

Maintain the soil’s moisture at a slightly damp level, and place your terrarium in a cool, shaded area to perfectly mimic a forest’s natural environment. 

This terrarium not only brings a piece of nature into your home but also adds a touch of tranquility and greenery to any space.

12. Spooky Halloween Terrarium

Get into the Halloween spirit with a creatively eerie terrarium theme. Start with a base of dark soil to set a moody atmosphere, and plant black succulents or foliage with rich, dark hues. 

Accentuate the spooky effect with miniature skeletons, tiny gravestones, or even a miniature haunted house. 

This makes for an engaging and festive project, especially fun to do with children. It’s perfect for adding a seasonal touch of spookiness to your home decor during Halloween. 

The combination of unique plants and themed decorations will create an eye-catching display that’s both chilling and charming.

13. Coffee Bean Terrarium

For coffee aficionados, create a terrarium that captivates both sight and smell by incorporating coffee beans into the base layer. 

Select a clear, shallow container and begin with a layer of aromatic coffee beans, followed by a layer of soil. 

Plant small succulents or cacti that offer a striking contrast against the deep, dark coffee beans. 

The gentle warmth from your home will naturally heat the beans, releasing a delightful, subtle coffee scent. 

This terrarium is an alluring addition to a kitchen or any space where a pleasant coffee aroma would be appreciated. 

It combines botanical beauty with a comforting sensory experience, making it a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

14. Art Deco Terrarium

Channel the sophisticated elegance of the Art Deco era with a terrarium that features geometric shapes and metallic highlights. 

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Begin with a geometric glass container, filling it with a base of sleek black sand. 

Plant architectural succulents like echeveria or haworthia to continue the Art Deco theme. 

Enhance the overall aesthetic with small pieces of metallic decor, such as miniature spheres or cubes, to add reflective glimmer and stylish accents. 

This terrarium is perfect for spaces with modern or minimalist decor, blending vintage charm with contemporary design seamlessly. 

It stands out as a statement piece, combining natural beauty with artistic architecture.

15. Japanese Zen Garden Terrarium

Capture the essence of a traditional Japanese Zen garden in a terrarium to bring peace and tranquility into any space. Start with a shallow, wide container and layer fine sand at the base. 

Arrange larger rocks thoughtfully to represent mountains and use white gravel to create the illusion of rippling water around them. 

Incorporate a small bonsai or other miniature plants that mimic the look of bamboo to enhance the natural aesthetics. 

Adding tiny elements like a pagoda or a bridge can complete this serene scene, making it a perfect addition to a space that needs a touch of calm and mindfulness.

16. Amethyst Crystal Terrarium

Combine the natural beauty of crystals and plants by creating an amethyst crystal terrarium. 

Start with a fine sand layer, then place large, eye-catching amethyst crystals carefully throughout the container. 

Select air plants or small succulents that require minimal soil, nestled among the vibrant purple crystals. 

These plants will contrast beautifully with the purple hues of the amethyst, creating an energizing and visually striking display. 

This terrarium not only highlights the aesthetic appeal of crystals but also infuses any room with a sense of vitality and natural beauty.

17. Beach-Inspired Terrarium

Bring the essence of a beach day into your home with a beach-inspired terrarium. Begin with a layer of fine sand and top it with an assortment of small shells and driftwood pieces to recreate the shore. 

Choose drought-resistant plants like air plants or small succulents that thrive in sandy environments. 

Enhance the coastal theme by adding tiny beach elements, such as a miniature umbrella or a deckchair. 

This terrarium is a delightful way to maintain a summer mindset all year round, providing a relaxing seaside atmosphere wherever it is placed.

18. Mediterranean Retreat Terrarium

Craft a miniature Mediterranean retreat by using terracotta-colored sand and pebbles as your base. 

Plant small-scale Mediterranean flora, such as miniature olive trees or lavender, to evoke the warm, sun-soaked landscapes of the region. 

