Best Herbs That Can Grow Well Year-round Just With Water

There are some herbs that you can grow in water all year round without using soil. Growing herbs by this method will help you save time, especially if you are a busy person, at the same time, you will be happy to see green herbs in your home without hard work. To have a fresh supply of aromatic herbs and keep your hand always clean, try growing one of the Best Herbs That Can Grow Well Year-round Just With Water. They are also perfect for small spaces too!
Best Herbs That Can Grow Well Year-round Just With Water
All you need is a glass jar filled with fresh water, and you can grow mini herb gardens right on your windowsill or kitchen countertop. If you don’t have glass jars, you can grow them in any medium-sized container. What’s even better, they also give your home a green beauty like other houseplants.

#1 Oregano

Source: Buckethydroponics

This oregano herb is woody, you can take healthy steam cuttings from mother plants, then put them in a jar with water. This herb prefers to grow in spots where it gets plenty of sun in cold climates and partial shade in warm climates.

#2 Cilantro

Source: Homehacks

Also called coriander, cilantro can be grown well in water from both cuttings or seeds. You just change the water frequently to make a clean growing environment and at the same time place the plants under bright indirect sunlight, a windowsill is ideal.

#3 Rosemary

Source: Thegardenbench

You can grow this rosemary herb from its cuttings, take a 6-8 inches long stem from a healthy original plant, then propagate it in a glass jar filled with water. The leaves have to be ensured not touching the water to avoid rot. Besides, place them in bright locations with partial sunlight.

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#4 Celery

Source: Walkingonsunshinerecipes

Celery can grow easily when planted in the water. Simply, you just save the leftover bases, then place them in a jar or bowl with fresh water. After 7 to 10 days, the new root will be formed from the base. Don’t forget to change the water regularly to keep the new plant growing healthy.

#5 Basil

Source: Gardenerspath

Basil is one of the endless supplies that you can grow easily in water without soil. You can grow it to use year-round for your kitchen but you also enjoy its green beauty as an indoor plant. Simply, take a cutting from an existing basil plant, then propagate it in a small water bowl. Place it in indirect sunlight or partial sunlight.

#6 Fennel

Source: Properlyrooted

To grow fennel herb in water, you simply take a fennel bulb, then put it in a dish or shallow bowl. Expose it to bright indirect sunlight, and change the water frequently, every 3-4 days.

#7 Mint

Source: Ladyleeshome

Mint can grow well in water easily to serve you continually throughout the year. Just take a 4-5 inches long stem cutting from a mint plant, place it in a jar with water, then keep it on a bright sunny windowsill.

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