Top 10 best facemask brands, the most fashionable today

Today we will make a comprehensive review on the top 10 best facemask brands on features, safety level, price, comfort, and more. In addition to the alarming numbers of air pollution and the Corona disease (COVID 19), which is complicated, quality masks are needed during this period. So now let’s take a look at the top 10 best-rated face masks today.

1. Halolife face mask

Halolife mask known as mask is a company that specializes in supplying high quality nano-fiber masks around the world. According to information provided by the supplier, these nanofibers provide strong full-spectrum protection through an ultra-thin yet safe filter that allows you to breathe extremely easily. This is one of the favorite spots that customers give the very high reviews of halolife when they buy masks here.

Fashion, comfort and, above all, safety for the user are hallmarks of the Halolife mask. Halo life mask reviews from users:

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  • Halomask reviews from customers - Cutomers wear a face mask - black, white and blue halo facemask

    Karen Clausing

    08/19/2020 Review on Halolife mask

    “I have to say that halolife mask is super comfortable as a good bra

    For comfort and fit it is good. The overall appearance is unattractive and utilitarian.”

    Pamela Howard


    Great fit and comfort, 5 stars for facemask

    This is the best fitting, most comfortable mask I’ve worn. I’m very happy with my purchase!



    Halo Mask – Feel Safe

    Mask is amazing and comfortable. Also feels great to have a facemask which can also use a filter.

    Jeanine Yutani


    Love my HALO Masks! Perfect for Pilates!

    These are some of my favorite masks to wear – super breathable, comfy, and love that they stay away from my nose/mouth. I teach Pilates wearing a mask all day long, so having some room to breathe and talk is essential…as is keeping my clients and myself safe during these challenging times! Ordered one to try, and now have three so I always have one on-hand (as I often go through 2-3 cloth masks in a day).

    Katharine Allen


    Great mask all around

    I’ve tried a lot of masks during the pandemic. The Halo Life Mask is the best one. The white mask, in particular, is great for summer heat. It has a tight fight that is easily adjustable to fit my face. The ability to adjust the tightness of the ear loops is key. And the wire bridge that keeps that mask away from my nose and mouth makes it possible to breath even while exercising. I recently did a 10K fast walk and wore the mask the entire time. Love it.

    2. High-quality mask VOGMASK

    Vogmask is a fashionable mask with excellent quality for all ages, showing the user’s style of fashion and protecting their health before the current Corona epidemic.

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    Vogmask is a mask brand that is highly rated by the American Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, N99 standards, and it can filter up to 99% of dirt, bacteria, and chemical vapors.

    Vogmask face masks are important in maintaining healthy health, along with fashion, durability, and ease of use. Especially Vogmask has special, high-quality ingredients to protect your lungs from toxins that exist in the air that the naked eye cannot see. And we just accidentally breathe in our lungs when we breathe.

    How long can you use Vogmask?

    3 to 5 months

    What is the useful life of Vogmask? The mask can be worn for 3 to 5 months depending on the average air quality in your environment and the frequency of using the facemask. For ex Vomask. When you use the Vogmask 2 hours every day the filter will be saturated much faster than when you use the mask only once a week for 3 hours.

    You can refer to and choose to buy

    products on the Vogmask website.

    3. 3M mask

    3M masks are a familiar brand in Vietnam as well as around the world. 3M masks are present in many countries, especially in countries with heavy industrial and chemical industries, such as the US and China.

    3M masks meet N95 standards and above and meet all criteria of an international quality mask. Unlike the 2 mask brands above, 3M masks can only be used for a few days.

    The salient features of 3M facemasks:

    Design hugging face, not creating gaps to protect the respiratory system of workers during work.

    Made from non-woven fabric, with activated carbon layer with 100% carbon material tightly pressed in the fabric.

    The filtering ability of 3M masks is up to 99% of bacteria, extremely small particles.

    Manufactured with modern technology, with a 1-way breathing valve design that helps users still feel comfortable wearing.

    Widely used in many fields and trades.

    You can refer to and choose to buy products on website

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    4. Cambridge Masks

    The Cambridge FaceMasks high-tech mask is a product that uses the British BQP Filter Technology, which removes nearly 100% of ultra-fine dust particles, toxic gases, bacteria, and viruses that are harmful to human health.

    The product is designed to be convenient, easy to use, and suitable for the urban environment of countries that are heavily polluted. The inner filter is made from 100% pure activated carbon cloth according to the technology researched by the British Ministry of Defense.

    This technology has been developed for anti-war use and is now one of the most optimal solutions to protect people from environmental pollution.

    You can consult and choose to buy the product on the Cambridge Masks website.

    5. Pitta Mask

    The Pitta Mask facemask is not only protective, but it is also a popular fashion product. Is a beautiful product, a personality for backpackers.

