Buying Birthstone Jewelry: When is the Best Occasion?

Gemstones have held great power for millennia. Over time, their meanings have evolved, while many still believe that they hold both mystical and spiritual properties.

Even if you don’t view gemstones as talismans or good luck charms, they’re pretty to look at — another reason why they’re worth investing in. Whatever your personal belief, gemstones are rare and this, in itself, makes them an amazing gift for a loved one. 

But when is buying gemstone jewelry appropriate, i.e. what’s the right occasion for it? The truth is, you don’t ever need a reason to buy beautiful jewelry, but here are some of the top occasions that warrant it. 

A Quick History of Birthstone Jewelry

Every single birthday month as we know it has its very own birthstone or gem. These birthstones also possess their own significance and meaning, according to that birth month. 

For many people, these birthstones hold great importance, and over millennia, they’ve featured in works of art, pieces of jewelry, royal and religious garments, and more. Today, birthstone jewelry is more popular than ever. Some of the most common forms of birthstone jewelry include rings, bracelets, and pendant necklaces. 

Birthstone jewelry also symbolizes a traditional gift for many cultures across the globe. If you think about it, you might even own a piece of birthstone/ gemstone jewelry in your collection already — whether it’s your own birthstone or not. This is a testament to how popular birthstone jewelry really is. 

Birthstones and Fashion 

Although the discovery and significance of gemstones date back millennia, it wasn’t until the 1700s that they become popularized in fashion. Early in the 18th century, gemstone jewelry was extremely popular among royals and the wealthy. 


During this time, they collected gemstone jewelry by the month and wore these pieces to correspond with each month as they came and went. During this period, many believed that this granted the wearer mystical powers throughout the month, according to the gemstone you wore. 

Buying Birthstone Jewelry for the Right Occasion 

So, what exactly are these birthstones that are worth investing in? Today, you might know them as popular gems such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, opals, diamonds, and pearls. 

This is what makes birthstone jewelry such a special gift. But let’s be honest — this type of jewelry is not always the most affordable. This is why you want to choose the right occasion for splashing out on such a gift. 

Learn more about the most expensive birthstone if you’re considering making this investment. Here’s when you might want to consider investing in birthstone jewelry for yourself or a loved one: 

1. Birth 

It goes without saying that giving birth is a pretty momentous occasion in any woman’s life. It’s also a pretty special day for the child that has entered the world and taken their very first breath. 

If there was any a time to commemorate a special occasion with birthstone jewelry, it’s this. A beautiful push present idea is to give the mother a ring, set with the birthstone of their child. Or, a pendant necklace, set with the corresponding birthstone. 

Or, you could have a custom-made piece designed with both birthstones of the mother and child in one.

2. A Milestone Birthday

Another important celebration in life is any milestone birthday. While every birthday is a milestone in its own way, there are auspicious birthdays worth celebrating with birthstone jewelry. 

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Just some of these include a 21st birthday, 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday, and an 80th birthday. However, you don’t have to wait until a specific birthday to spoil a loved one. If you feel like they deserve birthstone jewelry on their 32nd birthday, then why not! 

3. A Milestone Anniversary 

This is a great occasion to spoil your other half. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean a wedding anniversary either — it could be a milestone anniversary of any kind that’s significant to you both. 

Whether you’re celebrating one year of parenthood, a business anniversary date, or your wedding anniversary, this is completely personal to you and your journey as a couple. 

Beautiful milestone anniversary pieces include gemstone rings, pendants, or bracelets either set in sterling silver or gold. 

4. A Memorial 

Celebrating and commemorating the life of someone could not be more important or significant — especially for loved ones. This is the ideal occasion to gift birthstone jewelry to a surviving spouse, children, or any other family member that was important to them.  

Birthstone jewelry is also a brilliant, sentimental way to keep their memory alive. You can even custom-design a jewelry piece to match their personality, set with their corresponding birthstone. 

5. A Major Personal Achievement 

No, you don’t ever need a reason to spoil yourself. If you want to treat yourself to some fine jewelry because you feel like you deserve it, then you do you. But if you really want to immortalize and commemorate a personal achievement of some kind, birthstone jewelry is ideal. 

Whether it’s a personal achievement such as a business promotion, launching your own business, completing your first triathlon, or escaping a toxic relationship, there’s no better way to spoil yourself. 

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The best thing about birthstone jewels is that you can personalize each piece to suit the occasion so that it’s the perfect reminder of your great achievement. 

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