Best Bromeliad Types That You Can Grow Easily In The Home

There are many Bromeliad genera with more than different varieties coming in unusual shapes, forms, and unique colors, giving the grower many options. You not only love growing these plants of their variety but also their easy-to-grow properties. Of the different genera, the following are the 7 most common types that you can grow easily.
Best Bromeliad Types That You Can Grow Easily In The Home
Their growth is slow and doesn’t need minimal watering. They are perfectly adapted to live in different growth conditions, both indoors and outdoors. They’re great for beginner gardeners and people who forget to water their plants. Plus, you can grow them for both decorating purposes and fresh foods with tasty fruits. Keep reading to know more about them before growing the ones you love in the home.

1. Neoregelia

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

Neoregelia is a part of the bromeliad genus and is more cold-hardy than other varieties. Blushing Bromeliad is a common variety that shows off variegated narrow leaves that you can choose to grow.

2. Vriesea

Source: Crocus

There are both foliage and flowering types that you can choose to grow the Vriesea bromeliads. They offer colorful and flat flower bracts with small insignificant blooms. They like to grow bright indirect light with warm temperatures about above 60 F (16 C).

3. Billbergia

Source: Sydneylivingmuseums

Billbergia prefers to grow in a potting soil mix that is combined with bark chips and peat moss for well-drained. It grows well in bright indirect light. B. saundersii, B. nutans, B. pyramidalis, and B. distachia are the best popular species that you can choose to grow.

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4. Pineapple

Source: Inbloomflowers

Pineapple not only is beautiful to look at but also delicious with edible fruit. This plant can be grown indoors as long as it gets many bright indirect lights.

5. Tillandsia

Source: Gardenerspath

Tillandsia is commonly called an air plant and is the largest genus in the bromeliad family. It displays tubular flowers coming in shades of pink, violet, white, yellow, and blues shades. This plant is easy to grow with minimal care.

6. Dyckia

Source: Agsanremo

Dyckia is a member of the bromeliad family, it has a look that resembles succulents with a range of colors, shapes, and sizes. This is why it can tolerate drought becoming the easy one to grow.

7. Earth Stars

Source: Carousell

Earth Stars grow happily in bright indirect light and humid. They can adapt well to changes in temperatures but grow best around 60-85 F.

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