Black Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Even valued at 26.7 billion USD, the Diamond industry is a small niche that caters primarily to the ultra-rich since diamonds are scarce. 

What’s rarer are Black Diamonds. However, with the advent of the modern obsession with everything quirky and dark, the demand for black diamond jewellery is rising every day—especially engagement rings and bracelets. 

Read on to learn more about Black Diamonds.

What Is a Black Diamond?

Black Diamonds, like colourless diamonds, are generated when extreme pressure is applied to the carbon beneath the earth’s surface, resulting in a recurring geometric pattern in the crystal lattice. 

While ordinary white or colourless diamonds may have a few tiny dark spots called inclusions, Black Diamonds have a lot of them, which gives them their distinctive onyx colour. 

Black Diamonds resemble white diamonds more closely than they do coloured diamonds. This is because chemical impurities present during the diamond’s formation result in coloured diamonds. Black Diamonds, on the other hand, are almost as pure white as white diamonds.

Types of Black Diamond

Natural Black Diamonds and treated Black Diamonds are the two primary forms of Black Diamonds.

Treated Black Diamonds

These are white diamonds with many inclusions and fractures, and they are dullish grey in colour. Heat, pressure, and irradiation treatments in a lab can give a diamond a black colour, producing a treated Black Diamond.

These diamonds are almost worthless in their natural state and are exclusively employed for industrial purposes.

Natural Black Diamonds

Natural Black Diamonds acquire their colour during the formation process, with no outside influences. There are many inclusions in these stones, but the inclusions cause graphite clusters, giving the stone its black, metallic appearance.

Natural Black Diamonds are exceptionally rare and precious, far more so than artificially treated Black Diamonds due to the organic way they are formed.

Some Infamous Black Diamonds

Several celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Blanchett have been seen donning black diamond jewellery pieces. However, Black Diamonds are rare, and hence some of them hold grave importance in pop culture and history.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The spinoff film from the infamous TV show Sex and the City saw one of the most iconic Black Diamond pieces. It was a 5-carat Black Diamond engagement ring that her husband “Big” gave her in the penultimate scene. 

The ring sits on an 18-carat white gold band encrusted with 78 pave diamonds.

The Black Orlov

The 67.50 carat Black Orlov – a cushion-cut brooch surrounded by a halo of 108 colourless diamonds, suspended on a necklace with another 124 diamonds – is the most famous Black Diamond.

According to mythology, the Black Orlov, also known as the “Eye of Brahma,” was a 195-carat uncut black stone pulled from the eye of a precious Brahma statue from an Indian temple.

Spirit of de Grisogono

The Spirit of de Grisogono is the world’s largest Black Diamond and the fifth largest diamond, weighing 312.24 carats. This diamond was mined in the 1990s in west Central Africa and had a total weight of 587 carats. 

It was eventually sent to Switzerland, where it was cut using the ancient Mogul diamond cutting technique by Fawaz Gruosi. A private individual currently owns it, and no information on who owns it is available.

With their elegant and modern look, Black Diamonds are all the rage now. This article has only been an insight into its formation, types and popular pieces that the world knows about. Black Diamonds continue to be studied; hence their complete potential is yet to be discovered.

Author :Alison Lurie

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