    Pitta Mask brings a different experience to the user. This mask is made of Polyurethane (PU) – a plastic that has good elasticity, durability, waterproof, and is used extensively in fashion. Besides, there is no seam design, the trim, and the strap are cut neatly.

    PU material also makes the mask soft, smooth, not wrinkled when worn, and stored, so it does not lose form during use. There are two colors for this product – black and white, of which black is more popular because of its aesthetics.

    The salient features of Pitta Mask:

    Unique 3D mesh structure should be 99% dust resistant.

    The ability to fit your face harmoniously. Especially, high air permeability does not allow steam to fade.

    With a unique structure, facemasks give you the freedom to communicate, while helping women keep lipstick from fading into masks.

    Specially designed so you can wash and reuse comfortably.

    You can refer to and choose to buy products on the Pitta Mask website.

    6. Neomask masks

    Neomas activated carbon masks are from NeoVision brand – prestigious in the world. With the desire to bring quality products, safety for users’ health, NeoVision’s Neomask activated carbon masks fully focus on outstanding advantages such as:

    Premium activated carbon filter layer (Activated Carbon Fiber / Activated Carbon Cloth / Activated Carbon Nonwoven) imported directly from abroad.

    Prevent super-fine dust, bacteria, and pollutants up to 95% with a multi-layer filter.

    Aesthetic design, convenient to use, airy flow brings a pleasant feeling when wearing but still ensures the best ability to protect the respiratory system.

    Standard use in factories and industrial parks, the environment in direct contact with toxic chemicals.

    Smart design helps remove laundry and product storage extremely convenient.

    The product meets the quality standards of laboratories at home and abroad.

    You can refer to and choose to buy products on the NeoVision website.

    7. Xiaomi brand mask Purely

    To meet the growing demand for health protection, Xiaomi – a company famous for the slogan “Everything” – officially entered the facemask market in early 2019 with a branded product. Purely.

    Xiaomi says this mask can filter up to 99% of particulate matter with a diameter greater than or equal to 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5), in addition to an adjustable ultra-thin impeller according to 3 different wind levels, helping users reduce the sense of mystery when wearing a facemask in the summer.

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    Salient features of the Purely Xiaomi mask:

    • Excellent filtration performance with Nano Electric filter.
    • Skin-friendly.
    • Three filter modes with different wind speeds.
    • Use from 4 to 8 hours for each charge.

    8. Unicharm mask

    Unicharm facemask is a product imported directly from Japan, with the latest research of experts from Unicharm brand to protect the health of consumers.

    The salient features of Purely Unicharm masks:

    • A mask with a high-density multi-layer filter structure will help prevent up to 99% of virus spread.
    • The impressive 3D design snaps your face without causing breathing problems and helps to retain heat and moisture in the nose and throat in the winter.
    • The elastic strap is easier to adjust
    • Currently, this product on the market costs about 70 bucks for a 3D facemask, note that to use the most effective, you should only use this mask once.

    You can refer to the product details on the Unicharm website.

    9. Airphin mask

    Airphin dust masks are from Spain. Plus, Airphin masks can filter at least 95% of fine dust up to PM 2.5. Especially also helps you protect and prevent COVID 19 extremely well.

    With a unique design with a nose clip to prevent breathing air from blurring the glasses for people with nearsightedness. Check valve to release CO2, this part is very important, it helps us not to choke when wearing because it can push hot air and moisture out.

    The structure consists of 4 layers: 3 layers of polypropylene fabric and 1 layer of the melt-blown filter in the middle, particularly the inner layer of fabric will be antibacterial and soothing to the skin, without causing skin irritation.

    The product is washable for long-term use. However, you wash in cold water, do not rub, rub vigorously. Use up to 50 hours

    You can refer to the product details on the Airphin website.

    Above are the top 10 best mask brands today that shares for you. Wish you can choose a mask like that. If you have any questions, Just share with us your comment below.

    10. Honeywell H901 mask

    Honeywell H901face mask is a Honeywell mask, originating in China, has a high degree of protection, wide breathing space, good air permeability, and provides users with safety against dust when working.

    Salient features of Honeywell H901 masks:

    Dry dust filter efficiency is over 98%.

    Soft PU foam nose pads are firmly adhered to the inside of the mask, high adhesion to prevent slipping.

    Large breathing space enhances air circulation more, helping users feel comfortable.

    H901 dust masks meet GB2626-2006 standards, and meet KN95 standards.

    Material of the nose brace is made of high-strength composite plastic, more resistant to bending than metal nose clips.

    Elastic ear strap type masks are elastic and have good toughness.

    You can refer to details and order products on the Honeywell website.