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Best HR software, pricing, ROI, pitfalls, uses, and more. So, the best recruitment and recruitment software is designed to streamline the recruitment process.


It is the best recruitment software platform for agencies.

Why we like it:

Bullhorn is an all-in-one HR solution, from applicant tracking to onboarding to back-end recruiter management.

Bullhorn Review

So, Bullhorn is a well-known name for HR software that focuses on the entire recruitment lifecycle, from passive candidate search to onboarding. Therefore, Bullhorn also offers additional features for the operations staff of a dispatching company. Hence, these features include timesheet management, expense, and fee tracking, and billing modules.

Bullhorn Statistics

  •  According to a Bullhorn survey, customers are creating up to 43% more placements
  •  So, used by over 10,000 dispatch companies

Bullhorn price

Bullhorn has four pricing plans: Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.


It includes CRM and sourcing tools. So, it also includes job management and posting, email integration, career portal, resume analysis, standard reports, contact, and company management.


It includes all the features of the team but adds more features. So, those are unlimited data storage, API access, custom workflows, LinkedIn integration, NPS survey tools, and inbox productivity tools.


It includes all previous features and adds more features. So, those are advanced reporting, pulse-related intelligence, lead tracking, pipeline management, and goal-setting tools.


It includes all the previous features and adds advanced reporting and visualization. So, the price depends on the number of users who want to access the system. Hence, you will need to request a price quote from Bullhorn for specific details.

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Great for

Bullhorn is perfect for large dispatch companies with all kinds of products.


Why we like it:

Gem’s analysis is very detailed and can track every touchpoint in the hiring process.

Gem Rating

Gem becomes goto adoption software with predictive analytics and powerful sourcing tools. So, CRM is designed to track every touchpoint, giving you a comprehensive view of its impact on recruitment. In addition, diversity adoption tools can reduce unconscious bias in the process.

Gem customer

 Lyft, Zapier, Robinhood, Dropbox

Gem statistics

  •  Customers have experienced up to 4x faster procurement
  •  Over 400 customers
  •  Helped clients hire more than 5,000 passive candidates

Gem Pricing

Gem allows early-stage startups to use the product for up to two years free of charge.

Best for

Suitable for medium to large companies with large in-house recruitment teams.


Why We Love It:

Avionté offers a robust end-to-end recruitment and staffing solution designed for IT staff.

Avionte Review

Avionté is perfect for recruiters looking for a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment cycle. Through partnerships with Avionté, you will receive ATS, CRM, payroll, billing platforms, sourcing tools, and onboard solutions.

Avionté is very practical and offers free training resources and even a general meeting of Aviontéconnect.

Avionté Customer.

TEEMA Solutions Group Inc., David Aplin Group Adoption Solution, Complete Individual

Avionté statistics

  •  900+ customers.
  •  98% retention rate
  •  North American 25.000+ users 

Best for

The best staff placement company is looking for an expedition solution for


Why do we love it

Traffit facilitates adoption and increases team productivity with out-of-the-box templates, email automation, scheduler tools, and more.

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Traffit Review

So, Traffit is a recruitment platform that can generate candidates and adoption agencies, automate stressless processes, and improve internal cooperation. This allows you to create a talent pool you are looking for if you need to customise the recruiting process and find the right talent. You can also use Traffit to create a carrier page without writing a single code line and then publish your job ad directly to multiple job cards.

Customer with Traffit

Randstad, Lint work,, neoteric, brand24


  •  More than 5000 users.
  •  15 or more countries
  •  260,000 sets candidates

Traffit Pricing

There are three plans for Traffit. If you want to charge each year, please do the following:

  • Lite: Ideal for growing teams, this plan covers your essential recruiting needs and costs $24 per user per month (5 active jobs per user).
  • PRO: A monthly $ 48 PRO PLAN packs all Lite plans with advanced adjustment and automation.
  • Elite: For $ 72 per user per month, the Elite Plan offers advanced recruitment solutions and premium support options for large organisations and large numbers of recruiters.

Great for

Companies and recruiters of all sizes find value in Traffit’s products and provide a high volume recruiting platform.

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