20 Best Spring Flowers To Brighten Up Your Garden And Home

Spring weather can be quite unpredictable, but spring flowers are resilient enough to withstand it. After the dreary days of winter, there is nothing more exciting than watching your garden filled with vibrant colors. Many flowers that bloom early in spring can be planted outdoors even before the risk of frost has completely disappeared. Some may require a bit of extra attention at first. However, the cool spring weather is their time to shine, so it’s best not to delay planting them. Here are the best spring flowers that will begin blooming as soon as spring announces its arrival.

#1. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

With its distinct heart-shaped flowers dangling gracefully from arching stems, the bleeding heart is a romantic’s dream. This perennial beauty thrives in partial shade, offering a burst of pink or white blooms in the spring. Keep the soil consistently moist, and this enchanting flower will reward you with its delicate elegance year after year.

#2. Bloodroot


This early bloomer prefers shaded areas and is a delight for native plant enthusiasts. While it only graces us with its presence for a short time, the intricate petals and unique foliage make it a must-have for any spring garden.

The blue-green leaves, which also make a lovely carpet on their own, offer a lovely backdrop for summer flowers once the flowers have faded. Bloodroot is typically not aggressive or invasive, in contrast to many other ground covers.

#3. Forget-me-not


True to its name, the forget-me-not is an unforgettable addition to your spring garden. These tiny, sky-blue flowers form delicate clusters that seemingly float above their lush green foliage. Thriving in full sun to partial shade, they’re low-maintenance and perfect for borders or naturalizing in moist soil.

#4. Hellebore

Often called the Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, the hellebore is a resilient beauty that braves the late winter chill to bloom in early spring.

With its cup-shaped flowers in various colors, from deep purples to delicate pinks, it adds elegance to shady spots. Plant in well-draining soil and watch as this perennial becomes a springtime showstopper.

#5. Lungwort


Bring a touch of whimsy to your garden with lungwort, known for its charming spotted leaves and tubular flowers. Ranging in hues from pink to blue, these flowers are early risers, often making their appearance before many other spring bloomers. Lungwort thrives in shady areas with moist, well-drained soil.

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#6. Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox

For a vibrant ground cover that blankets the garden in color, look no further than creeping phlox. With its dense clusters of fragrant flowers in shades of pink, purple, or white, this low-maintenance perennial is a springtime superstar. Its flowers arrive and put on quite the show, but they don’t last long, just about two weeks.

#7. Bergenia


Known for its bold, leathery leaves and stunning pink or magenta blooms, bergenia adds a touch of drama to spring gardens. This hardy perennial thrives in partial shade to full sun and is resistant to deer and rabbits. With minimal care, Bergenia makes a striking statement in borders or as ground cover.

It blooms in the early spring, but the leaves can be eye-catching throughout the season. Plus, they turn a nice bronze-red in the fall.

#8. Primrose

As the herald of spring, primroses usher in the season with a burst of color. These dainty flowers come in a variety of shades, from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Primroses thrive in well-draining soil and can be enjoyed in containers, borders, or as charming edging plants. Their early bloom makes them a delightful harbinger of warmer days.

#9. Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells

For a touch of woodland magic, introduce Virginia bluebells to your spring garden. These bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink and blue sway on graceful stems, creating a serene atmosphere. It is one of the best spring flowers that goes dormant and vanishes soon after it flowers.

#10. Wood Lilies

Wood Lilies

With their nodding, lily-like flowers, wood lilies bring a touch of elegance to spring meadows and woodland gardens. These perennial beauties prefer well-drained soil and partial shade. Their striking orange, yellow, or red hues make them a favorite among gardeners seeking a burst of color in early spring.

#11. Corydalis


Corydalis, with its delicate, fern-like foliage and tubular flowers, is a graceful addition to any spring garden. Its small but bright flowers with tubular petals bloom for a long time, from spring through early fall or even until the first frost. If you wish to restrict the plant’s spread, it is simple to remove, but it can grow aggressively in cool, moist soil.

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#12. Winter Heath

Winter Heath

best spring flowers

Don’t let the name fool you, winter heath bursts into bloom in early spring, covering itself in a profusion of tiny bell-shaped flowers. This evergreen shrub adds a splash of color to rock gardens and borders.

#13. Stewartstonian Azaleas

Stewartstonian Azaleas

best spring flowers

For a vibrant display of fiery red blooms, stewartstonian azaleas are one of the best spring flowers you should plant this season. These deciduous shrubs thrive in acidic soil and are perfect for adding a burst of color to borders or woodland areas. With their compact size and stunning flowers, they’re a favorite for landscaping enthusiasts.

#14. Golden Oriole Azaleas

Golden Oriole Azaleas

The striking yellow-orange blooms of Golden Oriole azaleas appear in the early spring. Additionally, the foliage changes to a beautiful reddish-orange hue in the fall.

best spring flowers

It works wonders to draw hummingbirds and other pollinators with this plant. Mulch applied around it will aid in keeping soil moisture and shielding the roots.

#15. Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean Spice Viburnum

best spring flowers

If you’re craving a fragrant addition to your spring garden, Korean spice viburnum is as pleasant as its name suggests. Known for its intoxicatingly sweet scent, this deciduous shrub produces clusters of pink to white flowers. Plant it in well-draining soil, and you’ll be treated to not only a visually appealing display but also a garden filled with a delightful aroma.

#16. Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince

Round in shape, flowering quince is a shrub that flowers in March and April. Its cup-shaped flowers are about two inches in diameter and in shades of pink, red, or orange.

Flowering quince is adaptable and thrives in well-drained soil. Its early bloom makes it a standout feature in borders or as an ornamental hedge, signaling the arrival of spring.

#17. Japanese Pieris

Japanese Pieris

Like lily of the valley plants, Japanese pieris, also called andromeda or lily of the valley bush, has drooping clusters of flowers that bloom in April (and occasionally as early as March).

best spring flowers

The foliage is bronze when it first appears and turns a glossy dark green as it ages. To maintain the plant’s aesthetic appeal and promote additional blooming, you should remove the spent flowers.

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#18. Japanese Rose

Japanese Rose

best spring flowers

Also known as Kerria, the Japanese Rose is a deciduous shrub that brings a touch of old-world charm to spring gardens. With its golden-yellow, pom-pom-like flowers, it adds a burst of color to the garden filled with best spring flowers.

#19. Yellow Alyssum

Yellow Alyssum

best spring flowers

The yellow alyssum, commonly known as the basket-of-gold, is a low-growing, spreading perennial. Beginning in April, these spring flowers bloom profusely on upright stalks. Once flowering is finished, you should trim the plant back by one-third to one-half to promote reblooming and tidying.

#20. Candytuft


best spring flowers

Last but certainly not least, candytuft offers a sweet finale to our list of the best spring flowers. This low-maintenance perennial produces clusters of tiny, star-shaped flowers in shades of white, pink, or lavender. With its ability to thrive in various soil types, candytuft is a versatile choice for borders, rock gardens, or as a ground cover.

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy colors and fragrances of the best spring flowers. They will not only enhance your mood and environment, but also attract bees, butterflies, and birds to your garden. And if you already have them in your garden and are looking for some guidance on how to grow and care for them, you can visit our website and browse through our articles.

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