Cheetah Print vs Leopard Print – The Difference + Outfit Inspo For Both

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Cheetah Print vs Leopard Print – The Difference + Outfit Inspo For Both

Many people often get confused between cheetah print and leopard print, but they are actually quite different. Cheetah print typically has a more solid color with small black spots, resembling the coat of a real cheetah. On the other hand, leopard print usually has a more complex pattern with larger and more irregular spots, mimicking the fur of a leopard.

When it comes to styling outfits with these prints, both can add a touch of wildness and sophistication to your look. For a bold and edgy outfit, you can opt for a cheetah print dress or leopard print skirt paired with simple solid-colored tops and accessories. If you prefer a more subtle approach, try incorporating these prints through accessories like shoes, bags, or scarves.

Overall, whether you go for cheetah print or leopard print, both can be versatile and stylish choices to elevate your outfit and make a statement.

Wondering what the difference is when it comes to cheetah print vs leopard print? Read on to learn the unique aspects of each print and how to style them both in chic and modern ways!

*this post contains affiliate links*

image of a woman sitting on a concrete floor wearing a black sweater, blue jeans, and cheetah print mules

get the look:

Let’s Talk: Cheetah Print vs Leopard Print

When it comes to animal prints, two of the most popular are Cheetah print and Leopard print. Though they are both beautiful and can be worn in many different ways, there are distinct differences between the two that you should be aware of before shopping for either one. 

In this blog post, we will go over those differences and give some outfit ideas using each type of print. So whether you’re looking to add animal prints to your wardrobe or just want some inspiration, keep reading!

Is cheetah print the same as leopard print?

Cheetah print is not the same as leopard print. While these two iconic patterns may share some similarities, some key differences set them apart specifically the shape of the markings, size, and in many cases, coloring

Take a look at the two prints below and read on to discover the clear differences. 

image comparing cheetah print variations to leopard print variations

How can one easily distinguish cheetah print from leopard print?

You can easily distinguish cheetah print from leopard print by paying attention to the colors, size, and shapes of spots on each print.

  • Overall color. Cheetah print has a cooler, more taupe tone. Leopard print  is warmer and more yellow in hue. In the fashion world, cheetah print can also often be seen in a black and white combination. 
  • Size and shape. When it comes to the print, the cheetah is characterized by small, uniform dots, while leopard print is made up of larger rosettes.
  • Spot color. Cheetah print spots are solid black, and leopard prints are either solid black, or black in the center with a cream-colored outer ring. 
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image of a woman in a large cheetah print coat and white dress with black boots

What animal print is in style 2022?

While animal prints have been popular for many years and the trend shows no signs of stopping, cheetah print seems to be making more buzz.  And, it is predicted to be one of the most popular trends of 2022.

We are seeing a ton of cheetah print when it comes to styling pieces including bags, belts, shoes, and hair accessories. 

image of a woman in a black blazer, leopard skirt, and black top, with a basket bag purse

get the look:

Is leopard print still fashionable?

Yes, leopard print is definitely still fashionable. Though it may not be as popular as cheetah print at the moment, it is still a timeless print that can be worn in many different ways.

Because leopard print is made up of neutral color tones, it is very versatile and can stand the test of time. There’s no doubt that we will continue to see leopard print trending in years to come. 

How To Wear Cheetah & Leopard Prints

There are many ways to wear both cheetah and leopard prints. Some people like to keep their outfits simple by adding a pop of animal print with their accessories.

In contrast, others like to go all out with a head-to-toe animal print look. Below are some of our favorite outfit ideas.

How to Wear Leopard Print: 5 Chic Outfit Ideas

Leopard print is a timeless trend that always seems to stay in style. And there’s a good reason for that! Leopard print is versatile, fashionable, and flattering. 

Whether you wear it as a statement piece or use it to accent an outfit, leopard print can add a touch of drama and edge. If you’re unsure how to wear leopard print, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some great outfit ideas.

leopard midi dress.

image of a woman in a long sleeve leopard print midi dress and red heels

get the look:

(actual dress pictured is the Rixo “Katie” dress, currently sold out)

One popular way to wear leopard print is with a long sleeve dress. This is an excellent option for fall weather and has an elegant feel to it.

