Beautiful Flowers That Can Get Rid Of Insects

Many gardeners get very frustrated with the presence of insects, they appear and harm any vegetables so all vegetable growers want to exterminate them. To get rid of harmful pests, using chemical pesticides is the first way that many people apply. However, it can cause harm to humans and wreak havoc on the soil. Luckily, there are natural alternatives. And growing one of these Beautiful Flowers today is a great method to protect your garden from the invasion of uninvited guests.
Beautiful Flowers That Can Get Rid Of Insects
These plants are quite popular, right? Some of them are herbs, others are beautiful flowers. So, when you plant them, apart from solving the problem effectively, they can give you flavorful herbs to make your dishes more delicious, even they can give your backyard beautiful landscaping, a mini garden right in your house. So, instead of using pesticides, you can grow these plants to keep insects away.

#1 Lavender

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lavender has both leaves and flowers that are edible and fragrant. They are not only great for adding to dishes but also keep insects at bay in the garden effectively. This plant loves to be grown in a full sun area and well-drained soil.

#2 Catmint

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If your garden is infested by insects, you should grow the Catmint plant. Its blue flowers not only deflect insects but also rabbits and deer pass it by as well.

#3 Butter Daisy

Source: Uaex

Butter Daisy is an easy-to-grow plant that displays yellow blooms all season. It can self-seed easily and grow happily in full sun, and regular watering.

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#4 Dianthus

Source: Flipkart

Though we love the scent of Dianthus, insects don’t like the spicy clove scent of the cottage pinks. This plant can grow well in the rock garden as it requires well-drained soil.

#5 Russian Sage

Source: Bhg

The flowers of the Russian Sage are bee favorite but insects aren’t. This is due in part to a combination of a bracing herbal aroma, and tough, fuzzy foliage. This herb needs a sunny spot for its happy growth.

#6 African Lily

Source: Gardenia

African Lily produces thick, strappy foliage that shrugs off insect invaders with ease. This flower is a tropical perennial and shows off blue or white blooms.

#7 Bloody Cranesbill

Source: Geograph

Bloody Cranesbill is a hardy wildflower that brings unassuming blooms. The plant favors growing in average soil in partial shade.

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