Best Beautiful California Groundcover Plants

You love planting and want to find flowers that have a similar shade in California to add more beauty to the garden. Look no further, this article today, we are so glad to introduce the 10 Best Beautiful California Groundcover Plants that you will fall in love with at the first glance. They might adapt to harsh conditions. Growing them will give your garden more gorgeous blooms and an attractive look for the landscaping of the home.
Best Beautiful California Groundcover Plants
California has immense size with planting zones 5 to 11 which leads the temperature is also different. Some areas get intense heat during the summer while others get snowfall during the winter, so this becomes a challenge for gardeners. Instead of trying to find plants that have to adapt to this state, you can grow groundcover options that thrive in California. Regardless of you’re a Californian or not, if your areas have the same weather as California, these plants are for you. Keep reading to choose some best and grow in your garden.

#1 Checkerbloom

Source: Americansouthwest

Checkerbloom grows to be about 20-inches tall, it blooms from July to August. It produces 600 tiny flowers appearing on this option at a time, each lasting about one week.

#2 Douglas Iris

Source: Cnpseastbay

Douglas Iris can achieve to 3-feet tall, it prefers the shade and blooms during the spring. This plant forms clump and has sword-shaped leaves. Its bluish flowers have very prominent veins.

#3 Seaside Daisy

Source: Brenlissaonlinenursery

Seaside Daisy thrives in sunny or partly sunny conditions. It has white petals and a yellow-button center. Its time of blooming lasts from early spring clear through to fall.

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#4 Bearberry

Source: Mtcfarm

Bearberry grows up 12-inches tall and 6-feet wide. It displays glossy, dark-green leaves that are oblong and leathery, its flowers have white five petals. After the flowers, it will produce red berries that grow sparsely attract birds.

#5 Campanula

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Campanula blooms in a variety of colors from early spring through fall. It favors cool temperatures to become an excellent groundcover.

#6 Redwood Sorrel

Source: Shopify

In the spring, the Redwood Sorrel displays tiny white or pink flowers on delicate stems. It has clover-like leaves that are bright green. It prefers the shade, moist environment, and rich soils.

#7 California Aster

Source: Valleywaternewsorg

California Aster reaches 3 feet tall when it matures and grows well in many soil conditions. In summer, it shows off yellow, blue, or lavender flowers. It favors full sun but also does well in partial shade.

#8 Yerba Mansa

Source: Deborahsmall

Yerba Mansa is a fast-growing plant that can reach 12-inches tall. In spring, it produces small white flowers. When the days warm up, its flowers will slowly turn red. It needs a moist environment for its best growth.

#9 Yarrow

Source: Gardeningknowhow

During the late spring and can last throughout the summer, the Yarrow produces tiny white flowers that appear in clusters. It grows in the planting zone from 3 to 9 and can reach 3 feet tall.

#10 Verbena

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Verbena grows well in zones 7 to 9 can achieve 4-feet tall. From early fall through late spring, it produces new blooms. Its flower petals are often purple, with white streaks up each side

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