Can expired whey protein be used? 9 The most standard way to preserve whey protein

Can expired whey protein be used? This is probably the question of many people when they accidentally let their whey jar nearly expire and still have a lot left unused, right?

Can expired whey protein be used?  The most standard way to preserve whey protein

Scoop, mix and drink, adding protein to the body couldn’t be simpler for gym goers. Whether your goal is muscle gain, fat loss or overall nutrition, this powder can easily satisfy you and it is widely available worldwide.

However, with foods in general, they all have an expiration date. So what can happen when you accidentally mix it into your meal and then realize the whey protein powder has expired? Is it safe to continue using or should it be thrown away?

In this article, we will learn together about whether expired whey protein is harmful or not and how to best preserve whey protein.

When does whey protein powder expire?

Whey protein will be in its best condition while within the expiration date stated on the packaging. However, when whey protein expires, that does not mean that all of the powder will no longer be usable due to whey protein. Protein is a dry food so it can last for quite a long time. If stored well, it can continue to be used for several months.

Dietary supplements in general will often be labeled with an “expiration date” or “best before…”. Since there are no specific criteria regulating the expiration date, it is often suggested by manufacturers on their products.

The expiration date on jars of whey protein indicates how long the food will have its best flavor and nutritional status after production. Since it does not have a specific time limit, it is entirely up to you whether you continue to use it or not.

Note that, although it is still safe to use expired whey protein bottles, to ensure your safety, you should discard these products so that they can be used for their nutritional quality and best taste.

Factors affecting the shelf life of whey protein

Typically, jars of whey protein are safest when stored at room temperature (unless otherwise noted by the manufacturer). There is no fixed storage time for whey protein and the expiration date is determined by the manufacturer. They will usually have a shelf life of 6-24 months from the date of manufacture and you can easily find this information on the product box.

There are many factors that affect the quality of Whey protein including ingredients and packaging. For example, animal whey often does not last as long as plant whey.

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Besides, there are factors that affect the quality of whey powder such as:

  • Time
  • Type of protein
  • Ingredients (i.e. whether it contains stabilizers like lecithin or maltodextrin)
  • Type of box (sealed, opaque box is best)
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity
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Time is the factor that most affects the quality of whey protein powder. Over time, the quality will gradually decrease until it is denatured.

Decoding the expiration date

Letting food expire is the leading cause of food waste in America. We usually throw away all expired products. That is why many Food Safety agencies encourage manufacturers to use a “best before date” instead of an “expired date”.

In general, it is safe to use expired whey protein if it is stored properly and shows no signs of deterioration such as change in taste or color.

Read your protein powder label to learn how to properly store your supplement so it maintains its nutritional quality and flavor for as long as possible.

9 ways to help you preserve whey protein powder for the longest use

1. Buy products from reputable brands

Choosing big, popular brands in the Whey protein production industry not only helps you get a quality jar of whey protein, but it also has another reason: their production process will usually be closed and guaranteed. Ensuring packaging quality. Buy products from reputable brandsBuy products from reputable brands

Besides, with reputable whey protein brands, selling whey will be faster and there will be less inventory, you will less likely have to buy jars of whey, bag of whey close to date been waiting a long time.

If you don’t know which whey protein brands to choose, this list of the top whey proteins worth buying will help you.

2. Buy enough Whey protein to use

Although buying the larger size will be cheaper, if you don’t use it all before it expires, it will be a big waste.

If you are not someone who needs to use whey powder in large quantities, you should not buy large sized whey proteins. You should choose the type of 1-2kg which is best to use within 1-2 months of opening the box. to ensure the quality of whey powder is at its best.

To be able to determine how much whey you use, read the article on how many grams of protein you need to eat a day to know immediately.

3. Do not open the lid if not used immediately

If you do not intend to use it immediately after purchasing it, it is best not to open the lid or seal of the product. Due to the influence of many other factors, especially humidity when opening the lid, opening the lid early without using it can cause the product to spoil more quickly.

4. Store in a cool, dry place

As a dry product, whey protein powder is very sensitive to water. You should store your jar of whey in the coolest, dryest place possible.

People with a restricted diet or inadequate protein intake.People with a restricted diet or inadequate protein intake.

So should whey be stored in the refrigerator? Many people have the habit of putting it in the refrigerator because they think it will preserve it longer, but in reality, the refrigerator has very high humidity and if your whey box or whey bag is not tightly sealed, it will easily cause the whey to clump and soon spoil. damaged.

