14+ Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas That Prove You Need A Pair

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Looking for some fresh outfit ideas? Look no further than these 14+ bootcut jeans outfits! Bootcut jeans are a versatile and classic piece that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. From casual weekend looks to office-appropriate ensembles, these outfit ideas showcase the many ways you can style a pair of bootcut jeans. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated look or a more relaxed and casual vibe, there is a bootcut jeans outfit here for you. Check out these outfit ideas and get inspired to add a pair of bootcut jeans to your wardrobe!

Looking for chic and modern outfits with bootcut jeans for women? These 14+ bootcut jeans outfit ideas prove this denim style is making a comeback!

*this post contains affiliate links*

woman from the back wearing an open back black shirt with blue bootcut jeans and heels

Are bootcut jeans still in style 2023?

Bootcut jeans are definitely going to be a popular style continuing into 2023, there’s no doubt about that! Over the past year we have been seeing a shift from the straight-leg cuts we’ve grown to love to this more flared style that has a retro feel, and are being styled in modern ways by our favorite fashion influencers. 

This flattering cut is great for women of all shapes and sizes, and easily elevates any look.  The verdict is in, you can plan to spend 2023 looking fashionable in a pair of bootcut jeans, and be inspired by ways to style them with our list of chic bootcut jeans outfit ideas!

Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas

Below are our favorite picks from the fashion world that show just how to style a pair of bootcut jeans in a fresh and modern way. We hope you’ll love what you see!

minimal + chic.

woman wearing a long sleeve black top with blue bootcut jeans and nude pumps

get the look:

This classic pairing is one you really can’t go wrong with. Bootcut jeans and a neutral top are a great choice for a casual coffee date or laid-back event. 

The combo of light blue bootcut jeans and the black top pairs so perfectly together, and the nude-colored heels add a warmth that we love. You can elevate this outfit even more by adding a chic handbag or change it up by opting for a colorful sweater instead of the black. 

classics with a pop of color.

woman wearing a white button-down shirt with blue bootcut jeans and purple pumps

get the look:

We love the gorgeous, bright pops of color in this chic look. The vibrant purple is a perfect touch to add to this neutral outfit and makes it look so eye-catching and bold. 

If purple isn’t one of your go-to colors, opt for a color that’s more your style. Wear your favorite pair of bootcut jeans and a classic white  button-up shirt. We love how the bottom buttons and cuffs are left undone for a relaxed feel.

This outfit is perfect for a weekend of brunch and shopping. 

a little scarf goes a long way.

black woman wearing a scarf top with blue bootcut jeans and low pointed heels

get the look:

Scarf tops are definitely having a moment, and we are taking this look all the way into summer. The patterned Dior scarf-turned-top on Amy is so stunning and makes this outfit unique. We love the flair of the bootcut jeans and how they pair perfectly with this gorgeous top. 

The toned-down colors of the scarf and shoes make this outfit feel chic and put together, although you can also swap in a more colourful scarf for a bolder look.

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The buckled low heels add another elegant touch to this outfit, but western-style ankle boots would also look amazing here. 

perfectly cropped.

black woman wearing a cropped blazer with a black tank and blue bootcut jeans

get the look:

This classy and minimal look is perfect for looking chic while running errands, a casual date, or meeting with friends. The cropped blazer and bandeau top pairs perfectly with the high waist of these bootcut jeans. You could also wear a longer blazer for more coverage or if it’s a chilly day. 

The light blue jeans brighten up this outfit, but you can opt for black jeans if you prefer a darker look. Heels add a chic touch and elevate this casual outfit.

Don’t forget to grab a stylish handbag and sunglasses to complete this look. 

Bootcut Jeans With Boots

Bootcut jeans are designed to go perfectly with all kinds of boots, as the flared leg creates room for ankle boots, cowboy boots, sock boots, and more. Below are some chic ideas for styling your bootcut jeans with boots. 

western vibes, gone modern.

mid-size woman wearing a denim bustier top with bootcut jeans and a cropped jacket with leopard boots

get the look:

We love the full denim look here with all the western vibes. The dark blue looks amazing with the brown leather jacket and neutral leopard boots. This street-style outfit is definitely a bold look for a night out with the girls. 

If you can find it, a bootcut denim jumpsuit would also work great here. Choose a brown or black leather jacket to add to your outfit, and then put on your favorite pair of animal print boots to finish off this modern cowgirl look. 

winter ready.

woman wearing a brown shearling coat with white bootcut jeans and black boots

get the look:

Here’s a perfect choice for a casual and cozy winter outfit. We love the look of these white bootcut jeans with the sailor-cut hem as an alternative to classic blue jeans. 

This is an ideal outfit for a cold day spent outside. Shearling jackets have been huge this past year and the trend shows no signs of stopping.

The chunky lug boots (also very on-trend) are perfect for keeping your feet warm while you walk around on snowy ground. You can opt for a chunky sweater underneath the jacket for super cold days or go for a tee if you need something lighter. 

Which tops look good with bootcut jeans?

Bootcut jeans can be styled with many different tops, the following look the best in our opinion:

  • basic button-down shirt, tucked in
  • cropped tank top
  • oversized sweater
  • tailored blazer over a basic t-shirt
  • slim-fit long-sleeve top
  • bodysuit of any style

This versatile style of jeans will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and work with many of the tops you already own. 

Black Bootcut Jeans Outfit Ideas

Bootcut jeans look extra chic and timeless in the color black, the outfits below are proof!

chic+ timeless.

woman wearing a long camel coat over a black sweater and black bootcut jeans with black shoes

get the look:

Black bootcut jeans add to the timeless look of this business casual outfit. The all-black first layer has an elegant look that we love, and the elegant camel coat adds a nice contrast to the outfit. 

