Bambody reviews: The best affordable underwear

In this Bambody review, you will figure out if Bambody is really the best affordable underwear brand. Here they provide you with super comfy protective underwear including bikini, bralette, panty…

About Bambody

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Bambody is a famous brand specializing in producing protective underwear with high-quality but not expensive. That is the main purpose of Bambody. To achieve that goal, they are still looking for ways to improve their range and produce new styles but still manage to keep them affordable without compromising quality. This way, every woman can afford Bambody underwear.

Besides underwear, Bambody also offers menstrual cups of high quality which makes your period more comfortable.

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Bambody coupons

If you want to purchase Bambody undies at low prices, you should take a look at Bambody coupons here. This way, you can buy protective underwear at more reasonable prices.

Couponing Tips

Simple steps to take the coupon on the site and get the discount:

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Features you would love at Bambody

Super comfy underwear

bam body girl

With Bambody underwear, you can feel totally confident and comfortable even on your period days. Some people review that they can wear just the Menstrual Period Panty and good to go on their period. They didn’t leak, they weren’t loud, and they didn’t wedgie. So this can absolutely be an ideal option for you.

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Great customer service

Bambody team is dedicated to bringing to customers the best experience. If you are not satisfied with the products or you have any problem, you can feel free to contact Bambody at any time.

Free shipping

Another great thing about Bambody is that they offer free delivery in the USA with no minimum purchase. So you can purchase underwear here without worrying about the shipping fee.

Absorbent Bikini reviews

Absorbent bikini is the hottest item at Bambody because of how comfy it is. The absorbent underwear can hold up to 2 times better than a normal tampon worth of fluid. So you can wear this alone without using any tampon or pad. This bikini is made of silky smooth bamboo fabric which makes it feel like a second skin. This material also absorbs sweat 400% faster than cotton. Moreover, the elastic lace hip gives you a more flattering look.

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Leak Proof Bikini reviews

Leak Proof Bikini is also one of the best sellers here because of the comfortable feeling it brings to people who wear it. This bikini is designed with a high cut leg which makes it easier for you to move. Also, it has a wide, elasticized lace hip so that you will feel completely comfy in this. You can put this on light days or wear it along with sanitary wear for sure.

Lounge Bralette reviews

This lounge bralette of Bambody has been praised in many Bambody reviews because of its easy fitting, soft fabric, and tender band. This bralette is not only suitable in cold weather but also perfect for warmer months because it is made of bamboo fabric. This material is lighter and absorbs sweat 400% quicker than cotton. You can even wear this bra to sleep without feeling irritated.

This is also a perfect choice for casual wear and lite active wear such as Pilates, Yoga…

Bambody Reviews

Bambody is always the top pick when it comes to protective underwear. But if you still consider whether to purchase Bambody underwear or not, you can check out some customers’ reviews here:

“Changed My Life! I absolutely love my underwear!!! The fit is perfect, they are so so soft and comfortable, and don’t feel bulky at all! They work great, with no leaks or mess (I do have light periods so don’t need to use anything else). They are absorbent and feel dry all day/night. I love knowing I’m being more eco-friendly, while also loving the ease, comfort, and peace of mind. And, your customer service has been amazing. I hope this is only one of many good Bambody reviews. Thank you!” – Sarita

“Does the job – I’m really pleased

Surprisingly cute. Very comfortable. Thicker than a regular pair of underwear, but thinner than wearing a pad, and after I put them on, I forgot that they were thicker. Super comfy during workouts. Works well – I felt dry all day. Easy to wash, although they do take a while to air dry after washing (I live in a humid climate, I would give them a full 48 hours to be completely, confidently dry because the absorbent area takes a little more time to thoroughly dry). I used the sizing guidance (5’8″, 155 lbs, I got the size small, which fit well)” – Sara

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“Big fan!

I tried Bambody along with a couple other brands of period underwear and these is the best. The material is soft , the fit is comfortable and most importantly they work!! Also I had some questions about sizing after my order arrived and customer service is top notch!!” – Destiny Westenskow

“Love them!!! They are comfortable and have never leaked!! Fyi I get light periods. I like them way better then the other kind I got which as you can see below really makes the muffintop wayyy worse. Both pics taken same day, both mediums. I hate having to but I would probably get large next time despite being a size 6 in pants and 134 pounds because they still hug too tight around (what I don’t like/ identify as my fat)” – Danielle Russo

“Feels great!!

This is a good Bambody review. This bra is so comfortable! I wore this all day and forgot I had it on. I even took a nap in it. I also ran a few errands while wearing it. I ordered the Large (34 D/ 36 C). This bra provided great support. I didn’t look like I was wearing a sport bra. You know the smashed tight look. This bra surprisingly gave a more boosted appearance despite how light the material is. The straps did not dig in to my shoulders. My only downside is more color chooses. As far as care goes. Mine survived laundry. I washed mine with other undergarments. No peeling or fuzzy lint balls. The band kept it’s shape. No shrinkage. Also no odor after working out. I would definitely recommend ordering this bra (especially for the price).” – Monique A

Bambody FAQs

Are period panties odour-proof?

They will remain odour-free if they are washed correctly, and if they are changed when they start to feel “wet” during the day.

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Please see our care instructions for how to eliminate odours.

Is the sizing US Standard?

Yes, the sizing is US standard. However, the perception what is truly “standard” been confused by the growing prevalence of “vanity sizing” in the past decade. Please contact us if you require any further help with sizing, as we are always happy to help.

What are the undies made from?

The fabric body of the underwear is made from predominantly bamboo, with cotton and spandex for structure and stretch.

The central leak proof gusset is a bamboo fabric that is polylaminated, which is then covered by a second layer of bamboo fabric.

The absorbent style has a central crotch section that is made from cotton velour, which sits over the top of the leak proof layer and under the front-to-rear bamboo fabric layer

Are period panties hot to wear?

With the extra layers of fabric, the underwear is warmer to wear than regular underwear.

Bamboo fabric is more breathable than polyester and cotton, which is why Bambody underwear is cooler than other brands of period protection underwear.

Do Bambody period panties make a rustling noise?

No. The underwear will not make any noises as you walk or move around.

Do the undies contain PFAS?

No. We routinely test our underwear to ensure they don’t contain any toxic chemicals, including those within the PFAS family.

Can Bambody period panties be worn for swimming?

Period protection while swimming is best achieved through the use of a menstrual cup.

A menstrual cup will contain a discharge up to 25 mls.

A tampon while swimming is not only uncomfortable, but it isn’t all that effective.

You can wear period panties, but as soon as they are saturated with water, their ability to absorb any discharge is significantly decreased.

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As in many other Bambody reviews confirmed, Bambody underwear is really worth trying. If you are having a hard time dealing with period because you cannot find suitable underwear, this is definitely the perfect place for you.

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