Decorate with tiny Greek or Roman statues and terracotta pots to further enhance the Mediterranean vibe. 

This terrarium not only captures the rich history and drama of the Mediterranean but also fills your space with aromatic plants that bring a piece of this vibrant region to your home.

19. Alpine Tundra Terrarium

Recreate the stark, unadorned beauty of the alpine tundra with a specially designed terrarium. 

Use a mix of small stones and coarse sand for the base, which mimics the rocky terrain of high-altitude environments. 

Plant dwarf alpine flora such as saxifrage or small sedums, can thrive in minimal, rocky soil. Incorporate larger rocks to simulate a rugged mountainous landscape. 

This type of terrarium is ideal if you like cooler temperatures and indirect light, making it suitable for a north-facing window. It offers a unique glimpse into the resilience and beauty of alpine ecosystems.

20. Raindrop Terrarium

Showcase the elegance and simplicity of individual plants or small plant compositions with a raindrop-shaped terrarium.

This distinctive container enhances the aesthetic by highlighting the unique beauty of moisture-loving flora like small ferns or orchids. Use a rich, well-draining potting mix to support the health of these plants. 

The raindrop shape focuses attention on the lush greenery inside, adding dramatic flair to any room. 

This terrarium exemplifies the harmony of shape and simplicity with the organic beauty of plant life, making it a stunning centerpiece in any setting.

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21. Healing Herb Terrarium

Curate a terrarium filled with medicinal herbs that are as practical as they are attractive. 

Choose herbs like peppermint, chamomile, or lemon balm, known for their health-boosting and therapeutic properties. 

Use a carefully selected soil mix tailored to the specific needs of your chosen herbs and place the terrarium in an area with moderate sunlight. 

This living collection not only creates a beautiful, aromatic display but also provides easy access to natural remedies. 

It’s an ideal addition for those seeking to blend aesthetics with functional health benefits in their living space.

22. Mini Monsoon Forest Terrarium

Recreate the dense, verdant environment of a monsoon forest in a terrarium. Use a tall container to allow vertical growth and maintain high humidity levels crucial for such habitats. 

Start with a foundation of moist soil and layer moss to keep the environment damp.

Populate the space with plants like mini philodendrons, ferns, and mosses that thrive in humid conditions. 

This terrarium is a vibrant slice of tropical forest, teeming with life and energy, making it an engaging focal point that adds dynamic plant diversity and a touch of the tropics to any room.

23. Antique Terrarium

Transform an antique or vintage glass container into a unique and eye-catching terrarium. 

Depending on the size and shape of the container, select an array of small plants such as mosses, mini ferns, or a charming collection of succulents. 

Adorn the terrarium with vintage-themed decorations like small figurines or pieces of old jewelry to enrich its nostalgic aesthetic. 

This terrarium serves as a beautiful blend of history and horticulture, breathing new life into repurposed glassware and creating a captivating conversation piece that exudes old-world charm.

24. Savanna Biome Terrarium

Channel the expansive open spaces of the savanna biome into a well-designed terrarium. 

Use a mix of sand and soil for the base to simulate the ground conditions found in savannas. Plant hardy grasses and small succulents that mimic the native vegetation. 

You can incorporate small acacia tree replicas or animal figurines to depict the wildlife commonly seen in these landscapes. 

This terrarium thrives in bright light and requires minimal watering, mirroring the natural savanna environment. 

It offers a unique, eye-catching display that transports a piece of the wild savanna into your home.

25. Night Sky Terrarium

Capture the beauty and mystery of the night sky within a terrarium. Use dark-colored rocks and sand as the foundational base to reflect the colors of a starry night. 

Plant silver or dark green succulents that resemble the night-time flora, and sprinkle sparkling blue or white pebbles to emulate stars. 

Consider adding miniature lights or glow-in-the-dark features to enhance the celestial ambiance. 

This terrarium is perfect for stargazers and those who appreciate the night, bringing the calm and wonder of the night sky into an indoor setting.

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