Daily habits impact your skin more than you think. Besides using skin care cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle plan is also the secret to keeping Korean skin smooth, white and young for a long time.

Everyone has their own skin care secret. For actress Jo Yeo-jung, it’s simply maintaining skin moisture all day through the 2-4-2-4 principle.

With enough moisture and water, your skin will always be fresh, free from acne caused by heat and effectively prevent wrinkles. Let’s discover what steps 2 – 4 – 2 – 4 includes!

Step 1: Drink 2 liters of water

Jo Yeo-jung always tries to drink 2 liters of water every day. Water is the best natural and inexpensive cosmetic for your skin. Water will help purify the kidneys as well as toxins under the skin, returning the skin to a bright look without the help of whitening creams. Water also helps prevent pimples due to heat, dry skin, and premature aging due to lack of moisture.

You don’t need to drink 2 liters of just water every day. Besides filtered water, vegetable soup, tea, vegetable juice or fresh fruit… are all great sources of moisture for the skin.

Step 2: Apply lotion for 4 seconds

Moisturizer is an indispensable basic skin care product, but how to use moisturizer most effectively without making your face oily? Jo Yeo-jung revealed the secret to applying moisturizer effectively: Massage the cream on the skin in the following way for 4 seconds – that’s the ideal time to help the cream penetrate and not clog the skin surface.

First 2 seconds, apply cream to skin and blend in circles:

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For the next 2 seconds, use your fingers to gently press on the skin as if playing a piano to help the cream penetrate deeply:

Step 3: Massage with fists

After applying the cream, spend a few minutes massaging your face. It will act as the “key to activate” your cosmetics to work at full capacity. In addition, facial massage before bed also brings dozens of benefits such as: helping the skin relieve fatigue, detoxifying the skin, increasing pink color and effectively preventing wrinkles:

Preparation: Hold your hands together, you will use these raised knuckles to massage the skin.

Start massaging circles around the eyes:

Gently stroke the forehead:

Then move to the temples, massage down both sides of the face, stopping in a circular massage at the chin:

Massage your neck from bottom to top, finally gently stroking down to your collarbone:

Step 4: Provide water continuously every 4 hours to the skin

Whether you have dry or oily skin, dehydration is still very likely to occur, especially in hot summer weather. Dehydrated skin not only dries out and ages quickly, but also loses its rosy whiteness and is prone to acne. Therefore, every 4 hours, you should hydrate your skin using methods such as: Reapply moisturizer, drink a full glass of water or use mineral spray for the whole face:

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