Best Plants For Your Koi Pond

If you are planning to design a koi pond in your properties, growing water plants also is an important element. For simple reasons, water plants are considered to add beauty and tranquility to any koi pond. They add an eye-catching dimension to your water garden and increase oxygen production significantly. Also, they keep the pond water in cooler temperatures, cleaner and healthier conditions, particularly on the hot summer days. Moreover, they help to provide hiding spots for the fish.
Best Plants For Your Koi Pond
And in the list today, we’ve summed up the 10 Best Plants For Your Koi Pond. Each has its own varying requirements to adapt to different aquatic pets. These plants offer benefits and drawbacks in many different ways. So, keep reading to select and add the right aquatic plants that can thrive harmoniously with your Koi pond.

#1 Water Hyacinth

Source: Theconversation

Water Hyacinth produces inflated, glossy-green leaves that help it to float. It displays flower spikes up to 9-inches tall above its foliage. It grows happily in a warm climate. It will bloom stunning flowers from mid-summer through the early fall

#2 Water Iris

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Water Iris features sword-shaped and green leaves. Its flowers come in a diverse number of colors, including blue, lavender, pink, white, and violet. Its blooming time is from early to mid-summer.

#3 Water Poppy

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Water Poppy showcases shiny, dark-green, heart-shaped leaves that contrast with the yellow, three-petaled flowers. It will bloom throughout the summer but its flowers just last for only one day.

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#4 Water Lily

Source: Gardenia

There are many species of water lilies, at least 70 species. They usually bloom in the spring and grow well in zones 4 to 10.

#5 Horsetail

Source: Gardenia

Horsetail produces dark green stems with tiny leaves surrounding each stem. It has pinecone-like fruits up to 1-inch long appears at the top of each stem.

#6 Water Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

Water Lettuce has velvety, overlapping leaves that produce rosettes that resemble open heads of lettuce.

#7 Water Smartweed

Source: Aquaticbiologists

Water Smartweed shows off perfect flowers and leaves float on the water’s surface. Its flowers consist of five pink sepals, five white filament stamens, and pink anthers.

#8 Water Purslane

Source: Wldlifeinsight

Water purslane often produces small-sized flowers. It grows pretty quickly and produces oxygen in the water in the pond.

#9 Umbrella Plant

Source: Urbantropicals

Growing the umbrella plant will add an exotic and tropical feel to the water garden. It not only creates a unique background for other plants but also produces oxygen for your pond.

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