Clear the Storm Clouds: How to Stop Being Sad and Find Happiness

Sadness and depression are feelings that can hit someone at any time. Whether it comes on all of a sudden without reason or an event in your life triggers it, it’s not easy to deal with. Along with feeling like you don’t want to be around people, you may also feel mentally and physically drained.

If you’re sick of feeling this way, take a look at these great tips to stop being sad.

1. Embrace Your Emotions

Many people who are feeling sad try to bury their emotions and carry on. It may seem better to put on a brave face and even fake a smile when you need to but that doesn’t do your mental health any good. It’s often healthier to admit how you’re feeling and face it head-on. 

Try practicing breathing and meditation when you begin feeling sad and allow yourself to shed some tears in private or around people you trust.

2. Keep a Journal

Writing down your thoughts is a good form of personal therapy. Keeping a journal of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking is a great way to find your solutions. Some people find that they can’t pinpoint what’s making them sad until they work it out on paper.

Take a look at this course for more information on finding happiness and tips on writing.

3. Go Outside

Feeling sad can make you feel like staying indoors away from everything and everyone. You may not feel like facing anyone when you’re depressed but it’s often the best cure for sadness. Even if you don’t want to see anyone, getting some fresh air and exercise will certainly lift your mood.

Exercise releases endorphins which are chemicals that can alter or lift your mood. Just twenty minutes of exercise every day can change your outlook on life.

4. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can feel like a form of escapism from feelings you don’t want to feel. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, grief, or many more, no one wants to feel sad continuously. Taking drugs or drinking is often used as a way to feel something else, even if momentarily.

However, this often results in making the situation much worse. One of the best depression tips is to stop drinking and taking drugs because depression can return even stronger. It’s also the first step to developing a dependency.

How to Stop Being Sad

When you want to stop being sad, it’s important to remember it’s something that will happen overnight. It can take time and commitment to training yourself to think and feel differently. Don’t be too hard on yourself during the process.

Take baby steps and surround yourself with people who will encourage you on your journey. For more helpful tips on health and well-being, take a browse through the rest of our articles. 

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