Best Zucchini Companion Plants For A High Yield

Do you know that when you grow companion plants together, you will protect your plants from pests and helps the plants to flourish? That is the purpose of companion planting. In addition to encouraging growth, they also help support the yield, the taste of the plants and works on attracting pollinators. For the good reasons, growing companion plants to boost your plant as well as harvest a high yield is a great method for any gardener.

And in the post today, we will write about companion plants of zucchini that are great for best yield and taste. Radishes, spinach, nasturtiums, garlic, and more, are good friends to help your zucchini grow healthy. The companion plant method gives you more fresh veggies as well as makes the most of the space of your garden. Plus, the list today also has some plants that bloom beautiful edible flowers to brighten up your boring garden. If you are interested, read on to know more detailed information.

#1 Radishes

Image Credits: Thegreenpinky

Radishes are a good companion plant for your zucchini because they can repel squash vine borers and beetles.

#2 Spinach

Image Credits: Goodhousekeeping

Growing spinach and zucchini side by side, they together will support each other. Zucchini gets benefits from the nutrients that spinach releases back to the soil. Meanwhile, zucchini also provides shade and protection to spinach plants during hot days of the summer season.

#3 Nasturtiums

Image Credits: Nicholasjv.blogspot

Nasturtium not only liven up your garden by producing beautiful flowers but also the plant will attract beneficial pollinators.

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#4 Borage

Image Credits: Asapoth

Borage is one of the best herbs and forms beautiful flowers. It attracts beneficial pollinators like honeybees for zucchini flowers and deters voracious insects at the same time.

#5 Herbs

Image Credits: Almanac

Parsley, mint, oregano, catnip, peppermint, lemon balm, and dill, are useful companion herbs with zucchini. They can protect your zucchini plants from pests.

#6 Peas

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

Peas release beneficial nitrogen back to the soil, which aids in the growth of heavy-feeder zucchini plants.

#7 Garlic

Image Credits: Gardenbeast

Aphids are harmful pests that can massively damage zucchini and its leaves, and garlic will help you and your plant deal with it.

#8 Beans

Image Credits: Thespruce

Like peas, beans also release beneficial nitrogen back to the soil, which aids in the growth of heavy-feeder zucchini plants.

#9 Corn

Image Credits: Bestofculinary

Corn is also a useful companion plant for zucchini as it helps to protect your garden from damaging vine borers.

#10 Marigolds

Image Credits: Almanac

Colorful marigolds plants can brighten up your garden and also attract beneficial pollinators. When the neighboring plants are affected by aphids, attracting aphids by their beautiful flowers is a smart use that you can apply as a host to protect them.

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