Top 15 Chicken Coop Designs DIY Cheap [Easy To Make]

Building your own chicken coop doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With some basic materials and a little bit of effort, you can create a comfortable and safe home for your chickens without breaking the bank.

This guide will walk you through simple, cost-effective designs and step-by-step instructions, making it easy for even beginners to follow.

Save money, customize your coop, and enjoy fresh eggs right from your backyard with these DIY chicken coop designs.

Chicken Coop Designs DIY Cheap

Creating a DIY chicken coop on a budget requires ingenuity and resourcefulness. Start with repurposed materials such as pallets or old wooden crates to build a sturdy frame.

For walls and roofing, consider using reclaimed lumber or galvanized metal sheets, ensuring proper ventilation with mesh-wire windows.

A simple, sloped roof design aids in water runoff, keeping the interior dry.

Adding nesting boxes made from plastic bins and roosting bars from old broom handles can significantly cut costs while providing a functional, cozy home for your chickens.

1. Basic Wooden Chicken Coop

To build a sturdy structure, you’ll need wood planks, nails, a hammer, wire mesh, hinges, and a door latch.

Start by constructing the frame using the wood planks. Then, add a sloped roof to ensure proper drainage.

Then, attach the wire mesh to the sides for good ventilation. Install a door with the hinges and secure it with a latch. Finally, paint or seal the wood to protect it from the weather.

2. Elevated Chicken Coop with Run

To build a chicken coop, you’ll need some basic materials: wood planks, nails, a hammer, chicken wire, hinges, screws, and metal roofing.

Start by creating a raised structure to keep predators away. Then, attach an area covered with chicken wire where the chickens can move around safely.

Make sure to add a metal roof to protect the coop from rain. Install a ramp so the chickens can easily enter and exit the coop.

Finally, secure all doors with predator-proof latches to keep your chickens safe.

3. Portable Chicken Tractor

To build a simple chicken tractor, collect lightweight wood, screws, metal hinges, wheels, chicken wire, and a handle for pushing.

Now, construct a rectangular base using lightweight wood to form a frame and attach wheels at one end of the frame to make it easy to move around.

Secure the entire structure with chicken wire to keep the chickens safe.

Make sure to provide a shaded area inside the tractor for the chickens to rest. Lastly, include a door or opening for easy cleaning and collecting eggs.

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4. Cottage Style Coop

To build a charming cottage, you will need wooden panels, white and blue paint, shingles for the roof, windows with shutters, and flower boxes.

Start by constructing the frame of the cottage, paint the exterior white, and add blue trim for a lovely contrast.

After that, install the windows and put up decorative shutters. To enhance the look, attach flower boxes under the windows. Then, cover the roof with shingles to give it a sturdy and quaint finish.

5. Modern Urban Coop

To build a sleek, modern structure, you will need plywood sheets, acrylic sheets for windows, an aluminum frame, screws, and sealant.

Start by designing a boxy frame using the aluminum base. Then, attach the plywood sheets to form the walls and use the acrylic sheets for windows.

Make sure the structure has proper insulation and ventilation to keep it comfortable. Apply sealant to make it weatherproof.

Finally, paint the structure with a high-gloss finish for a stylish, modern appearance.

6. A-Frame Chicken Coop

To build a sturdy structure, gather plywood or cedar wood, hinges, nails, chicken wire, and roofing felt.

Begin by constructing an A-frame with plywood or cedar. Then, cover the sides with chicken wire to ensure proper ventilation.

Use roofing felt to make the roof waterproof. Incorporate a door for easy access, attaching it with hinges. Finally, paint or stain the wood to give it a finished look.

7. Repurposed Barrel Chicken Coop

To build your nesting boxes, you’ll need large plastic or metal barrels, wood for framing, a saw, screws, and hinges.

Start by cutting the barrels in half to create the nesting areas. Construct a wooden frame to lift the barrels off the ground.

Then, attach doors to the barrels with hinges to make cleaning easier. Make sure there are small holes for ventilation.

Finally, you can paint or decorate the nesting boxes as you like.

8. Green Roof Chicken Coop

To build a durable and environmentally friendly chicken coop, collect wood planks, a waterproof membrane, soil, sedum plants, and chicken wire.

Start by constructing a standard box-shaped coop with a flat roof. Once the structure is in place, apply the waterproof membrane to the roof to prevent any water damage.

Then, add a layer of soil and plant sedum or any other hardy plants on top. Lastly, enclose the coop with chicken wire to keep it secure.

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Make sure the structure is strong enough to support the extra weight of the green roof.

9. Rustic Log Cabin Coop

To build a sturdy cabin, gather logs or rough-hewn timber, stone for the foundation, roofing shingles, and moss to fill the gaps.

Begin by constructing the walls with logs or timber. Now, lay down a stone foundation to ensure stability.

For the roof, use shingles to provide durability against the elements. Fill any gaps between the logs with moss to keep the inside insulated.

Finally, add a strong wooden door to complete your cabin.

10. Pallet Coop

To build your structure, you’ll need wooden pallets, nails, a hammer, hinges for the doors, and paint or sealant.

Start by putting together the walls and the floor using the wooden pallets. Then, create a basic pitched roof with more pallets.

Use nails to firmly secure the entire structure and add the hinges to attach the doors. Once the structure is assembled, paint it or apply a weatherproof sealant to protect it.

Make sure you include proper ventilation and take steps to guard against predators.

11. Geometric Dome Coop

To build a geometric dome, collect a geometric dome kit, polycarbonate panels, metal framing, screws, and a door mechanism.

Now, assemble the dome frame using the kit and attach the polycarbonate panels to create a weatherproof exterior.

Then, install the door and ensure it has a secure locking mechanism. Make sure the dome has proper airflow, and place it on a flat, stable surface.

12. Victorian Style Coop

To build a beautiful Victorian-style chicken coop, collect wood planks, white and pastel-colored paint, decorative trim, shingles for the roof, and fancy hinges and latches.

Start by constructing the main structure of the coop, incorporating Victorian design elements.

Then, paint the coop using white and pastel shades to give it an elegant appearance. Add decorative trim to enhance its charm.

Cover the roof with shingles to ensure it is weatherproof. Finally, attach ornate hinges and latches to the doors to complete the look.

13. Minimalist Cube Coop

To build this structure, gather square timber frames, plywood panels, screws, paint (either black or white), and glass or clear plastic for the windows.

Start by constructing a cube frame using the square timbers and attach the plywood panels to create the walls.

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Install a flat roof with an overhang for added protection. Then, paint the entire structure in either black or white to achieve a minimalist look.

Finally, add large windows to allow plenty of natural light to flood in.

14. Colonial Barn Coop

To build a charming small barn, you’ll need some essential materials: barn wood, red paint, white trim, barn door sliders, and roofing tin.

Start by constructing the barn structure using the wood and painting it in the classic red color with white trim for a neat finish.

For an authentic look, install sliding barn doors using the barn door sliders. Protect the barn by covering the top with a sturdy tin roof.

Make sure to include proper ventilation and secure the area against predators. Finally, add the white trim to give it a polished and captivating appearance.

15. Scandinavian Chic Coop

To build a stylish and efficient chicken coop, you’ll need blonde wood, clear varnish, minimalist hardware, insulation, and a skylight.

Start by designing the structure with clean lines, using blonde wood. Apply a clear varnish to the wood to protect it from the weather.

Choose minimalist hardware to give the structure a sleek, modern look. If you are in a colder area, make sure to insulate well to keep the space warm.

Finally, install a skylight to allow natural light to flood the interior.

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