Best Beautiful Polka Dot Print Indoor Plants

To expand your indoor plant collection, the 8 Best Beautiful Polka Dot Print Indoor Plants will bring remarkable beauty to your rooms. By producing unique and fascinating leaves with colorful contrast, these plants promise to make a statement with any interior and home decoration. In addition, they are easy to grow and look great when combine with the beauty of other indoor plants in your home.
Best Beautiful Polka Dot Print Indoor Plants
Each has its own beauty, and you will have different exciting feelings when enjoying them. You can add these unique natural beauties to your indoor garden by growing some of these plants. With stunning green, white, pink, and red dots, splashes, and spotted leaves, they will bring your living space a dash of different hues to catch all eyes! They even make fantastic statement pieces or backdrops behind the rest of the green indoor plants.

#1 Aglaonema

Source: Nurserynisarga

The Aglaonema has some beautiful varieties which are ‘Polka Dot,’ ‘Pink Dalmatian,’ and ‘Red Ruby,’. They catch the eyes with impressive dots and splashes making them great additions to spotted foliage.

#2 Polka Dot Plant

Source: Succulentsbox

Polka Dot Plant produces stunning green leaves with white spots. The contrast makes it remarkable and attractive.

#3 Pink Brocade

Source: Dengarden

This Pink Brocade is one of the best houseplants with spotted leaves. The interesting pink leaves have fine green spots or dots.

#4 Silver Squill

Source: Greg

This indoor plant has spotted leaves and a unique growing habit. If you want to grow plants with dots on the leaves, the Silver Squill is a perfect option.

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#5 Polka Dot Begonia

Source: Thursd

Polka Dot Begonia is an easy-going houseplant. It is striking with white spotted and polka dot pattern leaves. It looks great for tabletops or desks.

#6 Red Splash

Source: Panamseed

Red Splash is a terrific indoor plant that displays stunning black and bright red leaves. Thanks to its dark foliage with spots and dots in the shade of red, the plant is a beautiful spotted indoor plant.

#7 Caladium

Source: Instagram

Caladium grows well in high humidity to bring showy spotted leaves. Its large foliage has an arrow shape with white and green colors well-mottled with pink and red spots.

#8 Dracaena Gold Dust

Source: Plant

Dracaena Gold Dust is a striking polka-dot indoor plant. It shows off glossy, dark-green foliage with elegant yellow spots popping up against dark leaves.

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