Pair the dress with some nice pumps or booties depending on the season and the weather. Add a scarf or cardigan if you need an extra layer, and you’re good to go!

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leopard top + jeans.

image of a woman in a leopard blouse and vintage Levi jeans with heels

get the look:

Another great option is to incorporate leopard print into your everyday look. A leopard print blouse or sweater is the perfect way to add a touch of edge to your jeans-and-a-tee uniform.

Pair the top and jeans with some block heeled sandals or sneakers for a more casual take on the outfit. This outfit can easily take you from day to date night!

leopard midi slip skirt + sweater.

image of a woman wearing a black knit sweater, a leopard print midi skirt, and black lug boots

get the look:

(actual skirt is from <ahref=””>Réalisation Par)

In the fall and winter months, you can go with a cozy look by pairing a leopard print mid skirt with a solid knit sweater.  Or, try a sweatshirt for a casual feel.

Add a stylish pair of combat or lug boots to keep your feet warm. And, if it’s an extra chilly day, wear black tights.

This look is classy and chic for cooler seasons. 

leopard print puffer coat.

image of a black woman in a leopard print puffer coat, graphic t-shirt, and black pants

get the look:

To make a statement with animal print, try rocking a leopard print puffer coat! We love this cropped jacket with leather pants and a graphic tee.

The look is fun, casual, and perfect for a making fashionable entrance to any laid-back event or occasion. 

a touch of leopard.

image of a woman in a black leather jacket and black jeans with a leopard scarf

get the look:

If you are feeling unsure about wearing a lot of animal print at once, try just a touch instead. A leopard print scarf or other accessory is a great way to add a pop of animal print to your outfit. 

Leather looks great with leopard in small doses, so try a leather jacket and a pair of jeans. Add in some white sneakers or black boots to finish the outfit. 

How To Wear Cheetah Print: 4 Outfit Ideas

There’s something about cheetah print that just says chic and cool . Maybe it’s the boldness of the pattern or the fact that it always looks a bit wild and unexpected. Either way, cheetah print is a great way to add a touch of personality to any outfit. 

Plus, it’s surprisingly versatile – it can be dressed up or down depending on your style. Not sure how to wear a cheetah print? Below are some ideas to get you started.

cheetah midi skirt + boots.


get the look:

One of the easiest ways to wear a cheetah print is to pair it with neutral colors. Think black, white, or gray. This will help tone down the boldness of the print and make it more wearable for every day. 

If you want to go a step further, mix different prints together – pair cheetah with stripes or polka dots for a fun and unique look.

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cheetah print bucket bag.

image of a woman in a black sweater and jeans with a cheetah print pony hair bucket bag

get the look:

For a more casual outfit, try pairing a cheetah print bucket bag or clutch with denim. A denim jacket or pair of jeans is the perfect way to tone down a statement piece like a cheetah print. 

You can also add a pop of color with your accessories – a bright scarf or handbag will stand out against the muted tones of the cheetah print.

cheetah print slip dress.

image of a woman in a black and white cheetah animal print slip dress and black booties

get the look:

For a bold yet sophisticated look, try a cheetah print slip dress with booties. For the spring or summer, add a denim jacket over the dress.

In the fall or winter, a black or taupe-colored wool coat would look great, or stick with a leather jacket for an edgier vibe. 

chic cheetah booties.

get the look:

Cheetah print boots will never go out of style. You can easily wear them from season to season in all kinds of ways. 

We love this simple look above with a pair of faded denim, a long black wool trench coat, and the cheetah boots for a splash of animal print. 

Which print is better, Cheetah or Leopard?

There’s no clear answer regarding cheetah print vs leopard print. It depends on your style and what you’re looking for in an outfit. 

If you want something bold and exciting, go for cheetah print. Or, opt for leopard print if you’re looking for something a little more classic. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.

Adding cheetah or leopard print clothes to your closet is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. 

What do you think? Cheetah print vs leopard print – which is your favorite? 


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