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5. Avoid sunlight and high temperatures

All food-related products need to avoid sunlight and high temperatures, and whey is no exception to that.

High temperatures and sunlight are things that strongly affect whey protein because protein when exposed to high temperatures can be denatured (the reason whey is not recommended to be mixed with hot water is that).

If you have a habit of putting whey protein on the top of the refrigerator or stove, get rid of it immediately, because the top of the refrigerator and stove radiates a lot of heat which will affect the quality of the whey protein.

The recommended ideal temperature for whey storage is 23-25 ​​degrees. However, the weather in Vietnam is difficult to reach this room temperature, so the best way is to store it in a cupboard or wardrobe to keep it coolest.

6. Close the lid immediately after each use

Closing the lid of the whey box or bag immediately after use not only helps preserve whey protein better by limiting moisture in the air, but also prevents insects such as ants and cockroaches from crawling in and damaging the whey powder. your proteins.

Mammut Nutrition Protein Formel 90 - 3000g - 3 flavorsMammut Nutrition Protein Formel 90 - 3000g - 3 flavors

Besides, when using, you should also keep your hands dry and avoid letting water come into contact with whey powder as much as possible because as mentioned above, moisture is the enemy of powder products.

If using whey protein bags, you should squeeze all the air out of the bag before pulling the zip back.

7. Add moisture-proof packet to whey

Usually, jars of whey protein or weight gain mass do not come with these moisture-proof packages, so in Vietnam’s high humidity weather, you should buy your own desiccant packets and put them in your whey jar to help ensure preservation. more secure.

Note: Please use desiccant packages that are still in good condition, avoid using packages that show signs of being torn.

8. Use regularly

Many people buy whey to use, but due to poor economic conditions, they have the habit of using it very sparingly and keeping it for a long time. Using it like this may not seem like a problem at first, but as mentioned at the beginning, after opening the box, many things begin to affect the quality of whey protein powder, besides using it sparingly. can cause you to not feed your body enough protein, causing your muscle or weight gain to be slower than your plan.

Therefore, use whey protein regularly and in the right dosage to enjoy all the benefits that whey protein brings to you.

9. Freeze whey protein

If you need to preserve whey for a long time without use, you can apply this method.

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  • Dynamic cabinet
  • Zip bags are specialized for freezing
  • Sticky notes


  • Put the whey powder in zip-lock bags and seal them tightly, leaving a little space in the bag
  • Label the date it was put in the freezer so you can tell when it was frozen
  • When you want to use it, you can take it out and defrost within 24 hours.
  • With this method of freezing, you can extend the storage time for another 3-6 months.

Possible risks

  • As mentioned above, putting it in the refrigerator is an environment with very high humidity, so if you do not close it tightly, there is a high possibility that you will spoil all of that whey powder.
  • Besides, if you don’t divide it into small pieces and put the whole thing in a zip bag, when using it, you will have to defrost it, then freeze it again. This happens continuously and will cause the whey quality to decrease due to changes. continuous temperature.

How long can mixed whey protein be stored?

How long can mixed whey protein be stored?How long can mixed whey protein be stored?

  • If you mix whey with completely filtered water, the maximum storage time is less than 2 days in the refrigerator.
  • If you mix whey with milk or fruit, the maximum storage time is less than 1 day in the refrigerator
  • After the above time, the taste of whey may change and when consumed, it may cause stomach pain or poisoning. After mixing whey, it is best to drink it immediately. Should not be left for long.

Signs that whey protein powder has gone bad

Whether whey protein has expired or not, if there are signs of deterioration such as color (darker color), taste (stale smell) and powder texture changes (hard to dissolve, hard lumps), then whether If it is still expired, you should not use it

Spoilage and denaturation of protein powders occur due to chemical reactions between elements in the powder. Maillard browning is a chemical reaction that occurs when proteins react with carbs in flour. This reaction breaks down the protein in the powder so that it is no longer a high-quality protein supplement—meaning it no longer has all the essential amino acids.

When exposed to heat, light or high humidity, any fats in your protein powder will become unstable, causing it to degrade and go rancid. If your protein powders show any signs of deterioration, it’s time to throw them out.


Using expired whey protein is theoretically safe (even several months after the expiration date) provided it is stored properly and does not change color, taste or texture.

If there are signs that the color, taste and texture of the powder has changed, even if it is still within its expiration date, you should throw it away immediately.

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