Beautiful Summer Annual Flowers To Grow In Full Sun

To welcome the upcoming summers with a bright atmosphere, let’s start growing some of these annual flowers today. They not only show off their natural beauty by producing colorful blooms but also bring fresh air with their green leaves to help you feel love the life more as well as beat the heat out. Check them to find one or two flower types and grow them now!
Beautiful Summer Annual Flowers To Grow In Full Sun
If you have a full sun location that other plants in the garden don’t like, instead, growing them is a great way to maximize all space. These varieties are highly tolerant of the high-temperature conditions of the summer season. These full-sun plants are tolerant of arid and drought conditions, which makes them perfect for pots or containers. Also, growing them is quite easy with basic care such as moist soil or enough water, they will produce stunning flowers which are great gifts giving hard-working gardener.

#1 Zinnia

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Zinnia prefers warmth so this flower can fill your garden with long-lasting flowers in jewel colors. It grows happily and flourishes in a sunny location, however, gives the plant regular watering and feeding.

#2 Geranium

Source: Homestratosphere

Geranium is a great plant that grows well both indoors and outdoors. You can plant it in containers or hanging baskets and place in the patios or sunrooms. This type is easy to grow as long as you give them enough water.

#3 Calibrachoa Chameleon Sunshine Berry

Source: Screenitgreen

The Calibrachoa Chameleon Sunshine Berry tends to change color from one season to another. This flower comes in different colors, depending on the type. To enjoy its beauty, you can grow them in a pot plant or hanging basket.

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#4 Marigold

Source: Gardendesign

Marigolds are compact in size, with a bushy, slightly spreading habit, and grown in vegetable gardens to keep off pests. This plant can be grown easily from seeds. Plant them in sunny areas and regular watering.

#5 Petunia Night Sky

Source: Homedecorplus

The flower displays white-spotted petals that look like the twinkling stars in the night sky. It can grow to a maximum of ten inches, which makes it an ideal plant to grow in hanging baskets and pots.

#6 Petunias

Source: Lovethegarden

Petunias offer lovely pastel shades that make brighten your dreary and dull borders. This flower is easy and simple to grow and maintain.

#7 Coleus Sea Monkey Purple

Source: Hgic.clemson

Coleus Sea Monkey Purple is known for its brilliant colors and unusual leaf shapes. This plant grows up from 5 to 7 inches and is great for use in rock gardens, miniature gardens, borders, terrariums, and mixed containers.

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