This is another perfect fall or winter look. The bootcut jeans, long coat, and boots will keep you warm while grabbing a coffee and heading to work.

We also adore the gold jewelry and the Celine belt… drool! These details and the sleek briefcase-style bag elevate this look to feel classy and polished. 

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monochromatic muse.

woman wearing an all black outfit with a sweater, bootcut jeans, and ankle boots

get the look:

Leave it to Claire Rose to create the perfect all-black look with bootcut jeans that we plan to copy immediately. This monochromatic outfit is très chic, and the bootcut jeans create the most flattering silhouette.  

The off-shoulder sweater looks so gorgeous and sexy, and the western-style ankle boots are also a trendy touch that make this outfit great for a day of walking and shopping.

You can also add stylish touches to this look, like some classy pieces of jewelry or a chic handbag. If you prefer a look with a little more color, go for a deep blue or dark green top to add a different shade while keeping this look bold and dark. 

contrasting neutrals.

woman wearing an ivory faux fur jacket over a black top and black split hem bootcut jeans with white boots

get the look:

We cannot get over how stunning this outfit is. The neutrals look so chic, and we really love the different textures used, like the mix of denim, silk, and shearling. The small details of the belted waist and split-hem in the jeans also add a refined touch.

Start off with a pair of black bootcut jeans, and add on your favorite silk or satin blouse or button-up. Grab a cozy and warm coat for added warmth and pointed boots to complete this sleek look. 

More Casual Outfits with Bootcut Jeans

If you still aren’t totally inspired to put on a pair of bootcut jeans, below are a few more outfit ideas we think you’ll love!

the split hem.

woman wearing a grey sweater with split hem bootcut jeans and black ankle boots

get the look:

Split hem, yes please! Anine Bing is the trendsetter we can’t stop following, and we knew she would put together the perfect bootcut jeans outfit. The split-hem style adds a feminine feel to this simple look, and the gorgeous Chanel handbag elevates the outfit as well. 

This look is perfect for going out to browse in your favorite bookstore or heading to a coffee date. The comfy sweater is great to keep you warm on a fall or winter day.

Wear a lighter tone to brighten the look or go for a bold color for something playful. 

perfectly oversized.

woman wearing a cream turtleneck sweater with off white bootcut jeans and black shoes

get the look:

This creamy neutral outfit is a head-turner. The relaxed fit of the bootcut jeans and oversized turtleneck has a cozy, elevated feel we are in love with. This is another perfect choice for a chilly winter day, and we love the monochromatic look of this off-white outfit. 

You can grab a light-colored sweater, like white, cream, or even beige, to start. Next, add an off-white or ecru pair of bootcut jeans and create some contrast with black boots and a black handbag. 

put on a graphic tee.

woman wearing a yellow ball cap, a graphic t-shirt, blue bootcut jeans, and black heeled sandals

get the look:

We love this look for a casual lunch on the weekend. Jeans and a graphic tee are a classic combo, and bootcut jeans are no exception. These bootcut jeans have a cropped cut which show off her shoes. The heels add a feminine touch to the outfit while still keeping it simple and comfy. 

Wear your favorite graphic tee for this look, and pair it with bootcut jeans and strappy heels or sandals. You can use a baseball cap like the one here to fit into the laid-back look, and a pair of chic sunglasses would also be a great addition.

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You can use a leather handbag or shoulder bag with this outfit to add another classy touch. 

like a Parisian girl.

woman wearing a white tank top with blue bootcut jeans and black sandals

get the look:

This outfit is giving us all the Parisian vibes. It’s simple, effortless and timeless.

Slim bootcut jeans and a basic white tank top is the foundation for this look, while the stylish Hermes sandals and gorgeous handbag elevate the outfit. 

We love the classic look of blue jeans here, but you can also wear black jeans for more contrast. A belt could be added to highlight the waist and create a refined look, or you can keep it casual without it. 

Spring is calling and we are so ready to try this look! 

cozy cable knit.

woman wearing a cable knit ivory sweater with dark blue bootcut jeans and white pumps

get the look:

If you really want to make a statement, go with a wide bootcut jean. The cut creates a chic silhouette and high-fashion feel.

For a comfy, yet elevated appeal, a chunky cable knit sweater is the perfect addition. This outfit can easily be worn to check out local museums and galleries. 

Start off with your favorite cozy sweater and a pair of dark blue bootcut jeans. Add some pointed pumps or ankle boots in a neutral color, and finish with a stylish shoulder bag for all your essentials.

Don’t forget the pièce de résistance, a pair of chic sunglasses, to complete this look.

when in doubt, wear a blazer.

woman wearing a blazer over a graphic tee with blue bootcut jeans and sneakers

get the look:

Lastly, we have another look with a classic bootcut jeans and graphic tee pairing. This effortless combo is elevated with the addition of a chic black blazer which complements the cut of the jeans.

This outfit can be recreated with any basic t-shirt or a graphic tee, along with a classic black or navy blazer. If you want to keep this outfit polished and elegant, opt for a pair of heels. Or, stick with sneakers for a laid-back vibe.

What is the best way to style bootcut jeans?

Luckily, bootcut jeans are easy to style because they can pair well with almost any top and look great with heels, boots, sandals, and sneakers.

The best way to style these jeans is with the clothes you love and a style that fits your personality. We hope you have found a favorite among these gorgeous outfits to inspire your next look!


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